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Long Lost Love

by AmberKeyHolder7 updated on
Tags: mpreg exo baekyeol bts daebaek vhope
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 3 | Comments: 2 |

“I miss you,”  “I can’t make you happy, Baekhyun,”  "Eomma, look what I found!" "I love you," "Leave him!" "How dare you!" "No, Abeoji! Please!" ... Read More

Something More Than I Ever Wanted [Subscribers Only]

by springmiya updated on
Tags: changmin drama hyunjoong junsu yoochun yunjae mpreg
Chapters: 25 | Votes: 40 | Subscribers: 519 | Views: 23160 | Comments: 398 |

Character: Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun,Junsu, Changmin, Hyunjoong and many others. ... Read More

We Belong Together

by trollprincess updated on
Tags: mpreg luhan xiumin kaisoo xiuhan sulay lumin
Chapters: 12 | Votes: 105 | Subscribers: 636 | Comments: 411 |

Minseok wants a child of his own while Luhan just wants .... Read More

Love Me, but Let me Go.. (A child's Love) [Subscribers Only]

by ladyrapunzel08 updated on
Tags: angst kyumin mpreg characterdeath kyumindeul
Votes: 2 | Comments: 3 |

    As a Mother, what is more devastating, finding out your son has a Brain Tumor one day or you having a Kidney Failure that must undergo a procedure?   Wh... Read More

Our Roller Coaster Ride

by jetsora updated on
Tags: blockb infinite myungyeol ubomb mpreg zikyung
Chapters: 12 | Votes: 10 | Views: 5220 | Comments: 43 |

Title: Our Roller Coaster Ride Genre: MPREG, fluff, drama Status: Ongoing Characters: BlockB with me... Read More

Three words : 'I Love You'... Is it hard to say?

by ShowerCoffee updated on
Tags: infinite myungsoo myungyeol woogyu hojong mpreg jangdongwoo
Chapters: 23 | Votes: 13 | Subscribers: 72 | Comments: 93 |

  Sungyeol were frustation and he could only sighed heavily... ... Read More

Not a Betrayal

by Angel_Spirit updated on
Tags: fluff yaoi mpreg jin bts jungkook jinkook
Comments: 3 |

  Jin was eating all alone in the cafeteria when Jungkook suddenly came and take a seat in front of him. He stopped eating... Read More

iam 15 and my husband is 30

by mounica updated on
Tags: shinee yunho yunjae changnew mpreg
Chapters: 37 | Votes: 3 | Views: 22200 | Comments: 229 |

  jaejoong is a rich shy and an only son of mr&mrs kim   30 years before mrs jung and mrs kim promised each other to marry their children  ... Read More

Oh Shiz

by Yaoimpreglove updated on
Tags: romance yaoi mpreg exo taohan lutao
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 5 | Comments: 2 |

Tao and Luhan have a little to much to drink and a little to much fun. Now that have three problems.    So this was a random dream I had.. >.> I may or may not have been drink... Read More

40 weeks of this!?

by Yaoimpreglove updated on
Tags: drama romance schoollife yaoi mpreg exo
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 1 |

Hai guies~ So Mm, I have no idea what I'm doing.  I just got this idea one day and now I'm putting it on paper...  I hope you guys enjoy, Don't jugde to hard if it sucks, I never sa... Read More

Promise [Members Only]

by -Angela-Zhang- updated on
Tags: mpreg nuest leo jason
Chapters: 2 | Comments: 3 |

"Mommy, why don't you and Daddy live together?" The little girl asked, pouting in the back seat as her mother drove. She ... Read More

No Sleeping Buddy Tonight

by mariachiseoks updated on
Tags: mpreg exo sehun xiumin xiuhun
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 5 | Comments: 6 |

Plopping down on his shared queen sized bed Sehun lets out a sigh. He did not have a cuddle buddy tonight since Minseok did not want to... Read More

Tied Together

by AydenJones updated on
Tags: wolf mpreg exo tao sehun baekyeol taohun
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 25 | Subscribers: 181 | Views: 2590 | Comments: 66 |

It is a story created from unfortunate events at fortunate times.... Read More

Dont leave me !!!

by Chanhee_jjang updated on
Tags: chunji chunjoe ljoe romance teentop yaoi mpreg
Chapters: 15 | Votes: 8 | Subscribers: 76 | Views: 3000 | Comments: 67 |

  I'll let him go even now i'm carring his child. He deserved to hav... Read More

hyung , make me happy please? [Subscribers Only]

by kyuhyunsha updated on
Tags: mpreg exo xiuyeol yiseok
Chapters: 15 | Votes: 2 | Views: 1340 | Comments: 6 |

Xiumin , chanyeol , kris and many more...... Read More

You Make Me A Good Man

by ShawolMvpElf updated on
Tags: angst beast dooseob fluff junseung kiwoon mpreg
Chapters: 63 | Votes: 17 | Subscribers: 162 | Views: 17410 | Comments: 202 |

Hyunseung is just an ordinary man who was working at a convenience store while waiting for his results. One night... Read More

He Belongs To Me,Not You!

by krishunismyotp updated on
Tags: arrangedmarriage drama romance mpreg sehun kris krishun
Chapters: 18 | Votes: 18 | Comments: 123 |

Sehun and Sehuna are identical twins,Sehun is a talkative boy while Sehuna is an ice-princess at school.One day,Sehuna fell sick and told Sehun to play as her to meet her soon-to-be husband,Kris wh... Read More

Too Late (HIATUS)

by BabyBangHimDae updated on
Tags: angst death mpreg banghim himlo
Chapters: 12 | Votes: 5 | Subscribers: 83 | Comments: 44 |

  I never thought the Kim Himchan A.K.A the ,,dirty stepmom will save my life.An... Read More

I Love you, Baby..

by ayasato123 updated on
Tags: yunjae mpreg
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 82 | Views: 2310 | Comments: 36 |

Title : I Love You, Baby Rating : PG 13 Pairing : YunJae Summary : Kim Jaejoong loves Jung Yunho. But he's dying and can die anytime soon. So he need tocreated some fak... Read More

Only You That I Love~*

by Angel_Spirit updated on
Tags: boyxboy infinite mpreg hogyu
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 77 | Views: 1760 | Comments: 34 |

Sung Gyu and Ho Won live happily in their marriage and they can't wait for their soon-to-be-child. But one day, something's happening and Ho Won promised to prot... Read More

Skool Luv Affair (Soulmates) [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by gothprincess666 updated on
Tags: yaoi mpreg ot7 vampiers soulmates bts supernatual
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 14 |

Jeon Jungkook is your normal cheerful normal teenage boy, he's parent's are in a kpop boy group. Well things change when he transfer to BigHit High School. There he encounters BTS the six sexy, hot... Read More

Married to the devil [Subscribers Only]

by thepanda4 updated on
Tags: angst arrangedmarriage yaoi mpreg chanyeol kris krisyeol
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 9 | Subscribers: 219 | Views: 2020 | Comments: 37 |

this is my first fic so i hope u will like it!... Read More

Congratulation, it’s a…

by capitoune77 updated on
Tags: mpreg banghim daejae
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 42 | Views: 450 | Comments: 2 |

“Himchan. Stop lying and tell me what's going on.” Yongguk demanded “I-I'm not lying!” “Kim Himchan..!” He said with a warning tone. Himchan defiantly stared at his boyfriend but ev... Read More

Fifteen [Subscribers Only]

by bethzmiley updated on
Tags: angst family mpreg hunhan baekyeol kaisoo parenting
Chapters: 16 | Votes: 22 | Subscribers: 270 | Views: 4930 | Comments: 75 |

    Kyungsoo  never had the courage to tell Sehun the truth about Jong In. The thought of hurting Sehun’s feeling never crossed his mind at all but Kyu... Read More

Keep it in your pants, Mr Dragon.

by IcePrincessBella updated on
Tags: romance mpreg exo love taohun hanris
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 30 | Views: 770 | Comments: 7 |

Hihi~ So Bella here again~ Heres my newest EXO story. I hope you guys like it, I have a lot of muse for it so I'll be writing a shiz ton. -nodnod- So lets get right to it.  ... Read More

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