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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

Equivalent Exchange

Jung Min X Hyung Jun pairing. Angst After an Argument with Jung Min, Hyung Jun goes out driving to just relax and is hit by a drunk driver.  

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  “What’s the meaning of life?”   Jimin asked quietly while playing with his legos, trying his best to somehow create a castle from the plastic blocks. Namjoon laughed at the ironic image before him.   “Hyung doesn’t know either.”

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  Namjoon's eyes are dazed over, his head hanging heavily from where his neck connects to the rest of his body and hands grazing over every last bit of the keyboard right in front of him. He's been staying up late until the break of dawn every day for the past week to compose more songs. He wanted to do more than he was asked for by the company. He wanted to impress them, to impress everybody else with the determi

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The Enemy I Love

Each chapter is based on what happens in each epsiode of Roomate. I do not own the tranlsation of what they do say on the show, it is subbed by Dramafever. I honestly do not know where it will go since i do not know what will happen in each new episode, I am hoping some MinwooxKangjoon moments will happen. I ship them so hard. I really hope you enjoy it, I will add a few more scenes just so it can go with the story, i hope this turns out okay. Please anticpate~ I am excited as well <3

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yah babo maid i love you !

this is a funny love story ~ Minjoon couple this is my first ff so I hope you'll enjoy it ^^

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My Regretful Revenge

Introduction They killed my mother. They killed my father. They killed my brother. In just a split second, those cruel and malicious people eliminated all of my family with one simple mistake: They didn’t pay attention to the road. It was a miracle from God that I was still alive. I

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The Fantasy


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CharactersMin (MissA) | Lee Joon (MBLAQ) | Kikwang (Beast) | and more.
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What would you have of me today?

A set of drabbles and one shots  that I'll randomly do here and there. They will be based off of my MinJun roleplay when I write them so Hyung Jun and Jung Min will be married.  May change to M for Kill Me and Dirty Me, but I'll probably leave those for the end

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Please Be Mine !

She is a famous singer from JYP Entertaiment. And she is Miss A's Min ! Single?No.......Min already in a special relationship! With who ? :D

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CharactersMiss A Min - Beautiful girl and a have a beautiful voice.
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Love is You

-Joon POV- i love her.. her pain is my pain i want to protect her but she's hurt by him and i don't know what i have to do     -Min POV- he changes.. i don't know him anymore i just want to forget him now coz it's painful to love him

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Charactersmin miss a, joon mblaq
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My Best Friend*

Two mothers, best friends since middle school made a deal with each other that in the future, they will try to be inlaws. The two kids grow up, close as brother and sister. Will the two fall in love as the mother has hoped for?

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Blankly [on hiatus]

    Min - bright salmon-pink Suzy - plum Hyuna - brick-red

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CharactersLee Minyoung, Lee Kikwang, Lee Joon, Bae Suzy, Yang Yoseob, Kim Hyuna
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Another Chance

Okay I am a huge min fan and ship her with a lot of people (joon, kikwang, yoseob etc.. she looks good with everyone lol) . This is my first fanfic so Im not sure how it will come out....I am open to any suggestions and feed back...hope you enjoy...   This story is about Min who has given up in life. She lost everything in the states and moved to Korea to forget everything. She lives her life with no emotions like shes dead inside. She feels like she doesnt deserve to be h

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CharactersLee min young , Lee Joon , Mblaq members
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is Not a Kiss...is Practice

  it's about Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun,everybody knows the strong friendship that they have, but, this "strong frienship" is going to take other way, when our Junnie, innocently ask Jung Min, how to Kiss?, releasing, of course, all the feelings that they have inside...   it's only frienship? ...if that's...why his hearts beats like this?   Hi! Hi! it's my first Fic in english haha, i wrote before in Spanish, so, it can be strang

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CharactersPark Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Ki Bum, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng
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Hyomin X Lee Joon Short Story

When Joon realises the truth behind his girlfriend, Hyuna's nasty truths, he finally realises that maybe they're not the one for each other. Perhaps, meeting someone new would help him clear his mind? characters: Hyomin, Lee Joon so i have other stories going, but i couldn't help to update those one at a time, and maybe this one too. :/ Mianhe, my fellow readers, but if i dont update please know that im busy too, -_-, lols :P

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Charactershyomin,minjoon, joon
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