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Unforgettable Love part 1

Bydwie_shigemassu_eren updated
Charactersshigeaki kato, takahisa masuda (NEWS)
With40 views

ini cerita fiksi tentang shigemassu Title: Unforgettable Love Author: Dwi Nur Asiah Genre : Romance Cast : Shige x Massu

My Sakura Girl

ByInspiritkao updated
CharactersMasuda Takahisa, You, Tegoshi Yuya
With1 chapters, 1 comments

You just broke up with your boyfriend, Tegoshi Yuya. As your world turned grey, Masuda was able to get you up again.  " I Love you Hika! I LOVE you!"  " I will give you a chance.. But not today, I'm sorry" Please be my Sakura Girl

Perjuangan The Amimal buat ketemu NewS

Bydwienishikido updated
CharactersThe Amimal, NewS
With2 chapters, 130 views

Fanfiksi ini menceritakan tentang beberapa anggota the amimal berjuang untuk ketemu ama news.

Shigeaki, si tukang foto foto

Bydwienishikido updated
CharactersAll NewS boyband member
With2 chapters, 90 views

jadi disini nanti shigeaki jail banget.   cekidoott.......

Soon, the truth will set us free

Byjudenimassu updated
CharactersMasuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya, Original Characters, Johnny's talents
With2 chapters, 9 subscribers, 420 views, 2 comments

This is will be a multi-chap series, starring my forever OTP, Masuda Takahisa and Tegoshi Yuya, also known as TegoMasu.! i've already posted this story in another website, and i want to share this here.!! ^^   It's kinda angsty, and.... i don't want to spoil it!! well... please enjoy reading! i've put all my heart in making this story!   comments and advices are highly appreciated and ANTICIPATED! *hearts* thank you!

A Kinda Fairytale.

Byzuttor412 updated
With1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 640 views, 8 comments

-An amusement park Bear called me his Shirayuki Hime, his own Snow White. -Kuroki Meisa -Can I break the myth where Princess always choose a Prince to be with her? -Masuda Takahisa

Love at first sight

ByYuukiMassu updated
CharactersTegoshi Yuya , Masuda Takahisa
With1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 1020 views, 5 comments

Domo~! YuukiMassu desu~! this is my first fanfic and it is based on Tegomass' Aoi Bench pv. I hope you like it! :) P.S. : Tegoshi is the girl and Massu is the guy in this story. ^ ^