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By harry_18 updated
Tags love

Propositus is a Latin word, which means "PROPOSE". It is a poem for a lover for his/her beloved to be quoted proposing their soulmates...!

Those Words You Didn't Say

By Dreamingxoxo updated
Characters Oh Sehun, Song Eun Mi {OC}, Kim Jongin
With 8 chapters, 45 votes, 19 comments

[CONTENTID1]Those Words You Didn't Say[/CONTENTID1] [CONTENTID3]You always hated titles.[/CONTENTID3] [CONTENTID2]Oh Sehun is that boy that every girl wants t

Everything I Didn't Say

By JukingAri updated
Characters Chanyeol, Jooyoung (OC)
With 12 chapters, 4 votes, 66 subscribers, 1150 views, 18 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

based on the 5SOS song of the same name, EVERYTHING I DIDN'T SAY - He was the living the dream for a price. It was her.

100 Days (EXO Sehun)

By parknarii updated
Characters EXO
With 11 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 170 views, 7 comments

"8:30 p.m. I've never journaled before but I think I would like to dedicate my first page to the person who is currently sitting next to me on this luxurious plane. Sehun, if you're ever reading this I just wanted to let you know that I really hope your passport gets shredded up and burned."

Just a Friend

By YoonHyeon7 updated
Characters Jung Sora (OC), Jeon Wonwoo, Choi Seungcheol, Seventeen and S.Mile (OC group)
With 5 chapters, 29 subscribers, 610 views, 4 comments

Jung Sora is one of the eight members that form the ultimate girl group, S.Mile, from Pledis Entertainment. They are considered really good friends with Seventeen, a boy group of the same company that debuted just a little before them. But friendship is not the only thing that keeps these two groups related, Sora is secretly dating Seungcheol (S.Coups) and not even the groups members know. The main problem starts when the fans start shipping Wonwoo (Seungcheol's best friend in t

That Korean Girl Is Mine!

By rainbow29 updated
Characters Xu Myung Shin(OC), Tang Khai Jun (OC)
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments

"Sometimes she can be so annoying. Sometimes she can be so mature. And sometimes, her characters make people glad with it"-TangKhaiJun  

Second Chance at Love

By Ness_123 updated
Characters Choi Jin-hyuk, Lee Arlea (you)
With 40 chapters, 12 subscribers, 400 views, 6 comments

Three years ago you let go of the man you loved so he could be with the woman he loved. Three years later you are doing well and you are finally ready to start life again. Just when you start to accept invitations to arranged dates you run into Choi Jin-hyuk. Jin-hyuk holds you responsible for letting him go. He feels that you just didn't love him en

Like Never Before.

By Violet18 updated
Characters Baekhyun, OC, EXO
With 3 chapters, 22 subscribers, 230 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Baekhyun is heartless, cold, conceited, anything you name it. Being one of the school's most popular guy, along with his buddies, EXO. All through school, girls scream his name, flinging themselves towards him, although they never get anything but a simple nod.  Jin-Hee (OC) is just a normal foreign girl. The average cheery girl trying to fit in. Someone with a face always plaste

I Just Only Use You

By 88Best55 updated
Characters Jr. Mark Jackson Bambam Yugyeom Got7
With 10 chapters, 2 votes, 46 subscribers, 1450 views, 24 comments
Status Members Only

Hey Guys this is my first fanfic ever. And my first story goes to Jr. and Mark or JINMARK from Got7 I really love Got7 they are my number one K-Pop boy group. And Jr. and Mark are my favorite members from the group, well all of them are my favorite though but the two said guys will be my always on top. JINMARK is also my number OTP. Actually I had many OTP that I wants but when JINMARK couple was born th

Dark Wings

By ishazleen updated
Characters Kang DaeSung (BIGBANG), Kim MinHee (OC)
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 8 subscribers, 80 views, 2 comments

"Dont get near me" "She'll curse you" "Monster"


By Mrs_owl updated
Characters lee gikwang,ji joon,mihae,yoseob,kris
With 25 chapters, 2 votes, 15 subscribers, 770 views, 18 comments

"ISH!! kalau dah suka tu bagitahulah depan-depan,ni main bagi surat bagai" ji joon   "sebenarnya saya yang selalu letak surat atas meja awak" gikwang   "wala

EXO Legends: The Reincarnation of MAMA

By cookiesx125 updated
With 8 chapters, 5 comments

Sujin Ahn is the new transfer student at Xeo Academy. Under an ominous figure, Sujin is ordered to gather the descendents of the EXO guardians. Before she can give the stones of EXO to the respective guardian descendents and drains their powers away, she must make them fall in love with her. After a lot of hard work, she manages to gather the descendents in time for the first eclipse. But what happens when the EXO guardians find out that she is not doing it to save the Earth but to control

Naega Wolf

By MhiRha updated
Characters Park Haena, Luhan, EXO M and other characters.
With 43 chapters, 27 votes, 417 subscribers, 12050 views, 106 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

This fic was inspired by the korean movie, "Werewolf boy" and EXO's, "Wolf".   Park Haena OC: -19 yrs. old -sweet, has short temper, blunt, and a positive thinker. -has a


By asian12 updated
Characters GOT7 other idols
With 7 chapters, 1 votes, 9 subscribers, 250 views

We've stood by each other ever since...  -Anna Kim -18 -Korean American -Born in NYC -Main Vocalist -Lead Dancer -Lead Rapper -Actress -Model -Leader -Protective -Responsible  

A little rhyme can't hurt anyone

By Xadore updated
Characters Kpop / idols / real life characters
With 24 chapters, 4 votes, 14 comments
Status Subscribers Only

This is just a place where I get it all out in the form of flowing words. Poetry, in my opinion is another form of art. Carefully articulating your words to let them flow like liquid, smooth and untouched. I try my best in all I do and though it may not have the desired outcomes, I still r

Strictly His

By chanxingbaby updated
Characters OHSera(OC), ParkChanyeol, OHSehun, LayYixing, EXO
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, 300 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Agreeing to their parent request of matchmaking them and forwarding the marriage earlier than expected, also coming up with such rules in order to get married peacefully causes them to fall for each other in the end. As their feelings grew for each other, things wasnt smooth as expected bad things slowly arises, breaking them apart from the case of their exes to their trust issues, nothing just went right. The hurt was unbearable that Oh Sera filed a divorced pap

Falling For Mr. Arrogant Kingka, Woo Jiho

By PeltingSnow updated
Characters Zico & OC, Block B
With 42 chapters, 16 votes, 1217 subscribers, 28 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Zico a.k.a Woo Jiho the arrogantly hansome Kingka of Stardom University has a new target in mind...   And her name is...   Kwon Jin Ae...

A Second Chance

By HavenValdez updated
Characters Min-Ju, Hyun, Yeo, & Kwan
With 30 chapters, 2 votes, 4 subscribers, 370 views, 5 comments

They were bestfriends. Everyone knew they were perfect for each other. But what if an offer is given? An offer that cannot be refused. Or what if someone messes up? Will the other be able to forgive? Will the other give a second chance? Or will they forget their past?

Boyfriend x Girlfriend

By hyoseuk updated
Characters exo, you, suho, lovelyz, 4minute,beast
With 1 chapters, 20 views

Dropping out of university to fullfill your dream and work as a photographer was something you choosed to do. Falling in love with the idol Kim Junmyeon wasn't something you choosed.

Graphite Love

By jatkisame updated
Characters Hayoung, Jungkook, Sungjae, Mina, Dasom,
With 7 chapters, 16 subscribers, 590 views, 3 comments

Hayoung felt like she is the only onee without a dream as many of her friends were talking about what they will be doing in the future. She felt that she doesn't have anything to do until meeting Jungkook. Meeting him on a school trip, she never knew that they will meet again. Together they draw their future with their own hands.

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

By Exofan12345 updated
Characters Jaejoong, Yunho
With 2 chapters, 1 comments

Yunho and Jaejoong were a unseprable, they were a perfect couple. Every kiss they shared only got sweeter, every  'I love you's got stronger, every touch was like being in paradise. However like they say ' Every rose has it thorns'. The red rose it self is beautiful, just like their beautiful, fairytale love story, but then you get the throns which brings them back to reality and also symbolises the struggles that come with their love. 

Boys Over Flowers 02 - My heart can’t rest even for a moment

By Sadeesha updated
With 43 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 2710 views, 26 comments

Can we ever guarantee that a person's heart will never change.... A person's heart will never melt again in front of another pure eyes.... Change is the only thing in this world will never going to change.... If it so, what about the heart of a person.... Not only that the experience of the love in first time of a person and fall in love again with another person can be happened... But who can guarantee the feelings felt at first time would never affect any day in a person's life.... After al


By eulogyinheaven updated
Characters Chaerin Lee and Sandara Park (Chaera)
With 6 chapters, 9 votes, 2930 views, 42 comments

And here comes another story...

Reason For Lovin' You..

By TheLonely_Yuu updated
Characters Eun Han Neul(OC/IU) L/Kim Myung Soo(Infinite) Nam Woo Hyun(Infinite) Infinite members and etc.
With 16 chapters, 4 votes, 40 subscribers, 770 views, 7 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Could a mere fate entertwined them?  ...... A cheerful girl with painful memories and a cold guy with ice heart.


By haeloo updated
Characters Jungkook, V, Jin, You (Nam Nhari)
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 120 views
Status Completed

A fanfiction about Jungkook and you :)