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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

My imperfect family

My name is Ahri, I have 2 sisters who are 2 years younger then I am. Our parents died and we were put into a foster home. But our foster parents treated us badly so we ran away. When we ran away we encountered a bad group of guys. We were able to fight them off but we almost lost. Then these 7 guys came and helped us. They knew we were running away and offered us to stay with them. We were hesitant at first but somethi

Byasian12 updated
CharactersEXO BTS Joo Sumin Ahri
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You're not alone

The story of a girl who yearned for her parents love but felt like they only loved her perfect brothers. She tried and tried but it never worked... Baek Sumin.

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Falling in

Kim Eun Ji is a huge TVXQ fan, but after getting the chance to meet them in real life and actually becoming friends with them she starts to realize that Changmin's friend Cho Kyuhyun might be a lot more interesting than she first thought. This story will include DBSK, Big Bang and Super Junior (also DBSK will be reunited)! My first story here on asianfanfics I hope you'll like it!

ByLovingPetal updated
CharactersKim Eun Ji (OC/You), Cho Kyuhyun
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Am I Dreaming?

Kim So-Ra is a Korean-British girl living in Northern Ireland. She is a singer/dancer at heart and she wants to move back to Korea where her family and relatives are originally from. Most of her family and relatives lives in South Korea while some are currently living in China. She makes the move with her family to Seoul, Korea from Belfast, Northern Ireland to attend the School of Performing Arts in

ByRachAlexandrea updated
CharactersChen, Kim So-Ra (You), EXO, SNSD, Go Hye-Mi, Red Velvet
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Sky of Love

Both Jiyeon and CNU came from different backgrounds. When they meet, they click instantly. They become inseperable. After a year, CNU becomes a completely different person. He grows colder to Jiyeon. Shortly after that they break up and CNU starts seeing other people. He ignores her and becomes mean. Jiyeon is left heartbroken and leaves Seoul for a while in a desperate at

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The List

Kim Namjoo is no babe according to anyone in her tiny town school. She is not social and much less a rebel, unlike her brother Jackson. Her and her partner in crime Eunji must be noticible this time around. They must have glory and their name famous (or infamous) for ages. To make sure to get things done, Namjoo musters up a list. But is it worth relationships being tested? Feelings getting hurt? And will there be any time to ge

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CharactersNamjoo, Eunji, Suho, Hyuna, Nana, Hyomin, Krystal, Luna, Hyunseung, Joon, Woohyun, Jackson, Mark, Suga
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My Idiot, Park Chanyeol

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Ugh, this is going to be one of those cliché best friend stories, I am so not up for that. Well guess what? Joke’s on you, I have a boyfriend and his name is Kris.    My best friend on the other hand, his name is Chanyeol. And no, my best friend didn’t move away when I was young. No, he didn’t come back

Bykrismatics updated
CharactersChanyeol and you
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Just a Poetry

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CharactersJust Love
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Look At Me Now

"H- Hye Oh Sehun." Hyerin finally let out the words which seems stucked in her throat, for hours she had been practicing to herself since she waited in line for her turn. Exo's fansigning event was seriously no joke. There was so many fans which Hyerin seems so small between

Byamirahshahrin updated
CharactersHyerin (OC) | Sehun | EXO
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14 Days with You

You were just a stranger in town who decided to go back to Seoul searching for the memories you lost...And for the whole 14 days in seoul, you found

Byintanxxx updated
CharactersEun Ri (You) Sehun EXO
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Being happy is not easy

~~ Hi there : )) Here is my new story about one boy (Luhan) who will fall in love with a girl named Tiffany .. the things will be different at first but at the end there will be a really romantic love which you will never forget.  ~~

Bytifflu updated
Characterstiffany (from SNSD) luhan (from exo) and tiffany's friends as well as luhan's friends
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Frail Beginnings

"Hi Hannah. I'm Kris Wu. I have a brain tumor. It's nice to meet you."

ByKarenchii updated
CharactersEXO Kris, Hannah (OC)
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In Love With My Fiancee's Sister.

Luhan the player who is Engaged with a girl, will fall for the sister of his Fiancee. Will he be able to persuade the girl he love's? Will he be able to convince his parents? Will he avoid his fiancee who is seducing him? Will he win the heart of the girl whom he love truly for the first time in is life....  

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Our Ending

We were in highschool together, but in a blink of an eye I went to America and left you alone.. As soon as I come back, you're already with someone else and already have kids.. I regret this all.. What I regret most is not loving you when I had the chance, as for my life without you has a bittersweet taste in it.. The three words I want to say to you were "I Love You" but now they're "I regret everything.."

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CharactersMark(Got7), Elvina(OC), Jackson(Got7)
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My Life With The Twins


ByShineLoveChanyeolEXO updated
CharactersZhang Yixing (EXO), Kim Seuk Hye (OC), EXO
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EXO Love Story

Sebuah cerita mengenai 4 orang pelajar yang terpilih untuk masuk ke sekolah Elite iaitu 'Idol High School' Apakah yang akan terjadi pada Ains, Jumin, Syeol dan Suny apabila mereka dapat belajar satu sekolah dengan group EXO?  

ByLouiraTommo updated
Tagsexo love
CharactersAins, Jumin, Syeol, Suny
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I Love you, NERD...Can't you see it!

  From Sehunnie:"Guys go and read my story, I'm the main chacter ^_^ if you do not read it,I'm gonna,I'm gonna do....   *BUING BUING >.<  

ByAphiii updated
CharactersSehun and you
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When Table Turns

Sooyoung was pissed. Finding out that the boy she likes, turns out it was her bestfriend, likes someone. And she wants to meet her, that someone. She thought it was actually a good idea. But not until she found out it was her. Jessica. The school's goddess.

ByLivingDead updated
CharactersChoi Sooyoung Jung Jessica Lee Donghae Rest Of SNSD
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My Marriage With Mr. Playboy

    When two childhood friends drift apart, they end up becoming complete opposites When they are forced to marry, how can they stand to be around the other?

ByMoonzy updated
CharactersSoo-Rae (OC), Kim Jongin, Exo members
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A Collection of Drabbles

As the title states, this will be a collection of drabbles.  Most of which are either poetry or prose, because I'm not always bothered to write lengthy fanfics. Please don't hate me if you aren't pleased with the writing style etcetc. This is just how it is.  Enjoy! and don't plagiarize any content.  :)

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When I'm With You

Why is it so hard to let go of the person you love ?  I want to but there's something  stoping me, Or it's not the right time yet. I miss how we used to be, but I guess things can't be the same everytime.    I had a dream, and you were into, I don't know why? I ask myself many times why you were in my dream.   

Byrosebell updated

Roses of Yesterday

Jaejoong & Tiffany were good childhood friends although their social statuses were anything but alike but something happened to make them separate. As time flew by, Jaejoong grew up to become a well known popular singer. While he was achieving success, Tiffany was living below the poverty line. Will they ever meet each other again? If they do, what will happened? Read & find out…

Bybutt3rflyl0v3r updated
CharactersKim Jaejoong, Jang Geun Suk, Tiffany Hwang Miyoung, Sunny Lee, Choi Siwon, Choi Sooyoung & Jung Yunho
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Right In Front of Your Eyes

Everyday was the same day to Jung Yunho until one day, something happened, making him have an amnesia. Not remembering, Kwon Yuri, a girl he met only once lied to just be close to him but everything didn’t go as she like when he starts falling for another girl. Not wanting to lie to Yunho anymore & knowing that he doesn’t feel the same way about her, Yuri decided to leave but will it be f

Bybutt3rflyl0v3r updated
CharactersJung Yunho, Kwon Yuri, Jung Haewon, Tiffany Hwang & Park Jeongsu
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Above the Clouds

Above the clouds

ByPrimroseEverdeen updated
Characterstaemin , sulli
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Setting the angel free (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) (RE-EDITING)

  I wanted to escape. I wanted to die. I hated living, especially li

ByMoonzy updated
CharactersPark Linh(OC), Chanyeol, Exo Members
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