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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

The Battlefield of Cinderella

One girl gets unexpectedly tangled in a messy war between three high school gangsters.

Bydbskgirl4ever updated
CharactersYou, Teen Top, Infinite, Ze:a
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The Pretty One II

When the dull one of two sisters is prettier than she lets on, does that make the pretty sister duller than she seems?           Hello everyone! This is Goddess and I bring to you the sequel to

ByGoddess updated
CharactersL.Joe&OC; L&OC; Infinite
With26 chapters, 886 votes, 5031 comments

Say "No!" to L. Joe

You cannot say no or yes to everything. But, to L. Joe you are forced to say yes to him all the time. I mean it, all the time. Because he's the cousin of your all time crush, blackmailing you through a dare you must fulfill in order to win your dignity back.  Life is not complete without an enemy who will always makes you feel really irritated and mad. But what if your greatest enemy made you his girl? Not because o

Bylittlepenguins updated
CharactersHa So Eun (OC), L. Joe, Chunji, teen top and fictionals
With60 chapters, 181 votes, 146500 views, 3063 comments

3 Identities of my Mysterious Wife

L.Joe is confused beyond doubt. He isn't a flirt. He doesn't play with hearts. He is one of those rare men left that really believe in love. But what is happening?

ByGoddess updated
CharactersL.Joe & OC; sides: Kevin woo, Teen Top
With70 chapters, 217 votes, 126200 views, 6628 comments

You and Me: We're Dorm Buddies

"What do you mean by boarding school?" "Stay in, and there's no getting out?"   Times are hard for dreamers. Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs. - Amélie.  

Byhiheymondays updated
CharactersINFINITE, Kim Myungsoo/L, Nam Woohyun, L.Joe, You (OC)
With56 chapters, 469 votes, 3752 subscribers, 2864 comments

The Revenge of the Nerd

You were a nerd. You had the biggest crush on him. One day, he asked you out. You replied yes, and jumped for joy. He dated you........for fun. Then, he humiliated you in front of the whole school because of who you were.

BychocolateloverxD updated
CharactersYOU, Woohyun, Hoya, Infinite, L.Joe
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Seducing him in 10 steps

A bet for him to fall for her. A bet for her to fall for him. Who will win in this game of love?   HEY PEEPS THE GODDESS IS HERE WITH A NEW FIC!

ByGoddess updated
CharactersJaejoong & OC, sides: DBSK and L.Joe
With77 chapters, 65 votes, 99330 views, 3208 comments

Living With Gangsters?

Who knew living with gangsters was so troublesome? I mean, fighting everyday is pretty much normal, but falling in love isn't ..

ByCuteCupcake updated
CharactersYou/~~~~~, Kim Myungsoo/L (Infinite) and Lee Byunghun/L.Joe (Teen Top)
With68 chapters, 52 votes, 2271 subscribers, 90520 views, 1441 comments
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I'm a girl...BUT HE THINKS I'M GAY!

"Omo Jaejoong is so good-looking! I love him so much!" she squealed. "WHAT? I'm rooming with a gay?"HEY PEEPS! THE GODDESS HAS A NEW FIC! THIS TIME FEATURING... *drumrolls* L.JOE OF TEENTOP AND JUNHYUNG OF BEAST! She is Lee Donghae's twin. And about to get married. What if Donghae ha

ByGoddess updated
CharactersL.joe, Junhyung & OC, sides: Jaejoong & Donghae
With81 chapters, 70 votes, 87270 views, 3279 comments

Married by Day, Troubled by Night

  Now taken and happily married, you're having the time of your life as Nam Woohyun's wife. 4minute isn't completely off your back yet. They're still trying to get in between you and Woohyun's love life.

Bycuppieeee updated
CharactersYou, Woohyun and L.Joe
With30 chapters, 67 votes, 2838 subscribers, 81140 views, 2221 comments

When Cupid Shot Him In The HIATUS

Last year cute nerdy girl Choi SongMi was humiliated infront of the whole school body by QueenKa; Bae YooRin who exposed SongMi's little secret -- she liked bad boy KingKa L.Joe. Through all that, SongMi found herself starting to hate L.Joe himself, who teased and picked on her about it. Now it's Valentines Day again and it seems as though cupid has spiced things up in Seoul High. Things take a huge turn and SongMi finds herself caught in some drama, as troublesome memories unfold, and her

ByBabyyGee updated
CharactersL.Joe. Fictional. MyungSoo (L). Niel. Others.
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Hello Baby...? TEEN TOP VERSION.

Teen Top can give off a hot, mysterious look. But what happens when we bring Teen Top to…HELLO BABY? And also, what happens when YOU, the lucky reader, gets to become an umma, with Teen Top as the appas? Read to find out~

ByKeyToSHINee updated
CharactersTeen Top && YOU; the reader.
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Say "I Love You!" : The Sequel

(SEQUEL TO: Say “No!” to L. Joe) “Do you love me? How come you never said those words to me? Am I the only one who loves you back like this? Or you are just pretending because you said yes to me? Ha So Eun, say I love you.” “If you say I love you, I’m ready to accept the consequences. And I will really steal you away from him no matter what. Say I love you and I will never let go of you, forever.”  

Bylittlepenguins updated
CharactersHa So Eun (you), Lee Byunghyun (L. Joe), Kai (EXO-K) + Teen Top and OCs
With55 chapters, 208 votes, 2732 comments
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From Naughty to Nice

You, Park ~~~~ was the richest and most beautiful girl in town. And everybody knew it. But just because your exterior was beautiful, doesn't mean your interior was. You were the most rotten bully ever and you often sent people crying to sleep every night over some stupid fashion mistake. You knew you were causing people's lives to be miserable but you didn't care.

Bycuppieeee updated
CharactersYou, Chunji and L.Joe
With46 chapters, 42 votes, 2254 subscribers, 75400 views, 1910 comments

Those Three Magical Words

"JUST GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" "When you say 'I love you' with your own lips and really mean it, that's when I'll disappear from your life." Minhyuk, a.k.a B-Bomb, is a rough, rude, and snappy pretty boy. He lived his whole life being cold and mean. That's when karma decides to strike back at the said boy. What if love showers upon B-Bomb and sends... you? Now B-Bomb is stuck with you forever unless he actually tells you that he loves you and means it! And what if a new competitor n

Bymuzikmaster updated
CharactersYou, B-Bomb & L. Joe!
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I Got Married... To Teen Top?!

It's your first time in Korea, and everything is going smoothly... Until you meet the directors of popular hit show, "We Got Married", that is! The directors need an average girl for the six new 'grooms', Teen Top! You are suddenly forced into a virtual marriage with six boys you don't even know exist! What's a teenage girl to do?!   COPYRIGHT: © muzikmaster 2012-etc. ANY FORM O

Bymuzikmaster updated
CharactersYou and Teen Top!
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Affection for an Android

The Chasers, the Healers, the Evaders. These three groups of the population coexist, but not in harmony. There is an feud going on between the Inspirits and the Andromedas that has no intention of stopping. When Miyoung, a healer/human, accidentally wipes one of these robot's memories clean, how will she repay the price? In an attempt to save the Andromeda android named L. Joe, she gives him a new human identity as Lee Byunghun. But what happens when her plan is

Bymuzikmaster updated
CharactersLee Miyoung (OC) & L. Joe! (+ CNBLUE, Teen Top, Infinite)
With60 chapters, 215 votes, 1728 subscribers, 2098 comments
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My Arrange Marriage With Kim Myungsoo

If you want me, then show me. If you need me, then tell me.

ByXctra92 updated
CharactersMyungsoo, You & L.Joe
With79 chapters, 42 votes, 57380 views, 832 comments

The Played Playboy

"You’re hurt, lost, troubled and so angry. You say all these listless half hearted things just because of the cauterized wound you carry. When was the last time you said what you really wanted? I really want you to face up and deal with this instead of ignoring me, avoiding it and trying to medicate it away. You cannot be simultaneously numb forever and alive."

ByCuddlemex updated
CharactersL.Joe (TEEN TOP) & Minwoo & Jeongmin (Boyfriend)
With50 chapters, 25 votes, 648 subscribers, 1094 comments
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Hitting on Me is NOT FUN!

Rumors start spreading that you have a big crush on Jinyoung who is a Badass Kingka on your school. He discovered this 'rumors' that you have a BIG crush on him and started hitting on you.

Bylittlepenguins updated
CharactersYou, Jinyoung (B1A4) and L. Joe (Teen Top) + B1A4 and Teentop members
With32 chapters, 42 votes, 835 comments
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When I started to fall for you ...

You were an ordinary nerd . And ... you're getting married with an idol in your school . He hates you because you are a nerd . He's stubborn , picky and annoying . You don't like him too . You don't like that he looked down on you . You despise

Byamazingirl updated
CharactersYou , L.Joe , Woohyun , Sunny , Myungsoo , Krystal , Luna , Hoya , Chun Ji and Sungjong . Others will be added if needed .
With28 chapters, 15 votes, 454 subscribers, 41900 views, 180 comments

The Presidential Son: Senior Year

Another year at Daehan University. New students. New friends. New Adentures...... New Rivals?   And….what if there’s a new student this year?   What if there’s a real gangster in the campus? And he happens to be cold hearted, just like the old Myungsoo?     Everyone is already in his or her last year of college, Tao has already adjusted to his new school. Sehun is still as bipolar as ever and Kai is still….a playboy.

Bybluestone updated
CharactersMyungsoo, You, L.Joe, Sehun, Kai, Tao
With55 chapters, 61 votes, 939 subscribers, 41100 views, 621 comments

My Gangster Hubby or Badass Boyfriend ?

I'm a total stranger but you're willing to take me in. I'm a total weirdo but you are willing to befriend me.  Why ?

Byhweixin updated
CharactersL | You | L.joe
With46 chapters, 25 votes, 933 subscribers, 39280 views, 955 comments

He FORCED Me to Be His Girlfriend

You are just a normal average high schooler in her Senior year, who has been crushing on Kim Myung Soo (L from Infinite), one of the kingkas of Seoul High School since freshmen year. You later find out he has a crush on you too, but there is one problem: L.JOE, another kingka at your high school who seems to be turning your simple life upside down.

BychocolateloverxD updated
CharactersYou, L.Joe, L(infinite)
With35 chapters, 9 votes, 616 comments