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Leeteuk (2,853 leeteuk fanfics)

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Collide in Scope

Baekhyun has always been afraid of windows closing on his dreams, but today he's not sure if he would crawl over the sill and up into the gray light given the chance.

Our deer, Yoona

By MyDanbo updated
Characters SNSD's Yoona & Male / Female Celebrities :)
With 52 chapters, 49 votes, 827 subscribers, 461 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

I adore Yoona sooooo here it is the collection of Yoona x ________ drabbles~ Love you readers! GIVE LONG COMMENTS AND SUBSCRIBE! XDDDD I sincerely apol

Our maknae

By iharukumipuff updated
Characters Kyuhyun, Super Junior, Kyu-line
With 7 chapters, 12 votes, 175 subscribers, 3830 views, 65 comments
Status Subscribers Only

The break between songs on that day was unusually long; the older members did a lot of talking during that one break, while some others were missing from the stage. The fans cheered loudly not realising the shakiness of the members’ voice as they tried to stall as much time as they could, fighting the urge to run backstage to check on their maknae.   

Match Made in Heaven Return @ Soulmates Return at MBC

By CollingHoyatics updated
With 16 chapters, 3 votes, 99 subscribers, 2810 views, 23 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Annyeong COLLING!! Nicole Jung @ Jung Yong Joo will make her comeback in variety show for the up coming new variety show by MBC Every1 call

Too much..

By SueZZkyu4 updated
Characters Heechul, Leeteuk
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 180 views, 2 comments

Leeteuk finds something is wrong with Heechul. He wants to find out what it is,, obviously to help him..

My Jerkie Teukie Lee Teuk

By Aaliya1024 updated
Characters Super Junior and Lee Teuk
With 52 chapters, 4 votes, 2370 views, 25 comments
Status Completed

Lillian Lee was a regular college student from the states. Her life was fine until she landed an opportunity to go to Seoul,South Korea. She didn't think it was gonna make that much of a difference in her life...but she was wrong. Her life went completely blank. She finds the awful truth about her past. She doesn't even know who she was anymore...where she belongs. She even met this w

Leeteuk's Challenge

By Liza08 updated
Characters Main couple: Kyuhyun & Leeteuk
With 43 chapters, 13 votes, 7940 views, 152 comments

    Kyuhyun just transferred into a new high school and was discovered as a good soccer player. Leeteuk is the captain and wants to recruit h

Only U

By AngelEunHae updated
Characters Park Jung Soo || Lee Hyuk Jae || Lee Dong Hae
With 4 chapters, 47 subscribers, 2270 views, 11 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  It’s inspired by a manga I’ve read before. I forgot what the title was but I think it’s something like ‘Anata … wo…’ I don’t know. It has an English title that’s something like… Waiting for you [?]

Once Upon A Star

By 18jjae updated
With 1 chapters, 8 subscribers, 120 views, 1 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Terinspirasi dari cerita 'Anatasia' dan sebelumnya sempat di post pada blog saya.

Dimple Couple (3 stories)

By genda86lnndan updated
Characters PARK JUNG SU (Leeteuk), KANG SO RA
With 22 chapters, 8 votes, 63 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Comedy Romance... Drama... Mystery... Thriller Suspension... Fanfictions Of TeukSora couple.

To Apalò Aeràki (unedited)

By genda86lnndan updated
Characters Kang So Ra - Park Jung Su (Leeteuk)
With 26 chapters, 8 votes, 52 comments
Status Subscribers Only

-Mystery Drama -Mythic Resonance   *Note from Author: This is a very difficult story to project and write. I had wrote this months ago and could not come to put it out. Just for boredom and to give us a wait on our


By esjeh_ updated
Characters Kim Heechul, Park Jungsoo/Leeteuk
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 440 views, 6 comments
Status Completed

Jungsoo have always been scared whenever Heechul got drunk.  Or so he thought.

From Hate to Love

By KimchiChou updated
Characters Yesung, Eeteuk, other people? Idk.
With 2 chapters, 37 subscribers, 270 views, 10 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Yesung and Eeteuk are forced into an arranged marriage. One is of course much more willing than the other and it becomes a challenge to create love between them.


By KyungmiElf updated
Characters Leeteuk Heechul Hankyung Yesung Kangin Shindong Sungmin Eunhyuk Donghae Siwon Ryeowook Kibum Kyuhyun
With 1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 160 views

The greatest gift you could ever give someone is your time. Your time for someone can help change their entire life, can wipe away the tears from their face and can release them off their pains and tragedies. (Quote credit: Man_of_Wisdom)   Credit for poster and background:

Suju's Interesting Facts

By NUR2501 updated
Characters Super Junior members
With 42 chapters, 1 votes, 87 subscribers, 1390 views, 10 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Do you want to know more about Super Junior members? If so, don't hesitate to follow this because i will give you many interesting facts about them!        ^-^

All I ever wanted

By Koushinkyo updated
Characters Leeteuk, Kangin + other SJ members
With 2 chapters, 9 subscribers, 400 views, 1 comments

(saved from bellawitch.com) Soulmates - that's how you could call Leeteuk and Kangin. They are perfect 

You're Special To Me

By whatisbias updated
Characters Taeyeon Leeteuk Suho Sunmi Jessica Key Seohyun Eunhyuk
With 6 chapters, 13 subscribers, 460 views, 9 comments

" What's she's doing? " " Has she lost her marble? " " Who is she talking to? "   Almost everyday Kim Taeyeon heard those things.She had been immuned to those sayings.At least that's what she would try to keep in her minds.   Ever since Taeyeon's grandfather died,she's been like this.Sh

The Silent Guard

By HstyArigawa updated
Characters Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Se7en and member BigBang
With 5 chapters, 7 subscribers, 650 views, 12 comments

The Silent Guard adalah fan fiction kedua yang Author publish bergenre Adventure dan Brothership. Ceritanya terinspirasi dari banyak hal :D Leeteuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Siwon, dan Kyuhyun adalah namja-namja muda yang berbakat dan memiliki bakat dan keahlian masing-masing. sehingga mereka mendapatkan kewajiban untuk meneruskan perusahaan keluarga yang didirikan oleh orang tua mereka, perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang ke

My All Is In You

By YunJaeDB5KTilForever updated
Characters Cho Kyuhyun Lee SungMin Lee HyukJae (Eunhyuk) Park JungSu (Leeteuk)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 490 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

SungMin has finally had enough of hiding his and kyuhyun's relationship in the dark he doesnt care what the society will think of their love all he knows is what he wants and he wants to be with kyuhyun for the rest of his life but he feels that kyuhyun doesnt feel the same way as he does in his mind he thinks kyuhyun is ashamed of their love and wants to hide sungmin but he is in for a surprise...

A Situation as Unfamiliar as This

By GuavaGecko updated
Characters kangin, leeteuk, youngwoon, jungsoo
With 2 chapters, 9 subscribers, 230 views, 2 comments

Youngwoon has just returned from the war, but he’s not… exactly the same. Multiple stressful attacks on their camp and traumatic scenes during the war have left Youngwoon with intense PTSD, as it had with many people in his unfortunate squad… But he isn’t home because of that. He had lost right leg, making him unfit for battle. He is now working at physical and mental therapy, as well as trying to get used to his prosthetic leg. Jungsoo, though… While he was happy when his spouse finally came

My Senior Year

By kyupeemin updated
Characters Lee Sungmin, Cho Kyuhyun, MinBunny, Lee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae
With 70 chapters, 247 votes, 2362 subscribers, 64850 views, 2417 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Sungmin has been home-schooled all his life, and he's tired of it. After the death of his parents, he's been under the care of his grandma, who's afraid to lose him as well. Hence, having him home schooled. Fortunately, he pursues his grandma to have him enrolled into a normal (that's what he thought) high school for his senior year.

Comic love

By Teukie1234 updated
Characters Leeteuk Sora Jiyeon
With 15 chapters, 1 votes, 1950 views, 16 comments

Hey this is my very first fanfic so please forgive me for my bad grammer. T.T I have read this one comic so i think it would be great if our couple be the main characters. Kkk so credit to this comic creater. I don't know how to put the image from my tab T.T 

Someone Like You...Or May Be Not !!

By shine4e1 updated
Characters Leeteuk,Heechul,Siwon,Donghae,Eunhyuk,Yesung,Ryeowook and rest of the superjuinor
With 17 chapters, 8 votes, 138 subscribers, 5300 views, 94 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Bored with his ordinary and mundane life Leeteuk is looking for new love.Someone beautiful, wild and exciting….. Heechul seems to fit the bill perfectly. Then..What is the problem ??   This Valentine ’s Day Leeteuk’s boring life will take an exciting turn…Join his journey :)

Agent's Boyfriend

By shanmoi updated
Characters Siwon,Kyuhyun and others
With 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 260 views, 2 comments

0.Description       "Should I ask you to stay with me even if I know you can't?That's torturing myself,Hyung."Kyuhyun questioned Siwon while they were enjoying their time on the bench at the balcony.   "Why aren't you mad at me?Why don't you hit me or at least shout at me?I often fail to keep my words."the man seemed to be sorry to his boyfriend.   "No,I don't,Hyung.You've failed just OFTEN,not ALWAYS.I wasn't mad at you yesterday.I am n