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Krystaljung (656 krystaljung fanfics)

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Inked Heart

Sungyeol doesn't expect to meet his soulmate in the library during his junior year, the last place he would ever think for them to meet, while Myungsoo is visibly shaken by the tall, beautiful boy in front of him.

Should or Shouldn't?

By GMraeya updated
Characters Choi Minho, Jung Soojung
With 1 chapters, 44 subscribers, 320 views, 2 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

“Soojung tidak membalas pesanku,”      “Dia sibuk. "     “Myungstal? Apa ini?”      “Aku tidak suka kau terlalu dekat dengan Myungsoo,”           

Am I going to be Dad? ( My Ice Princess Wife After Story)

By GMraeya updated
Characters Choi Minho, Jung Soojung
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 55 subscribers, 330 views, 4 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Hampir dua tahun menikahi Ice Princess, Jung Soojung tidak membuat Minho mengenal istrinya dengan baik. Terbukti Minho begitu frustasi menghadapi perubahan sikap Soojung. Sebenarnya apa yang terjadi pada Soojung?

No Good in Goodbye

By taengsix updated
Characters Jung Soojung and Kim Myungsoo
With 1 chapters, 35 subscribers, 240 views, 3 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  And for Kim Myungsoo, there's no good in goodbye.     or maybe it was?  

the moment I realised,you're gone

By arinarayyan updated
Characters top,krystaljung
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 100 views, 2 comments

My one-sided love is really draining me and his attitude is really not helping me. Every time he make his cheesy move on me, I can’t stop thinking maybe he finally see as girl. But, every single time I put my hope high, he just crash it the next day with all his scandal and gossip. I’m tired of hoping and I’m tired of disappointing,” – Krystal “The minute I realised, you’re already gone” – Top

The True Reason - Book II

By werf01 updated
Characters Amber Liu || Krystal Jung || And some will add up on the later chapters..
With 18 chapters, 37 votes, 327 subscribers, 11610 views, 302 comments

After 4 years, Amber Liu is now a successful solo artist in Korea.. well, not just in the country where her stardom started, but her popularity has gone into international such as Asia, Europe and lastly America.   In those 4 years, many things happened in her life.. a depressing memory of her, when f(x) disbanded 3 years ago.. and the happiest moment, when she announced to the public that she's e

Hello Baby-Kryber Edition

By kryberisreal updated
Characters Amber Liu Krystal Jung
With 43 chapters, 56 votes, 1226 subscribers, 29600 views, 341 comments
Status Subscribers Only

When f(x) is cast on hello baby it causes Amber and Krystal to think seriously about where their future together is headed.

Private Lessons

By blacknaive updated
Characters Amber Liu, Krystal Jung, Luna, Sulli, Victoria,
With 13 chapters, 13 votes, 216 subscribers, 5870 views, 57 comments

Amber is a new trainee at SM Entertainment. She has had her fair share of hardships back in LA and she wishes to forget them all, get over it and make a new life in Korea.  With the help of her new friends, will she be able to finally become who she wants to be?   Or will her worst nightmare -- true love lost-- happen again?

Heirs Hotel

By Angie_ExoPink updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Jung Eunji, Yoon Bomi, Park Chanyeol, Krystal Jung (Jung SooJung)
With 17 chapters, 6 votes, 140 subscribers, 2580 views, 24 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Baekhyun is a Heirs.Eunji just baekhyun personal maid. But one day there were accident that change their live 100%.  


By aesthetically updated
With 4 chapters, 18 subscribers, 420 views, 2 comments

Krystal has always been a dense person when it comes to love. But when she sets eyes on Kim Jong-in, or Kai, who is known for playing many girls' hearts, she immediately hates him and he instantly hates her. Soon, they play a game of pursuit; the first person to fall in love with the other, loses. They lay out moves to ensnare their opponent, but accidentally falls for each other instead. But Krystal's heart had always belonged to Chanyeol; they were each other's ideal matches and everyone ap

『 WE GOT MARRIED | 우리 결혼했어요 』 byungstal & nulli edition.

By soojunqq updated
Characters Krystal Jung, LJoe, Sulli, N
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, 300 views, 4 comments

- - - ❥ we got married.  

{Forget Me Not}

By nurulabs9 updated
Characters Jay Park, Kim Hye Won, Choi Junhong, Jung Soojung, Kim Jongin
With 3 chapters, 11 comments
Status Subscribers Only

    A love both cannot remember. Strangers once again.  They're drawn to each other without knowing why.  A second chance.  A shot to rewrite their love story.    


By deniselionheart updated
Characters Amber Liu and Krystal Jung
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 31 subscribers, 920 views, 10 comments
Status Completed

I love you. I hate you. Do you love me back now? This is how I loved the girl I hated...who hated me back. And how she hurt me.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Heya! Deniselionheart reporting in! I've been away for a while... Bu

Blue Moon

By offtheride updated
Characters Krystal Jung, Kang Minhyuk, Kai
With 1 votes, 30 subscribers, 280 views, 1 comments

The telltale of the Blue Moon.   That could change 2 different worlds.

Just Friend?

By GMraeya updated
Characters Choi Minho, Jung Soojung, Choi Sulli
With 1 chapters, 43 subscribers, 590 views, 5 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Sometimes people decide to be ‘just a friend’ Even their feelings is mutual Not because love is hard to sustain But because commitment complicates everything

Maybe Someday

By milieu updated
Characters OC, Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, Son Naeun
With 2 subscribers, 50 views

" how can I let go of someone who was never been mine to begin with? "

Let's Not Stay Friends

By HopelesslyHoping updated
Characters Amber, Krystal, Sulli, Luna, Victoria, Key, Henry, Jessica, Yuri
With 22 chapters, 27 votes, 222 subscribers, 72 comments

Basically, the story takes place with high school as the prime background. Amber and Krystal are schoolmates, through that their bond strenghthens and little by little, friendship blossoms into something much more exciting, compelling and risky. With their friendship and own future at risk, will Amber and Krystal put their love-life first, or will they succumb to the cruel fate the world had planned out for them? As teenagers, their life in the future are given the benefit of the doub

All About You, All About Me [My One-shot Kryber Stories]

By ilovefx24 updated
With 6 chapters, 9 votes, 79 subscribers, 2030 views, 34 comments

Since I love writing stories, I've decided to make one-shot collections. I hope I'll be successful. ^^

"The Falling Games"

By untouchable96 updated
Characters Infinite's L as L Park, fx's Krystal as Krystal Nam, MBLAQ's Joon as Joon Jang, EXO M's Lay as Lay Chan and MissA's Suzy as Suzy Lee
With 11 chapters, 1 votes, 97 subscribers, 850 views, 6 comments
Status Subscribers Only

 Two people, one car and an ultimate game--to pretend they're together and do everything to make each other fall in love without falling themselves. The one who falls first, loses. Can L Park and Krystal Nam who are both players and heartbreakers slash the most-feared students in the campus do this game of love? Will they make each other fall in love and take home the car as a prize? Or one of them will end up losing and heartbroken in the end?    

Just a Normal Love Story

By Tacolicious updated
Characters Amber Liu, Krystal Jung
With 34 subscribers, 330 views
Status Subscribers Only

" Just how can I ever get her to like me back.. " I thought to myself sadly while looking at her back as she walks away.  That girl, the one that makes my heart  flutter every time she talks, the one that makes me blushes every time she smile, is my bestf


By offtheride updated
Characters kangminhyuk krystaljung f(x) cnblue snsd
With 19 chapters, 29 votes, 348 subscribers, 11240 views, 161 comments

She had never felt this comfortable around guys. So comfortable that she wished she had more skinship with him, even if it just in front of the camera. And he, he'd never smiled this much around girls before...

You Picked Me

By haaachu updated
Characters Lee Taemin, Krystal Jung, Jessica Jung and Lee Jinki/Onew among others
With 7 chapters, 8 votes, 80 subscribers, 1790 views, 19 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What would you do when you find yourself falling for the one person you thought you'd never fall for―your own best friend?  

Lullaby (Sequel Of My Ice Princess Wife)

By GMraeya updated
Characters Jung Soojung, Choi Minho, Luna Park, Onew, Joo Young Hoon (OC), Yuna (OC)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 750 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

Soojung si ice princess yang kini mulai berubah setelah menikah dengan Choi Minho. Ia mencintai suaminya. Tapi apa yang terjadi jika masa lalunya kembali menghantuinya?

Make Your Move

By ilovefx24 updated
Characters amber liu, krystal jung, luna park, sulli choi, victoria song and other characters
With 54 chapters, 55 votes, 385 subscribers, 25630 views, 351 comments

Amber, the leader and vocalist of their band is so crazy about Krystal Jung, the maknae and most beautiful member of a K-pop group called f(x). While Amber is trying her best to get into the K-pop world to meet the girl of her dreams, Krystal on the other hand wants to escape from it even for a while. Will Amber reach her dream? Will Krystal taste life and freedom that she is longing for? Let's see what will happen!  

Love Collection

By choco-late updated
Characters Amber and Krystal of f(x)
With 51 chapters, 59 votes, 673 subscribers, 40680 views, 648 comments

This is a collection of Kryber (Krystal and Amber from f(x)) one-shots. It might conclude other pairings but focus on Kryber pairing.