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Ripped Jeans

Yes, there were a lot of things you didn't do, but you put up with me, loved me, protected me. And there are so many things I wanted to tell you when you return. But you didn't.


By mizz_ana_cutez updated
Characters wuyifan amber kyungsoo krystal
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 63 subscribers, 520 views, 13 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

The color of truth is gray - Andre Gide    

Idol Life

By fvukvodka updated
With 54 chapters, 30 votes, 225 comments

Idol life of mostly Amber and Krystal

Shades of Darkness

By KillerGal updated
Characters Mark, Suzy, Jackson, Krystal, Junior, Kris, Lay, Victoria
With 4 chapters, 4 subscribers, 50 views

"The world is not the way it is, but the way you see it." The story of five people facing internal and external struggles; A man who struggles to survive in this cruel world.

My Best Friend's Crush is My Lover

By nina3132 updated
Characters Luhan Amber Krystal Minho
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 37 subscribers, 1030 views, 15 comments

Amber's a tomboy with a girly girl for a bestfriend.Her bestie always talks about some guy named Luhan.Everywhere she goes it's always Luhan,Luhan,and more Luhan.Amber's sick and tired of always hearing that guy's name coming out of her best friend's mouth.When she finally meets him at her new school,will she still feel the same way or will she change?    


By Its_Ally updated
Characters Chen, Suho, Krystal Jung
With 13 chapters, 13 votes, 44 subscribers, 19 comments

Waking up after an accident, Krystal’s haunted with visions about a stranger. She finds herself unintentionally and slowly getting attached to the boy whom she only gets to meet imaginarily. And her confusion’s increased by Chen’s presence for he triggers incomprehensible emotions inside of her. Her inner torment between those two escalates with each day that passes by. And a question k


By tiffanciel updated
With 43 chapters, 2 votes, 26 subscribers, 76 comments
Status Completed

Takdir selalu demikian, memberikan petunjuk namun tetaplah aku tak bisa membacanya. (Krystal)   Aku tidak pernah benar-benar berusaha untuk mendapatkan sesuatu. Tapi untuk mendapatkan dia, haruskah aku berkorban? (Suho)    


By orla-tanner updated
Characters Sehun, Krystal, Jongin
With 3 chapters, 5 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

A story about a small town called River bank, and a boy named Sehun.

My Life as Do - Kim Kyungsoo

Characters exo kai kyungsoo kaisoo baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol suho fx krystal bap yongguk
With 26 chapters, 18 votes, 229 subscribers, 4450 views, 49 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Do Kyunsoo, a boy whose family background is beautiful and simple, in silence he has feelings to the well-known corporate figure son, who is also his partner universities in the United Kingdom. Kim Jongin a.k.a. Kai, his handsome figure makes all the girls will craze towards him. Overflow luxuries in his life makes his ego and arrogance on the highest throne. Rank consci

Sleepover confessions.

By NajihahXander updated
Characters Tiffany, Krystal , Jessica
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 120 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

When Jessica couldn't make it back to Seoul and Krystal had planned out a slumber party for the weekends. Jessica decides to make up for her absence by sending her most reliable source of help,Tiffany to accompany Krystal for the weekends. Would Krystal be able to forgive her sister for ruining her plan o

The Narcissistic Prince

By babewithbrains updated
Characters Exo's Kim Jongin AKA Kai, F(x)'s Jung Krystal AKA Soojung
With 17 chapters, 26 votes, 534 subscribers, 9240 views, 172 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

After mistakenly being enrolled as a boy, Jung Soojung is devastated to find out that there aren’t any female dorms available at Genie Academy. Kim Jongin kicks out his roommate after finding out that his roommate had developed feelings for him. Soojung gets assigned as an exception into the boys dorm, Moon Hall, and finds out that her roommate is a vain, douchy jerk who can’t wait to get rid of her. Unfortu

Shrink vs Mafia Boss

By StepIsDumbo updated
Characters Jessica Jung Kim Taeyeon
With 5 chapters, 20 votes, 43 comments
Status Subscribers Only

    plot(?) : When shrink meets Mafia Boss...   Main Casts: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, YoonA, Seohyun, Krystal.    

The Thief

By Flapearlarc updated
With 10 chapters, 6 votes, 279 subscribers, 3430 views, 99 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

    Soojung is a hardcore fans of EXO Chanyeol, but Kai is the one who court her.    


By nightlock08 updated
Characters Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Dara, Hyoyeon, Krystal, Tamara (You), Mitch (Your bestfriend)
With 4 chapters, 9 votes, 36 subscribers, 1020 views, 8 comments

         ❝ Once upon a time, there was a girl named Tamara who was savoring the best part of her teenage years with her friends, so- called friends, families and loved ones until the day that letter arriv


By xoxobulletproof updated
Characters Krystal Jung, L, Kangta, BoA, Sunggyu, Hoya, Sungyeol
With 33 chapters, 18 votes, 924 subscribers, 9670 views, 89 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Krystal Jung may have everything. She's beautiful, rich, intelligent and talented. But her past continues to scream for revenge. On the other L is a rich kid who reigns as the school's Prince but when it comes to pretty Krystal, the ice-cold prince softens up. What will happen if the story of love, betrayal, friendship and trust is more entagled than the usual? What would you do if everything becomes UNEXPECTED? Will you stay until

One Plus One

By phantomnath updated
Characters Jung Krystal, Lee Krystal, Amber Liu, Jessica Jung, and Taeyeon Kim.
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 15 subscribers, 600 views, 14 comments

Inspirated by Krystal's Samsung CF. Sorry if there's a mistake in the grammar. English it's not my first language._.v.    


By blurberryhwjs26 updated
Characters Kim Jongin, Jung Soojung
With 8 chapters, 5 votes, 149 subscribers, 15 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  A kaistal one-shot collection

[Two-shot] The Yearbook

By storyteller1101 updated
Characters kai eunji kyungsoo krystal
With 3 chapters, 8 votes, 5 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A two-shot story of a girl who confesses to her crush by signing his yearbook, but ofcourse he doesn't read it till the fall semester is over.


By loyal-jung updated
Characters EXO's Sehun + f(x)'s Krystal + Minors
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 33 subscribers, 250 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Jung Soojung is a young girl who has to look after her mentally disabled younger brother while working in a local club near a well-known hotel. She also goes to university while she studies law to earn more money for her family's expences. Her mother has already died from cancer a few years back, and her dad just makes matters worse by wasting money on alcohol and gambling. Soojung promises herself to fo

Unexpected Marriage (Sestal Version)

By candleLight updated
Characters Oh Sehun, Krystal Jung, Son Naeun, Kim Myungsoo
With 27 chapters, 36 votes, 848 subscribers, 33920 views, 664 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Sehun and Krystal are enemies... they hated each other... but their parents are best friends... they always said that they will never be together but unexpected news come from their parents they told Sehun and Kry

You look like my next mistake

By minka_mimi updated
Characters Park Jiyeon, Kim Jongin, Jung Krystal, some EXO members, other male/female idols
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 30 subscribers, 5 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Nice to meet you Where you been? I could show you incredible things Magic, madness, heaven, sin Saw you there and I thought oh my god Look at that face, you look like my next mistake Love's a game, wanna play New money, suit and tie I can read you like a magazine Ain't it funny rumors fly And I know you heard about me So hey, let's be friends I'm dying to see how this

Dorm 143

By continuity updated
Characters IU | Bae Suzy | Park Jiyeon | Krystal | Naeun
With 1 chapters, 12 subscribers, 190 views, 4 comments

  "Different girls, different attitudes, different schools but one dorm room shared. What will happen to this youngsters in love?"  

This Destiny

By snowblowerstal updated
Characters Suho, Krystal, Luhan, Seohyun, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Taeyeon, Wu Yifan, Oh Hana (OC), Tao, Victoria
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 45 subscribers, 1400 views, 17 comments

Suho's rich kid. He come from the well-known and high-classed family. He was the perfect heirs every company want. Meanwhile, Krystal Jung, the lost second daughter of the Jung Company was now just a poor girl that should work to death to earn money. What if they meet each other what will happen to them?

Her Last Breath

By yoonainin updated
Characters kai exo | krystal f(x) | sehun exo
With 2 chapters, 5 votes, 530 views, 12 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  She hates herself. She is a pathetic liar who can really do nothing better than to hur

Is He My Summer Love?

By StellaBP updated
Characters Krystal, Sehun, Dasom, Myungsoo, Kai, Tao, DO, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen, Suho, Lay, Luhan, Kris, Xiumin, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy,
With 11 chapters, 3 votes, 73 subscribers, 1900 views, 20 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What will happend if a girl visit her uncle at Seoul, and her uncle job was Exo's manager?

The Nerd & The Cheerleader

By iuxmale updated
Characters Bae Suzy | Jung Krystal
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 230 views, 6 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"It's about trust, love and sisterhood"