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When your older brother is emitted to hospital, you're willing to do anything for him to stay alive. Even if that means disguising as a guy and entering the brutal competition GROWL .Sounds simple? Not when your classmates are delinquents.

Sweet Payback

ByKevLene91 updated
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Kim Jaeseop is just a typical guy out there. He's charismatic, kind, gentle, loving – you name it. He’s not a rich person so, yeah. He doesn’t have his own house and he’s only living in a rented small apartment. In fact, he only eats ramen every day. Unhealthy, he knows, but, that’s all he could afford. He do have friends, but unlike the others in his school, only a few. He didn't like having a big group of friends. "You will only find yourself sooner or later being stabbed in the back by

Food Fight Wedding !!

ByMaddyD updated
CharactersShin Soohyun, Kim Eli, Lee Kiseop, Kim AJ, Shin Dongho, Yeo Hoonmin, Woo Kevin, OC's: Patricia, Cami, Nabi, Maddy, Dew, Rosa and more...
With19 chapters, 8 subscribers, 680 views, 24 comments

The dream wedding ends up in a huge foodfight... How did the fight happen?  Please Read, Comment & Subscribe to find out ^^

Love in the Time of Burgers

By0_degrees_elvin updated
CharactersKim Jaeseop, Kevin Woo
With5 chapters, 5 votes, 14 subscribers, 380 views, 8 comments

AJ hated everything about working at the In-N-Out Burger... everything except Kevin.

Shine Through My Walls

ByLeesushi updated
CharactersKiseop/Jaeseop UKISS
With2 chapters, 9 subscribers, 520 views, 1 comments

For many years, a wall was placed over the heart of Kiseop's. No one could get through, no one or no thing can. But somehow, Kiseop keeps finding holes. And the holes...are caused by this light. Now desperately, he tries to keep it out.   But it'll never go away.   Kise

The Corrupted Utopia

ByAlissey updated
CharactersMainly AJ and Kevin, some chapters including Eli, possibly more of ukiss later on.
With1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 160 views, 2 comments

An atomic war has plagued the earth, leaving it in shambles. Radioactivity is on the rise, and the few but lucky wealthy portion of humanity, like Kim Jaeseop, are now residing in a protected, small enclosed space on earth while the rest, such as Kevin Woo, are left outside its walls to suffer and bite the dust - literally. Will Kevin be able to change his stars with the help of a cold-hearted rich kid? Or will he be doomed to suffer outside the walls of a corrupted utopia for eternity, at th

Sleep Over

Byloyal_kissme updated
CharactersKevin Woo || Kim Jaeseop
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Being left alone by his other families, Kevin started to feel scared and decides to sleep over at his friend's house. But what happen when Jaeseop was the only choice he have?