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Darker Reality

by icemellon updated on
Tags: jongyu key onew yaoi keynew bandfic onkey
Comments: 2 |

  My first fiction in AFF. Mind my spelling errors and grammer mistakes.. I hav... Read More

Response? And In Kkomde's Opinion Everything Would Be Much Easier If Every Human Being Was A Dog [Complete]

by Dubu89 updated on
Tags: jinki key kibum onew shinee keynew jinkibum
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 2 | Comments: 8 |

Jinkibum   Just a little piece of sappinessssss... Read More

Kibum's Three (3) Stages [Complete]

by Dubu89 updated on
Tags: key onew keynew jinkibum
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 22 | Views: 700 | Comments: 11 |

Drabble? Oneshot? Short.... Read More

I did this because I love you.♥

by eggtart_ELI94 updated on
Tags: 2min jongho jongkey key onew shinee keynew
Chapters: 13 | Subscribers: 27 | Views: 2760 | Comments: 22 |

It's about SHINee couple - Jongkey & 2min. and... Jongho[Jonghyun and Minho]... Read More

B!ue [Complete]

by onewlova519 updated on
Tags: key onew keynew onkey
Chapters: 4 | Subscribers: 34 | Views: 1750 | Comments: 21 |

B!ue is a color for boys ... Read More


by amber_serkly updated on
Tags: 2min comedy crackfic jongyu keyxonew keynew onkey
Chapters: 5 | Subscribers: 57 | Views: 2170 | Comments: 38 |

When the number of paws is increasing in the house, Jinki is suddenly faced ... Read More

To Your Heart [Complete]

by amber_serkly updated on
Tags: fluff keyxonew oneshot romance songfic keynew onkey
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 1030 | Comments: 3 |

Their lips met for a moment before Kibum... Read More

Always Love [Complete]

by amber_serkly updated on
Tags: fluff keyxonew oneshot romance songfic keynew onkey
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 5 | Views: 690 | Comments: 5 |

As long as they’re under the same sky, everything is going to be okay.... Read More

A Cinderella Story

by secretprince05 updated on
Tags: lovestory shinee keynew taeminxyou
Chapters: 4 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 330 | Comments: 3 |

                         A night with your beloved husband is truly something that one really wants to have, right? But, Kim Gwiboon being with his husband has to tell her bitter memories back th... Read More

Back in Time

by dinz86 updated on
Tags: genderbender key keyxonew onew keynew onkey
Chapters: 5 | Subscribers: 7 | Views: 225 | Comments: 5 |

Time is non-existent when it comes to love. How far will Jinki go to try and find the girl of his dreams?... Read More

I Loved You Once

by BaiLingLing updated on
Tags: jongho jonghyun key minho minkey yaoi keynew
Chapters: 5 | Subscribers: 33 | Views: 1540 | Comments: 23 |

Minho's always liked Key. Key has been dating Onew. Onew and Key have an unsteady relationship. Key breaks up with Onew and confesses to Minho. What will happen from there?... Read More

Sad Forever [Complete]

by fxsnsdshinee updated on
Tags: angst tragedy keynew
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 2 | Views: 480 | Comments: 3 |

Key and Onew are stepbrothers but the younger can't help but love Onew in a very different way... Not as a brother, but as a lover.... Read More

Excuses [Complete]

by amber_serkly updated on
Tags: fluff keyxonew oneshot romance keynew onkey
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 8 | Views: 1820 | Comments: 22 |

Key doesn’t need likes to find excuses for himself to let off his quietu... Read More

Shinee's Stories. Oneshot. (Not going to do anymore. Sorry . ) [Complete]

by B1OCKA4SPIRIT updated on
Tags: jongho jongkey onho ontae keynew
Chapters: 7 | Comments: 9 |

Heyy . ~ This is stories about SHInee , Onkey . 2Min , Jongho . Ontae. Jongkey . Onho . Minkey . ... Read More

Kiss on the Neck [Complete]

by RandomRitings updated on
Tags: onew shinee keynew
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 1 | Views: 590 | Comments: 3 |

1-shot story of Key and Onew... Read More

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