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Damage Control

Taemin’s entrance in the vampire world isn’t as smooth as his makers planned.


ByLauda94 updated
CharactersSnsd, EXO, Shinee, Kara, various other idols
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When you think back to that time, you realize that it was indeed just a dream.  It was just a fragment of your consciousness.  And you just keep on staring at mirrors...

Isn't it cliche?

ByKwon_Eunji updated
Charactersseungyeon, woohyun, nicole, key, krystal, minhyuk, raina, myungsoo, sulli and kai
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Han Seungyeon: -18 years old -Caring and sweet -Shows a lot of love to her loved ones -Will do anything and everything for Nam Woohyun -Best friends are: Nicole

Best Friends

Bydandanoo updated
Charactersnana nicole lay chanyeol
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.Nicole and Nana are best friends since they were little girls   they don't keep secrets and they always together  

Airport Confession

ByhotLover5 updated
CharactersOh Sehun, Kang Jiyoung and Kim Jongin (Kai)
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Maybe when you're too comfortable with the label 'best friend'. You won't know that you are actually in love with them.     Being in love with someone who doesn't

Goodnite and Sweet Dream.

Byguardedgreen updated
Charactersblock b minhyuk bbomb kara seungyeon
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a simple conversation between two lovers    i should edit this since i have added two more stories and most probably will add more somewhere in the future hmm...   for now it will random moments in minhyuk and hammie pairing...   btw i feel like i should post some pics so that people will know who is minhyuk and also seungyeon hahaha   sorry   :P   slight modificatio

Kowareta Shinrai...

BySaraiTenorio updated
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                                                       A group of new students transfer to the famous SM High School. They all grew up in an orphanage and learnt not to trust anyone. All the other students become afraid of their cold personalities but their family also seems to catch the attention of the schools most popular students...  


Byredshannshine updated
CharactersPark Gyuri, Bang Yongguk, L, Eunjung, Seungho, Sunny
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Hi my name is Park Gyuri. I'm 26 years old this year and people called me Goddes because of my appearance and my cold aura. I owned a cafe and it's called "LOVE CAFE". I think it's funny because I don't have many experience in lovelife yet i still named it LOVE CAFE . Actually I really want to find a new love but what can I do now i'm deeply in love with my smartphone. Untill he came into my life.......and the story begin......  

Femme Fatale x DSP Media's New Girl Group x Apply Open

By-melis updated
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5QUEENS | DSP Media New Girl Group | APPLY SOON

Bysecrettime4ever updated
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We are 5QUEENS  

The Romantic and Idol

ByMiddleMist updated
CharactersKrystal | Nicole | Eunji | Jiyeon | Ken | Chanyeol | Hoya | Minhyuk |
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Just A Mile Away

Bydreamyvue updated
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            "It was spring again, but my cold heart will never felt the same. I stood in front of the maple tree that was planted on top of a hill.  The maple tree was still as beautiful as ever. Every morning, this is the first place that I came to. Making wishes that I know, will never come true.             I closed my eyes and think of my parent. The ones who ga

Somehow enemy...

ByEunMeesonette updated
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Characters: Jung Nicole


Bybhebesha updated
CharactersWonder Girls, Kara, SNSD, 2ne1, 4Minute, T-ara, fx, Sistar & Miss A
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*Girls...Girls...Girls, hahaha (maybe because I love Girl Groups more than Boy Groups) *peace* Yeah, FACTS and PHOTOS, PAST and PRESENCE Everything about these TOP GIRL GROUPS. Let's recall and hear all about them, every CHAPTERS had different topic, we will just going to enjoy. So to all the FANS of 2ne

Bad Girl Good Girl

By_bapbaby_123 updated
CharactersMark,Park Dohee,Park Danbi,Tiny-G,Got7,Kara
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A story about a pair of twins who are queenkas and are totally different,but what will happen when they fall in love with the same boy??  

The Naive and the Girl

Byfrandomfeels updated
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This is the prequel of "Last Treatment" that I decided to write. This will be my first official story other than the one-shot, so please look forward to it.    Suggestions are pretty much accepted. And please comment how you feel so that I'll know how to make the story go~ Thank you! :)

The love that isn’t mine.

ByCatalina390 updated
CharactersKang Jiyoung Lee Taemin Choi Sulli Bae Suzy
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  Wish that I’m the one that beside you… Wish that I’m the reason of your smile Wish I’m the one that can make you happy Wish I’m the one that you love~ I WANNA BE WITH YOU WANNA BE WITH YOU   But I know I’m not the one. 


Byczakhareina updated
Tagsgyuri kara
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Is it me or him????

ByIlovekpop2495 updated
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  Characters IU Sweet, caring, smart. Doesnt know what to do and who to choose. Friends Krystal, Yoona, Hara junhyung younger sister Likes Yoseob but also wooyoung ex-boyfriend wooyoung Yos

03.30 ( 1 4 3 )

ByGoolHara updated
CharactersGoo Hara, Choi Minho, Shinee
With1 chapters, 70 views

Minho menganggap dirinya baik-baik saja...   Meski nyatanya, dia tengah tercabik antara kenyataan pahit dan kenangan-kenangan manisnya..

Spring Bride

Byhyanqsu updated
CharactersGoo Hara, OC
With5 chapters, 180 views

She came to me in spring, and like the flowers that bloomed, she left in the fall with the coldness of winter.


By-Tigress- updated
CharactersBeast's Junhyung & KARA's Hara
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Junhyung had loved Hara since the moment he laid eyes on her, but she always spurned him. Until his fortunes changed, and then she came back with a secret from the past on her lips.       "You get the air out my lungs whenever you need it,And you take the blade right out my heart just so you can watch me bleed,And I


ByGoolHara updated
CharactersGoo Hara. Choi Minho, Shim Changmin
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Minho tahu jika kini, dia bukanlah yang satu-satunya di hati Hara....

Se7en Deadly Sins

ByGoolHara updated
CharactersGoo Hara, Choi Minho, Choi Jonghun, Kim Myungsoo. Jang Wooyoung. Park Thunder. Yong Junhyung. Jung Jinwoon
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Adalah tujuh dosa paling mematikan untuk manusia.. Pride, Wrath, Greed, Glutton, Sloth, Envy and… Lust……

Dreaming Polaris | stories

Byorangefox updated
CharactersT-ARA | B2ST | U-KISS | MBLAQ | SPEED | KARA | 4MINUTE | RAINBOW | Others
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dreaming polarisformerly the pendragon | stories

'Effin Perfect

ByChOlEy1454 updated
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  Mini-stories of your kpop artists.  *Warning* Most of my stories are emo and end with sad endings. I try to write happy stories, but only emo ideas come up >.< I shall try my best to make happy stories too.