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Lady of Summer

He was Winter, she was Summer. She was sunshine joy, and laughter. He was ice, silence and death. He was possessed by jealousy so he sought to destroy her. Will Winter prevail? [Myungsoo x OC]

Mistaken First love?

By MyungyeolLover100 Published
Characters Do Kyungsoo
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 20 views
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Do Kyungsoo has know Park Vhanyeol since he has memory, over the fact that he saved him from so bully's he developed a huge crush on him but they are best friends! What will happen will Chanyeol reciprocate his feelings or not? And what up with Kyungsoo's other best friend Kim Jongin? Maybe he likes him? Or not? Read to find out!

약속 (Promise)

By LeeBomyeong Published
Characters Kim Jongin || Do Kyungsoo
With 1 votes, 1 subscribers, 20 views
Status Subscribers Only

"Thank you, I'm sorry, I love you. Even if I give you my everything, it's not enough. My love, I'll protect you forever. Just follow me."


By im_not_okay Published
Characters EXO Ot 9
With 2 chapters, 5 subscribers, 70 views

"Eh, Why not?" "I guess?" "Sure." "Finally, yes."           hello!!! just wanted to let you know, I'm writing the main jist of the story as a XiuChen fic. I'll probably write a chapter per pairing once I'm done with the xiuchen if you guys are interested though. This fic is actual garbage, but thanks for taking the time to read!

Unknown and Forbidden

By JeanKey Published
Tags exo kaisoo
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 10 views

Things are new and not what they seem life for Kyungsoo will change forever.

Exo Ships OneShots

By SuBjectA3 Published
Characters Exo, Luhan, Tao, Kris, ot12
With 1 chapters, 70 views

This is a book full of exo ships one shot, only bxb. You can request a ship if you want. Wil mostly contain HunHan, Kaisoo, ChanBaek, XiuChen, Sulay and Taoris. But other ships will also be included.

Hold My Hand

By hobseok Published
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 30 views

"The first time they met it was a cold Monday morning." Kim Jongins life was hard. His mother was always working or  away doing god knows what. He's constantly trying to prove to others and himself that he is good enough...good enought for what he doesn't know.  Do Kyungsoo had the perfect life to the eyes of everyone else. His family was rich and he was handsome but he hated it. He hated being associated with his family so he doe


By LeMintBunny Published
Characters Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Zhang Yixing, Kim Junmyeon
With 1 chapters, 28 subscribers, 170 views, 2 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

University AU When Do Kyungsoo and his Italian food addict of a best friend (read: Zhang Yixing) volunteer at a food stall during the annual school festival, Kyungsoo's life is shot putted 7,000 miles into the land of attraction. Whilst Yixing is busy eye-stalking resident Mr. Perfect Kim Junmyeon, Kyungsoo finds interest in an idiotic genius that makes him want to pull his hair out (or kiss the bloke senseless). Autumn is the fated season for bears and penguins, after all.

of flowers and bad poetry

By millyzx Published
Tags kaisoo
Characters do kyungsoo and kim jongin
With 3 subscribers, 20 views

kyungsoo is an introvert novelist and jongin is his #1 fan.    

Takes My Pain Away

By mayday16 Published
Tags kaisoo
Characters kyungsoo jongin kaisoo
With 1 chapters, 100 views
Status Completed

Jongin didnt want to let go

Exo Short Stories

By Nimiscanon Published
Characters Suho Baekhyun Chanyeol D.o Kai Sehun Xiumin Lay Luhan Chen
With 8 chapters, 2 subscribers, 240 views, 1 comments

Want a bit of humour in your life??? Read a funny short story about exo to brighten up your day!!

Ruined Routine

By EnnaDavis Published
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 25 subscribers, 330 views, 4 comments

Kyungsoo's routine gets ruined by the not-so-annoying handsome kid who 'borrowed' his locker.  


By khunnnie Published
Tags kaisoo
Characters kai kyungsoo exo krystal
With 1 subscribers, 50 views

and when kyungsoo realized it was already too late. 

Everything for a Promise

By OkitaHajime Published
Characters Kim Minseok, Kim Jongdae, Xiao Luhan
With 1 chapters, 31 subscribers, 270 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

How long will be the prince suffering? will he stay forever with  Xiao or will he reveal his love for his servant Jongdae? Only one thing was playing on his head over and over walking to his future husband, and that was "Everything for a Promise".

One Winter Night

By Pinky1 Published
Characters Kim Jongin{Kai}+Do Kyungsoo{D.O}
With 32 subscribers, 190 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Kai has always live a rich life, but he wasn't always happy about it. His family and friends look up to him only for his money, but what will happen when he takes a lonely boy from the street?. Can his frozen heart be open up by this one boy? Will he fall in love or fall into more depression?  

murder he wrote [kaisoo]

By kaisoooexo Published
Tags kaisoo
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 50 views

The President's Son

By kkimkaisoo Published
Characters kai kyungsoo sehun jongin exo
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 75 subscribers, 310 views, 7 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To randomly said name of  a man who’s practically did not exist as his fiance. The concept of admitting you’re taken to show you’re not interested should be the most absurd one. Do Kyungsoo regretted saying he was engaged to someone named Kim Jongin who he thought, did not existed

Hey, Playboy

By MyungyeolLover100 Published
Characters Do Kyungsoo
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 164 subscribers, 990 views, 2 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

24 Decembers

By jas1922 Published
Characters Kyungsoo | Jongin | Sehun
With 14 votes, 226 subscribers, 960 views, 10 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Kyungsoo, a single dad and up-and-coming writer, hires Jongin, his neighbor, to babysit his son. But the blond teenager with tattoos littering his body does a little more than that and takes care of him too. They happen to fall in love during the many decembers they spend together. 

Butterfly Complexion

By exol_kaijonginkim Published
With 1 chapters, 17 subscribers, 160 views
Status Subscribers Only

What else in Baekhyun's life get possibly any worse than it already is? Nothing more than to fall terribly in love with someone who is the complete opposite of his broken self.  

Unpredictable Fate

By KimDoxoxo Published
With 2 chapters, 25 subscribers, 140 views
Status Subscribers Only

Kim Jongin is the MVP of SMEU's soccer team and co-leader of dance group EXO. Do Kyungsoo is a singer and Academy Award Winning Actor that tries to blend in with normal students. As soon as they meet, they are forcefully inseparable and end up seeing each other all the time. The more they cross paths, their hatred for each other starts to fade and they grow feelings for each other.