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Fate Brought Us

Mr Nam forced his son into an arranged marriage just to stop Woo Hyun from continuing his path to be a singer and work with him instead while Sung Kyu was left without other choice other than agreeing to this one ridiculous plan – being a good son he is.

I Have to Win

Bynyokopuppet updated
CharactersMain: Doojoon, Yoseob, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Kikwang, Dongwoon. ( Cameos from many other idols.)
With9 chapters, 7 votes, 77 subscribers, 2700 views, 48 comments

  Elemental fights. They are defined as battles between super powered humans. These underground matches are conducted in teams of three. The championship matches consist of teams of five. Only the best of the best can be declared champion. I, Yoon Doojoon, intend to earn that title, and no one will stand in my way.


ByTo-kki updated
CharactersDoojoon | Hyunseung | Junhyung | Yoseob | kikwang | dongwoon
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The b2st members have decided to individually spend each day with hyunseung before his grand birthday.


BySapphireBlueGirl24 updated
CharactersJunhyung and Hyunseung
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    "Fate has brought us again."     Junhyung loves Hyunseung, and so does fame. When fate keeps bringing them back together can Junhyung fix everything back again?

Unexpected Love

ByLucielle updated
CharactersHyunseung, Junhyung, GDragon, Hara, Junseung
With6 chapters, 2 votes, 17 subscribers, 530 views, 13 comments

" One thing he doesn't know about me... " Jun started to say before he locked eye contact with me,


Bydarkqueen_25 updated
CharactersJang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoo, Lee Kikwang
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 1 subscribers, 130 views, 5 comments

Summary: What would you do if all your bandmates started calling you "Noona" when you woke up in the morning? .....Yeah, Hyunseung doesn't know either.-A/N: Takes place in "Idol Maid" hotel room, Loosely inspired by


Byhonace updated
With13 chapters, 7 votes, 38 subscribers, 1600 views, 57 comments

Hyunseung believes he lives an average life, a normal and acceptable one to the society. By following the routines and rules and not sticking up into anyone’s business; his life is rather very normal. Just until three boys decided to make his so called normal life into an adrenaline and rush-filled roller coaster; making him very confused as to what did he do to deserve such treatment from them.  Apparently all of them love him but Hyunseung has only one heart. W

My best friend the Idol

Byseobie1306 updated
CharactersDoojoon, Yoseob, Kiwoon, Junseung and Slight of other pairs that I am not sure who yet.
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 10 subscribers, 180 views, 2 comments

Yoseob's is Doojoon's bestfriend and Doojoon is Yoseob's best friend. They always be there for each other. They were inseparable until Doojoon became an Idol. The little Yoseob in couraged the boy to pursue his dreams but why hasn't the younger pursue his. This is the story of friendships, Relationships and trust.

A different world

Bygoosecaryoseob updated
CharactersMain: Dooseob, Junseung, Kiwoon and Side: A bit of exo, shinee and mblaq
With36 chapters, 5 votes, 191 subscribers, 3120 views, 57 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Doojoon was  jockey... Yoseob was a nerd.... Kikwang likes Yoseob... Dongwoon likes Kikwang... Junhyung and hyunseung love each other but there are a lot of obstacles to thru ............

Shattered Glass

Bybutterfreak updated
CharactersB2ST, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Hara
With3 chapters, 24 subscribers, 280 views, 4 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

From the moment I met you, I knew how fragile and sensitive you were. I was scared I would put you in harms way, but that somehow didn't stop me from saying yes and agreeing. I have held onto you tightly knowing that you would slip between my

The New Guy

Bylisaathje updated
CharactersJunhyung Hyunseung Kikwang Dongwoon Yoseob Doojoon and others
With12 chapters, 6 votes, 95 subscribers, 4110 views, 45 comments

Beast consists of five members, Doojoon, Dongwoon, Yoseob, Kikwang and Junhyung. But when there managers (Jiyong and Joonkun) introduce Hyunseung, the new member of Beast, everybody is shocked. Especially Junhyung. He doesn’t like the new guy. And it gets even worse when he finds out that Hyunseung is good in everything and wants to make sure that Hyunseung will be kicked out of Beast.   Hi,

The issue with cats

ByTo-kki updated
CharactersDoojoon | Hyunseung | Junhyung | Yoseob | Kikwang | Dongwoon
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Doojoon is forced to take in a peculiar pair of felines under his roof, of course he was aware of the responsibility that would be hovering over his head but he didn't know that it would be this much.

The Yong Family

BySapphireBlueGirl24 updated
CharactersJunhyung and Hyunseung
With2 chapters, 3 votes, 23 subscribers, 480 views, 7 comments

A new member has arrived in the Yong's family~      

Unconditional Support

Bybutterfreak updated
CharactersB2ST, Junhyung, Hyunseung
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 4 subscribers, 140 views, 2 comments

If a person falls and fails–there will always be that one person who is willing to prevent that chaos from happening. That one person would hold the hand and keep the path open. Unless it's the person you love, then that's beyond a different story. (requested fanfiction


ByTo-kki updated
CharactersDoojoon | Hyunseung | Junhyung | Yoseob | Kikwang | Dongwoon
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 26 subscribers, 600 views, 11 comments

Rumour has it that hyunseung has the tendency to sleep on whosever close to him, however there’s a different reason for each time it happens.

Hard to love, How to love

ByLoveKoreaAndAnime updated
CharactersJunhyung, Hyunseung, Gikwang, Yoseop, Dujun, Dongwoon
With3 chapters, 3 votes, 14 subscribers, 580 views, 10 comments

It was a week since he last saw her.A week since they decided to stop seeing

A Coward's Love Life

Byglenncoco updated
CharactersJunhyung, Hyunseung.
With1 chapters, 170 views, 1 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only

             He remembers the way his father broke, he went from the nice, hardworking dad to a drunk dad and ultimately to a dead one. He won't end up like his father- he won't, not if he could help it.

A Sky full of stars ( Drable)

ByEagle_V updated
With1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 1 comments

Just a bunch of drable about Juran that i have free time to write   1. Life afer marriage ( coming soon TONIGHT)   2. Untitle      

Twenty Years

By-mach2 updated
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 8 subscribers, 280 views, 6 comments

When he's eight, Junhyung meets Hyunseung.

I Miss You, Jun

ByForteenagerss updated
CharactersJunhyung | Hyunseung
With2 chapters, 4 votes, 4 comments

“Saya memang tak kenal awak. Sorry.” Kata-kata yang terbit dari mulut Junhyung masih lagi terngiang-ngiang di telinganya. Secawan milo diletakkan di atas meja setelah menghirupnya. Wajahnya yang selamba bertukar menjadi kelat semacam. “Manisnya milo nie..” desis hatinya. “Walaupun aku bancuh sendiri.” Terkekek-kekek dia ketawa.

This Ship of Fools I'm on Will Sink

By-mach2 updated
With3 chapters, 2 votes, 16 subscribers, 340 views, 5 comments

Hyunseung thinks Junhyung has taken him on a romantic vacation.

[ONE-SHOT] Little Pea

Byjesney updated
CharactersYong Junhyung, Jang Hyunseung
With1 chapters, 27 subscribers, 360 views, 3 comments

Hyunseung just didn't want a child and dislikes kids. While Junhyung think the other way around.