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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

Crazy Train

After being sent to St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center and home for the Mentally Ill, Minho's world is turned upside down. Especially when he meets four interesting boys. One is Schizophrenic. One can't stand him. One is mute. And one... has a deep secret.

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CharactersMinho Taemin Key Jonghyun Onew
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Love Test

"Have you been ready to let him free and see him pairing with other people? Are you sure you are professional enough to have an ex in our group? Are you sure you can handle working with your ex without ruining our SHINee’s future? Are you confident that you would be okay to have skin ship or moment with your ex for the fans’ sake?"   After all... It is about the Love Test ****

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CharactersJonghyun Jinki Taemin Minho
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We Are Gonna Slay

In which Jinki is a swordsman, Jonghyun an archer and Minho a healer. A story of a ragtag team in their quest to defeat the evil demon lord.

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CharactersJinki, Jonghyun, Kibum, Minho, Taemin
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Love defect

In a world where there's a 1 in 100 chance of being born with your soul mate's name on your wrist, Kim Jonghyun wonders why it had to be him, and why people always look at him sadly when he tells them he doesn't need to date, he is already in love, all he has to do is find him.

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30-Day Drabble Challenge

30-day drabble based on the keywords below. Most of these drabbles on here are character-centric without pairings. I want to keep them as simple as possbile since I am just beginning write.

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CharactersOnew, Key, Minho, Jonghyun, Taemin
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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Alone. If you were to ask Jonghyun to describe himself with one word, that would be his answer. Alone, but never lonely. After a series of unfortunate events Jonghyun finds himself withdrawing from the world, hiding away from what could have been his life. Things are at home and at school, honestly he doesn't even know what motivates him to get up out of bed every morning. But then something changes. A boy he's noticed but never really talked to sees right through his fac

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CharactersSHINee, and a few randoms
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Can't lie anymore

Jonghyun has loved Onew for so long now, he couldn't stop himself from being around him and soon everything was about to change for the popular band SHINee. The other members had a big surprise waitining for them and Key was the most sensetive of them all, would he handle all this?  English is not my main language so I'm sorry if there's any grammatic fails   By: Natsukawa-chan ^^   Plz enjoy c:

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CharactersAll SHINee members :D
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Mates Myunggyu, Jongyu, HenWook, DongWoo fluff It’s their animalistic instinct, something that they won’t and can’t avoid.   a/n: well randomly thought of this because, I am thinking illogical right now whahahahaha

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CharactersSunggyu, Onew, Henry, Donghyun, Minwoo, Myungsoo, Jonghyun, Ryeowook
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Believe it or not, I understand

Believe it or not, I understand JongGyu (JonghyunxSunggyu), JongYu, OnGyu, MyungGyu Sunggyu was having a hard time, and it wasn’t Woohyun who helped him out.

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CharactersSunggyu, Jonghyun, Onew, Myungsoo
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The Klepto and the Bet

In which Jinki steals, gets caught, gets punished (except not really), meets the fascinatingly screwed up Kim Jonghyun and participates in a bet to get in his pants. 

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CharactersJinki/Onew, Jonghyun
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Late at Night

Jinki wakes up when he feels his boyfriend changing position right by his side.

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Charactersjonghyun, onew
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Heads Will Roll

  A story of a princess who isn't really a princess and who doesn't hesitate to beat the crap out of boys if they mess with her. Aka: The story of Dara and her life with a bunch of annoying people.  

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CharactersDara, 2ne1, Exo, others
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Coping JongYu [girl!Jinki/Eunsook] They waited for so long only to have it taken away from them Angst

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CharactersJonghyun, Onew
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Well.. I got this idea when I watch Dating Agency Cyrano Drama, and the best part is Taemin oppa cut.So I just imagine it what if it was Jongyu.Well,Im trying~~

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CharactersEunsook Jonghyun Taemin Jongyu Ontae TeukiSora
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The Complexities of Coffee

I'm not sponsored by Starbucks. Unfortunately. 

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Counting Blessings

Jonghyun is thankful to have Jinki in his life.

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fake care

  "i care for you, jonghyun"

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Charactersonew, jonghyun, key, thaemin. minho
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Recommendation List

  just a short list of stories i read so far consist of all pairing for 2min, jongkey to jongyu and more. some lj links but i can't remember some stories :(  

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Captives of War

Captives of War Myunggyu, Jongyu, Henwook, QMi When the world knew nothing but violence, 8 souls meet to prove them wrong

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CharactersSunggyu, henry, Onew jonghyun, ryeowook, kyuhyun, zhoumi, myungsoo
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No Need For Secrets With Me...

Jonghyuns life was a mystery, not much was known to him and he didn’t bother finding out. Until fate decided it was time he got a wakeup call and the situation forced him to shift to a new place. Only thing was this place didn’t seem so new but Jonghyun finally felt like he belonged. His friends gave him a reason to

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CharactersJonghyun , Onew , Shinee
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in which Jonghyun is a sleepkisser.

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CharactersJinki and Jonghyun and the rest of Shinee
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Online. Offline.

It was always behind a screen, everything was. He was Jinki behind the screens and Onew on the other side. Reality took a big toll on him. No one was meant to know about both ‘Onew’ and ‘Jinki’. Is Jinki able to keep his complicated secrets from the one he loves most? 

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The Sleepwalker and the Insomniac

Fandom: SHINee Pairing: Jongyu Genre: Fuffy Warning(s): None! A/N: I hope this turns out well, bleh.  

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CharactersJonghyun, Onew
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