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The Institute is inviting you to join a school for special people: Shadowhunter, Faeries & Warlocks Are you ready to join the school and go through action, lust, adventure and even love?

All I Ask

By toruwatanabe Published
Characters Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Sunny Lee, Kim Hyoyeon, Kwon Yuri, Choi Sooyoung, Im Yoona, SeoHyun, SNSD.
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 24 subscribers, 220 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

Jessica Jung leaves SNSD and along with it she leaves her dreams This is the story of Jessica's last night with SNSD and with a certain member she's fond of more than anyone else. 

Day By Day

By sogheiz Published
Characters taeyeon jessica tiffany yoona yuri sooyoung sehun
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 22 subscribers, 140 views, 1 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

       Yesterday, I was the another person.   Today, I am the another person.   Tomorrow, I will be another one.    

High School Romance

By Yun_yul Published
Characters Yoona | Jessica | Girls Generation
With 3 votes, 29 subscribers, 170 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Welcome to High School Romance! In which a transfer student, Im Yoona met with a wide range of students, especially a group of girls known as Soshi who are famous for their dorkiness! Whereas, Yoona who was known for her misfortune has accidentally fallen in love with the most dorky one, Jessica Jung, the leader of Soshi.    

Best Friend

By ariel_jung Published
Characters Jessica Jung, Krsytal Jung, Tiffany Hwang
With 2 chapters, 20 views, 1 comments

kisah persahabatan jessica dan tiffany

In Love With The Hero.

By exo1997 Published
Characters Jung Chanwoo x Song Yunhyeong
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 3 subscribers, 140 views, 1 comments

Chanwoo's pov “I feel like I'm fall in love with a hero, in love with a guy named Song Yunhyeong, is this weird? I don't want to be labeled as a pyscho stalker freak, but he is handsome and cute.” Yunhyeong's pov “That beautiful stranger is so fresh and yet tempting. How i wish to devour him slowly? I shall take my slow steps by approaching


By 7for22 Published
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung Sooyeon
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 130 views

Songfiction - DIVINE (Story Ver.)

I'll Be There

By arairai Published
Characters Sooyoung | Jessica
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 5 subscribers, 250 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

The night was still long, but Jessica just wanted it to end already.

so similar, yet so different

By watasiwanhi Published
Characters tiffany, taeyeon, yuri, jessica and other snsd members
With 7 chapters, 85 subscribers, 630 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

I'm irresistible. How can someone say no to someone as hot and gorgeous as me. She can and I'm angry. i cant believe that she can just brush me of that easily. she doesn't even show a expression in her face other than nothing, just a cold, uninterested facial expression

Pieces to remember

By fankry Published
With 1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 110 views

"I know I love her and I can't deny it."  "Will everything change if I take the first step forward?" "Will she also love me like I love her?" "Even if she didn't, will she always stay by my side?''   This is my second kryber fic and I'm still in learning process on how to write a better story so forgive me if I have any silly mistakes kekekeke. and... I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS WILL ENJOY MY STORY. tee hee :D

More than Just Love

By dbepu311 Published
Characters Kim Taeyeon Jung Jessica Jung Sooyeon and Others
With 3 chapters, 9 subscribers, 80 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

*wave *wave Hi~ I'm Newbi here, English isnt my first language 'and this my first ff, so please be kind ^^ I promise to show you good ff cos I like to write :D This Is About The broken heart Taeyeon, The quiet girl Jung Jessica

¿Mi Madrastra??

By jessjung_dew Published
Characters JessicaJung HwangTiffany OkTaecyeon SNSD otros
With 4 votes, 46 subscribers, 2 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

    Habian pasado años desde que su madre murió, y su padre había estado solo desde entonces. Solo y deprimido. Asi que realmente no le importaba si su padre encontró a alguien con quien quería casarse si eso significaba felicidad para él. Tenía muchos deseos de eso. Y estaba muy agradecida que había encontrado a alguien.       Nueva Historia, nuevo co

the Shinning Star

By daiamondeu91 Published
Characters kwon juri, jessica jung
With 1 chapters, 11 subscribers, 300 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

"If I’m a star, I will be that one. The one beside the big one.”  “Why not pick the big one?” “Because the big star is you. Just like you. Prettyful.”     

Queen of the Cafeteria

By soshi-soul Published
Characters taeyeon jessica snsd
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 23 subscribers, 710 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

There’s a new assignment in the class, debate. Taeyeon and Jessica are paired together but all their classmates think they dislike each other, which is ridiculous   Also, Taeyeon thinks about the first time she met Jessica 

Seems So Real

By awesomedork89 Published
Characters Taeyeon Tiffany Jessica
With 6 chapters, 7 votes, 128 subscribers, 1890 views, 36 comments

Taeyeon is a nerd..a perfect target for bullies.  Tiffany was her biggest crush but she just wayyy out of her league. Taeyeon always there when Tiffany got hurt by her exes. Tiffany never sees Taeyeon more than a friend. Even after Taeyeon confessed her feeling, Tiffany still can't accept her.  "I love you too, Taetae. I love you as a friend"

Fate of Slytherin

By Hyosoon5 Published
Tags jessica kris
With 5 chapters, 10 subscribers, 140 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

To know whether you are a true Slytherin or not, Ministry of Magic requested Hogwarts to make a special ceremony, convinced by many Slytherins themselves, after Sorting Hat made the decision, a month after being put in each of the house, Slythe

데이바이데이(Day by Day)

By Luucxcx Published
Characters Tiffany, Jessica + SNSD
With 1 votes, 56 subscribers, 280 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Tiffany tiene un accidente doméstico, de lo más estúpido; mas eso le hace olvidar tres años y algunas cosas anteriores a ello no son muy claras tampoco. Incluso cree que Girls' Generation sigue siendo compuesto por nueve personas.       *   Amnesia. Que original que soy, por dios. Denme un premio a la originalidad extrema para con eso poder extirparme el cerebro y


By Minion503 Published
Characters Taeyeon | Jessica | SNSD
With 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 260 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

After a horrific accident befell Taeyeon, she had moved to the village where her late grandmother lived. She then enrolled in a local school and decided to stay in a dormitory. On the first day at school, she met Jessica, a transfer student who happened to be her classmate and roommate. Don't know how, Taeyeon found herself trapped in an unfinished business, that haunts her and forced her to s

Sweetest Goodbye

By Minion503 Published
Characters Yoona | Jessica | SNSD
With 1 votes, 51 subscribers, 300 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Yoona came with the sweetest meeting. Jessica leave with the sweetest goodbye. They complement the most wonderful destiny, in which people met and parted away.  


By 9DancingSingers Published
With 1 chapters, 34 subscribers, 200 views
Status Subscribers Only

Tiffany always searched for that one person who always left her hanging. They met, they seprated...but a time will come,

Our ‘Special’ Lover

By KimNo-rae Published
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Im Yoona, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang, and others
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 98 subscribers, 650 views, 13 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"AGE doesn't matter when it comes to LOVE."        

Faded Memories

By Minion503 Published
Characters Sooyoung | Jessica | SNSD
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 73 subscribers, 610 views, 6 comments
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Sooyoung just want her to stay. Nothing more than that. Jessica just wanted to go. But there's more than that. She wants to be with her.  


By defervescence Published
Characters Jessica and Krystal
With 1 chapters, 10 subscribers, 140 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only

The Unforgettable 1st Love

By awesomedork89 Published
Characters taeyeon jessica
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 106 subscribers, 800 views, 12 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

English isnt my first language. Forgive me if i make tons of mistakes..sobs* Based on true story. 


By KaTalk Published
With 6 subscribers, 50 views

An organisation guised in mystery; of ghosts and phantoms, death bringers and assassins.  

Never Always

By LiNafied Published
Characters Jessica, Tiffany
With 1 chapters, 11 votes, 98 subscribers, 650 views, 2 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

The one person who was meant to love you forever gave your life colour.