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Living Lies (A Kindaichi Hajime X Aoyama Sho Crossover)

When Japan IQ 180 Top Detective Kindaichi Hajime meets the runaway S.T. Top Profiler Genius Aoyama Sho on his bicycle tour around Japan, their fates together begins with a lie.

Hello, Rain!

Byfaylieannlee updated
CharactersHyukjae || Donghae
With13 subscribers, 110 views

  Hyukjae loves rain.  


ByTheNarrator updated
CharactersHyukjae, Donghae
With4 chapters, 1 votes, 52 subscribers, 480 views, 16 comments

all sorts of things i either a) don't know how to complete or b) might take out if it turns out i can turn it into something more (pretty sure some can't be qualified as drabbles because of the length but bear with me please?)  

Unraveled Innocence

ByAfterMidnight12 updated
CharactersKyuhyun Eunhyuk
With15 chapters, 31 votes, 254 subscribers, 7750 views, 210 comments
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Summary: Hyukjae has always lived a sheltered life after being born with a heart failure that causes him to be tired most of the time, as he reaches his teen years he continues to wait for a heart transplant. Due to this and other circumstances he has had to be home schooled, but one summer while helping out his

Brothers Against Brothers Dating

ByBlueEscrima updated
CharactersChoi Siwon, Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae, Cho Kyuhyun
With2 chapters, 63 votes, 617 subscribers, 2790 views, 78 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only, Subscribers Only

In which Siwon had a borderline brother complex, and that everyone know something he doesn't. 

Mr. Arrogant

Byhelloiamshawol updated
CharactersLee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae, Super Junior
With2 chapters, 9 votes, 137 subscribers, 950 views, 22 comments
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  Title :  Mr. Arrogant Characters : Donghae, Hyukjae, Super Junior' Members Lenghts : Multi-Chaptered Main Pairing : Eunhae Genres :  AU, Romance, Drama, Fluffy   Di

Last Romeo

Bydhvaniflux updated
CharactersDonghae, Hyukjae, + sidekicks
With4 chapters, 19 votes, 155 subscribers, 1730 views, 47 comments
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He hated it. He wanted to hate him.   Genre: College!au, drama, angst, romanceLength: Chaptered, trying to keep it short like seriously; max 5 chapters jeez who am I kidding it'll probably be closer to 10 than 5...Warnings: Cursing/bad language, homop

Of Dogs, Kennels, Summer and Love

ByTheundercoverkokonut updated
CharactersLee Donghae || Lee Hyukjae || Lee Sungmin || Kim Ryeowook || SM Artists || OCs
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Hyukjae is in desperate need of a volunteering job, just to fill his university application with something next year. And then along comes Sungmin, a devil in disguise, offering him to work with his boyfriend, Ryeowook, at a dog shelter. This is a heck of a summer filled with dogs, paws, mud, friendship and romance. All in a package called Lee Donghae.

Of Human Language and Spotted Fur

ByBlueEscrima updated
CharactersKim Youngwoon, Park Jungsoo, Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae
With2 chapters, 50 votes, 437 subscribers, 2290 views, 55 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only, Subscribers Only

In which leopard babies are much more clingy and dangerous than normal human babies, love may bloom in between humans and no one is happy about this outcome. Well, actually, everyone is happy, it's just that leopard cub Donghae is much more stubborn than anyone ever gave credit for. 

A Song For You.

Byshelly updated
CharactersLee Donghae | Lee Hyukjae|
With12 chapters, 3 votes, 470 views, 8 comments

Hyukjae never thought a little piece of paper can change his life like it did.  Donghae needed to tell him something.   "Listen to these songs Hyukjae. And find me there?"

EUNHAE MOMENTS (My Twitter Drabbles)

ByEunhaemode updated
CharactersLee Hyukhae and Lee Donghae and SJ members
With20 chapters, 21 votes, 139 subscribers, 3840 views, 111 comments
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Hi guys! I dunno if you'll like this but it was fun when they were reading it and RTing on Twiiter... LOL... 

Popular Guys

ByFuryTigresse updated
CharactersCho Kyuhyun, Kim Jongwoon (Yesung), Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk), Ama, Elena, Valerie
With28 chapters, 2 votes, 25 subscribers, 1020 views, 30 comments
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My name is Ama. Well, it's usually longer than that, but most people can't remember it, so it's no use telling you the real thing. Just know that I'm Ama and that I'm going to École secondaire Jean-Nicolet, in Nicolet, in Quebec, in Canada. I have two friends at school, Elena and Valerie. I'm the youngest, and then there's 'Na, and then Val'. We're kind of the rejected trio of the school, but we don't really mind that. At school, there's also that popular trio, Jongwoon, Hyukjae and K

Still. Still Mine.

ByCassieELFInspiShaw updated
CharactersLee Hyukjae Lee Donghae Lee Sungmin
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 14 subscribers, 390 views, 2 comments

I changed the whole plot but not so much because this two are still the same Hyukjae and Donghae of my other story titled "All Over Again". So here it is. Sorry for the long wait!^^      Enjoy~~~ just wrote it in an hour so please spare me if you are not satisfied or what. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedbacks so please do comment below. It is my 3rd completed story. Yay for me!^^

Love After Marry

Byakira_elf updated
CharactersDonghae Hyukjae Kyuhyun Sungmin
With37 chapters, 17 votes, 168 subscribers, 94 comments

Donghae have to married with Eunhyuk the most richer guys in seoul because his father wish before him died...Eunhyuk in another hand, has to fully Donghae father wish because his father and donghae father is best friend. So what will happen after their married and will Eunhyuk fall for Donghae at their first-time meet??

Kid Kyuhyuk

ByAmi_SuJuElf updated
With72 chapters, 32 votes, 128 subscribers, 10950 views, 562 comments

                         Err... Story of kid Kyuhyuk? I don't know. I just want to write and cheer those who was in stress and down feelings. Because I find out that so many people (especially Kyuhyuk's shipper) was feeling down lately. So please, do not expect more from this story. I don't want crush your expectant when I couldn't meet it later. (Kitty eyes, or better, Puss in

Donghae wants 6

ByCassieELFInspiShaw updated
CharactersLee Hyukjae Lee Donghae
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 15 subscribers, 610 views, 5 comments

And Hyukjae says 0.

Directing My Love Story

ByTheundercoverkokonut updated
CharactersDonghae || Hyukjae || SM Artists
With5 chapters, 21 votes, 131 subscribers, 30 comments

Donghae is convinced of two things: one, he hates Lee Hyukjae's guts. And two, he will not all for the charms of the actor ever again. But who is he trying to fool? This revenge plan is a blessing in disguise.   length: chaptered

It Is Always Impossible Until It Is Done

Byjewelofeastsea updated
CharactersLee Donghae || Lee Hyukjae
With18 chapters, 39 votes, 289 comments
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 Author's note: Please read first. 1st Why I only allow this for subscribers only? Well, it is only because some readers didn't sub this fic but they tell me that they liked it and such and they will wait for my updates. So I wonder. And I found out that they just forgot to click the sub. :) So now you can just read it after subscribing. NOTE: you are free to unsub

My Slave Only

Bygeraldine0218 updated
Characterskyuhyun , you , hyukjae
With23 chapters, 7 votes, 127 subscribers, 3930 views, 69 comments
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What will you do if your parents forced you to marry someone whom you even dunno ? Will you accept or reject it ? Your head keeps telling you to reject it but , your heart says the exactly opposite of your head .

Vampire Mansion

ByCutieTeukie updated
CharactersHyukjae Donghae Siwon Leeteuk Kyuhyun Heechul SuperJunior
With10 chapters, 7 votes, 76 subscribers, 1580 views, 14 comments

Hyukjae is a vampire. He lives in a big, old and LONELY mansion. He don't have anyone, except his butler Siwon, as a companion. So, naturally he is bored out of his mind. One day Hyukjae gets an opportunity to find a friend or maybe even a lover (Who knows ?) :>  Will he meet his true love ? Or will he just screw it all like an idiot ?   

Chasing Pavements

Bylibianno updated
CharactersEunhyuk Donghae Super Junior
With1 chapters, 7 votes, 49 subscribers, 460 views, 7 comments

Chasing Pavements... A fruitless search or mission, embarked upon by the lost, the stranded and the desperate. Hope is as shallow as your belief in finding all the answers you need in life. Hope, is as deep as your dire need to find those answers. As you sit on the sidewalk, one starry night, making wishes on the stars, do you believe in those wishes? Or do you simply believe that they will fade with the stars

Two Dead Boys

ByTaiShanNiangNiang updated
CharactersSungmin, Hyukjae, Yesung, Donghae, Kyuhyun
With3 chapters, 3 votes, 32 subscribers, 470 views, 9 comments

Life hasn't been the same for Hyukjae since his best friend Sungmin was killed.  Though he misses him, he's not gone - not really...


ByBlueEscrima updated
CharactersLee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae, Park Jungsoo
With3 chapters, 99 votes, 625 subscribers, 4070 views, 177 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only, Subscribers Only

  Romance of the 21st century, brought to you by social media platforms and technology of photography for two different photographer with different views yet the same goal and wish: Finding each other.