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Exo Finding Their Mates

Exo a pack of Werewolves These boys were born immortal with remarkable powers. They look like human and act like human, however they are able to turn into wolfs,Each one is destined to have mate, will there be any complications on finding their true mate

Finding H

Byjanesey updated
CharactersSunny, Hyomin, Jessica, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Soyeon, Jiyeon, and other SNSD and T-ARA members!
With42 chapters, 14 votes, 243 subscribers, 22050 views, 536 comments

Yes, my first time ever to write fanfic in English :D Well English is not my first language so please bear with my grammar or other mistakes... I really hope I can bring happiness to you readers' life with this fic :D This story had been in my mind for months and after struggling for so long

Love in The Devil's Territory

ByFreiHanah updated
CharactersJiyeon | Myungsoo | Tae Eun | Hyomin | Woohyun
With13 chapters, 34 votes, 229 subscribers, 16530 views, 209 comments

  Love In The D

The Definition of Love

ByJunchan updated
CharactersJiyeon | Myungsoo | Hyomin | WooHyun | JaeJoong | Chorong
With39 chapters, 30 votes, 245 subscribers, 16410 views, 287 comments

Another MyungYeon and WooMin Fanfic! Okay, i ship them so hard though. And please support my other fanfics!


ByJiyunna updated
With60 chapters, 27 votes, 532 subscribers, 14510 views, 242 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

It was a new start for everyone.    After getting their results, they went to their respective high school. Jiyeon was happy that she was in the same school as her unnie, Hyomin

Love Virus~

ByNaomilee_12 updated
CharactersMyungsoo, Jiyeon, Woohyun, Hyomin, Tara, Infinite
With42 chapters, 13 votes, 165 subscribers, 14500 views, 124 comments

Hello readers, this is my second fanfic. Sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes >< Please comment and subscribe~ Starring:

Two Identities

ByJunchan updated
CharactersJiyeon | Myungsoo | WooHyun | Hyomin | Hara | Junhyung
With42 chapters, 8 votes, 184 subscribers, 13780 views, 271 comments

  This is my second fanfic actually. I know i'm not done with my other fanfic, but i just suddenly had this idea so i decided to write a story on it. So please give your support. thankyou (: This story is not going to just focus on Jiyeon. Hyomin will have a fair share in the story too, so which means both characters's life will be write out in detail. ^^ And please support my other fanfics too ! They are all Myungyeon and WooMin story ^

endless friendship

Byangeleunjung12 updated
With74 chapters, 15 votes, 108 subscribers, 11700 views, 314 comments

Your browser does not support iframes. their friendship is so strong, forever t-ara friendship will stay strong.

My Love

Byrasikasdil updated
CharactersKim Hyun Joong Jung SoMin Donghae Park Shin Hye SS501
With46 chapters, 7 votes, 105 subscribers, 11490 views, 133 comments

When I see him my heart bearts rapidly.................. when I hear his voice I ll forget every thing............. Ma prince I love you, I love you, I love you so much.................  


ByJ_T-ara_M updated
CharactersT-ara, SNSD, Girl Generation, jiyeon, hyomin, eunjung, boram, qri, soyeon, yuri, sunny, yoona, jessica, tiffany, soehyun, hyoyeon, taeyeon, sooyoung
With35 chapters, 21 votes, 146 subscribers, 11400 views, 326 comments

Your browser does not support iframes. T-ARA

What is my past ?

BySHIMDAZ updated
CharactersEunjung Jiyeon Hyomin
With14 chapters, 5 votes, 131 subscribers, 9950 views, 57 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

  What will you do? Knowing that the one you love, doesn't even remember you, even a little bit.  

To Be Arranged

Byeh-geemaknae updated
With24 chapters, 2 votes, 135 subscribers, 9660 views, 84 comments

"The more you hate the person,the more you love them"-Unknown What happens when the person you hate the most is the perosn you're spending your life with? P.S My first fanfic please tell me what i can improve on or what you like ^^ Thank you to Puddie for the poster


ByCrazedFanGirl updated
CharactersPark Jiyeon | Kim Myungsoo |
With35 chapters, 1 votes, 151 subscribers, 9610 views, 223 comments

    My Cold & Mean Boss, Kim Myungsoo  By CrazedFanGirl @Asianfanfics


ByZaiden143 updated
CharactersSunny, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Eunjung, Jessica, Yuri, Yoona, and Tiffany
With26 chapters, 17 votes, 146 comments

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me Papa-Paparazzi. Baby there's no other superstar you know that I'll be your Papa-Paparazzi. Promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that girl is mine.

The Truth

Bybaekyeol-s updated
CharactersPark Jiyeon, Kim Myungsoo, Park Hyomin, Nam Woohyun, Park Sooyeon, Kim Sunggyu, Ryu Hwayoung, Lee Sungyeol
With13 chapters, 9 votes, 120 subscribers, 9300 views, 137 comments

  TheTruth   Living as an idol is not as easy as you think. With all

Ugly Swan , Clumsy Queen

Bytrigger updated
CharactersOC, Shim Changmin, Park Jiyeon, Lee Joon , f(x)
With48 chapters, 47 subscribers, 8560 views, 96 comments

She's a nerd . She don't know how to fashion but she fall in love with a hot guy in her school . The hot guy loves to break girl's heart . What will happen when a nerd with an old-fashion style turn into a beautiful swan ?

The Wrath of Idol Life [Season 2]

ByInspirit-Queen updated
CharactersPark Jiyeon, Kim Myungsoo, Hoya, Sungjong, Eunjung, Hyomin, Do Yeon
With20 chapters, 18 votes, 129 subscribers, 8290 views, 183 comments

\ Season 2 of Wrath of the Idol Life. A total different story. Yet, we're infinite. Park Jiyeon

Marrying High School students

ByLurver updated
With14 chapters, 29 votes, 259 subscribers, 8240 views, 152 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only


My Unni's Boyfriend

Byb2stheewon updated
CharactersPark Haewon (fictional) you, kim myungsoo (L), Park Hyomin, Kris Wu (exo)
With48 chapters, 4 votes, 8200 views, 79 comments

    Haewon's(you)  unni Park Hyomin (from T-Ara) is one of the most popular girls at her school. She's beautiful, charismatic, outgoing, and everything that a girl wants. Haewon has as crush on Kim Myungsoo, the school's new hot guy, but later finds out her sister loves him also.  Because she loves Hyomin, she keeps her secret to herself. But one question is, Is she going to give up a

Roses are Red

BySkyeLin updated
CharactersYonghwa, Shinhye, Minhyuk, T-ARA, others
With21 chapters, 10 votes, 169 subscribers, 8020 views, 113 comments

  Jung Yonghwa was a boy marked wealthy at birth but lost everything before he even grew to know it. Abandoned soon after birth, he lives an empty life unknown to love until conflict spanning over three generations comes back to taunt him.

Crazy Lovers [HIATUS]

ByShikshinYoungie updated
With14 chapters, 4 votes, 126 subscribers, 7800 views, 65 comments

This was a story about crazy romantic rich lovers. How will they be destined to each other? Will they be forever and ever? does happy ever after did exist? (LOL) enough with those funny lines hahaha, but just look forward to it! Happy reading guys~! ^.^

Marrying Nam Woohyun

ByHeenimhyun updated
CharactersWoohyun you Hyomin Infinite Woomin
With40 chapters, 4 votes, 86 subscribers, 7110 views, 18 comments

every second of my life that I spend with you is priceless.. But not until she came into our life..

You & Me.

ByMinyeon0607 updated
CharactersHyomin | Jiyeon | Sunny | Eunjung | T-ara | Taeyeon | Yoona
With27 chapters, 21 votes, 182 subscribers, 7080 views, 93 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Main Character Park Jiyeon                Park Hyomin        Ham Eunjung              Sunny

Man In My Dreams

ByDerpT_araQueen updated
CharactersJiyeon Myungsoo Hyomin JB
With32 chapters, 9 votes, 101 subscribers, 6990 views, 108 comments

I never knew.. that it was YOU all along.  But why? Why must this happen now?