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Being followed by a car, having a fake engagement, and instigating a war with Min Yoongi was a lot funnier than it should be.

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By J_T-ara_M Updated
Tags  eunjung   hyomin   jessica   jiyeon   sunny   yoona   girlxgirl 
Characters T-ara, SNSD, Girl Generation, jiyeon, hyomin, eunjung, boram, qri, soyeon, yuri, sunny, yoona, jessica, tiffany, soehyun, hyoyeon, taeyeon, sooyoung
With 68 chapters, 36 votes, 391 subscribers, 27670 views, 616 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

credit : https://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/259489 https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/578240/we-got-fired-graphic-shop-closed-graphics-poster-request-you-hiring-postershop-graphicshop

Finding H

By janesey Updated
Tags  hyomin   snsd   soosica   sunny   taeny   sunbyung   elitefamily 
Characters Sunny, Hyomin, Jessica, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Soyeon, Jiyeon, and other SNSD and T-ARA members!
With 42 chapters, 18 votes, 258 subscribers, 23710 views, 538 comments
Status Completed

Yes, my first time ever to write fanfic in English :D Well English is not my first language so please bear with my grammar or other mistakes... I really hope I can bring happiness to you readers' life with this fic :D This story had been in my mind for months and after struggling for so long

For Convenience

By TheBipolarLurker Updated
Tags  eunjung   hyomin   jiyeon   tara   eunyeon   eunminyeon 
Characters Ham Eunjung, Park Jiyeon, Park Hyomin
With 41 chapters, 83 votes, 529 subscribers, 20570 views, 576 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

          Ham Eunjung and Park Jiyeon are two best friends struggling to find love within their success in business. After being pressured and realizing their lack of the romance aspect in their lives, they find themselves in the small pool of singles among the people they know.

music in me

By angeleunjung12 Updated
Tags  boram   eunjung   hyomin   jiyeon   qri   soyeon   areum 
Characters eunjung jiyeon hyomin q-ri boram soyeon areum
With 134 chapters, 29 votes, 141 subscribers, 19290 views, 663 comments


By Jiyunna Updated
Tags  drama   hyomin   jiyeon   myungsoo   romance   woohyun   myungyeon 
With 60 chapters, 29 votes, 734 subscribers, 18370 views, 245 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

The Definition of Love

By Junchan Updated
Tags  hyomin   jaejoong   jiyeon   myungsoo   woohyun   myungyeon   chorong 
Characters Jiyeon | Myungsoo | Hyomin | WooHyun | JaeJoong | Chorong
With 39 chapters, 32 votes, 256 subscribers, 18120 views, 293 comments

Another MyungYeon and WooMin Fanfic! Okay, i ship them so hard though. And please support my other fanfics!


By MinYeon0607 Updated
Tags  genderbender   hyomin   jiyeon   minyeon   xiaomin 
Characters Jiyeon | Hyomin
With 42 chapters, 34 votes, 337 subscribers, 17810 views, 449 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  Park Jiyeon, a young girl are more interested to girl and girl relationship before she met a guy, Park Hyomin and she started to change her mindset. It happen when her mom knew about her relationship with her girlfriend and of course, her mom never allowed or permit her to be in that kind of relationship. Park Hyomin, a son of JIyeon mom's close friend.. What will happen when both of the mom planned

Love Virus~

By Naomilee_12 Updated
Tags  arrangedmarriage   hyomin   infinite   romance   tara   woohyun   myungyeon 
Characters Myungsoo, Jiyeon, Woohyun, Hyomin, Tara, Infinite
With 42 chapters, 15 votes, 191 subscribers, 16980 views, 124 comments
Status Completed

Hello readers, this is my second fanfic. Sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes >< Please comment and subscribe~ Starring:

Love in The Devil's Territory

By FreiHanah Updated
Tags  hyomin   jiyeon   myungsoo   woohyun   myungyeon   taeeun 
Characters Jiyeon | Myungsoo | Tae Eun | Hyomin | Woohyun
With 13 chapters, 35 votes, 223 subscribers, 16860 views, 211 comments

  Love In The D

My Strange Love Story

By Choiki Updated
Tags  eunjung   hyomin   jiyeon   jijung   hamkyul   eunyeon 
Characters jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Qri, T-ara
With 35 chapters, 47 votes, 515 subscribers, 15960 views, 350 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Eunjung grew up with her grandfather, she's mean to everyone except for her harabeoji and her childhood friend Qri. The thing she loves about her grandpa, ofcourse. beside the fact that he took care of her. is that he's cool about Eunjung's interest with girls. To the point that he held up a wedding for Eunjung. But the worst part is, she got engaged with the girl that her grandfather likes for her, but she hates the most, Park Jiyeon. And what will happen to the girl she really love, Lee Qri

Two Identities

By Junchan Updated
Tags  hara   hyomin   jiyeon   junhyung   myungsoo   woohyun   myungyeon 
Characters Jiyeon | Myungsoo | WooHyun | Hyomin | Hara | Junhyung
With 42 chapters, 9 votes, 200 subscribers, 15600 views, 278 comments
Status Completed

  This is my second fanfic actually. I know i'm not done with my other fanfic, but i just suddenly had this idea so i decided to write a story on it. So please give your support. thankyou (: This story is not going to just focus on Jiyeon. Hyomin will have a fair share in the story too, so which means both characters's life will be write out in detail. ^^ And please support my other fanfics too ! They are all Myungyeon and WooMin story ^

My Love

By rasikasdil Updated
Tags  donghae   hyomin   jungsomin   kimhyunjoong   parkshinhye   ss501   romaance 
Characters Kim Hyun Joong Jung SoMin Donghae Park Shin Hye SS501
With 46 chapters, 8 votes, 118 subscribers, 14800 views, 134 comments
Status Completed

When I see him my heart bearts rapidly.................. when I hear his voice I ll forget every thing............. Ma prince I love you, I love you, I love you so much.................  

Just Different

By littlemissy9 Updated
Tags  friendship   hyomin   jiyeon   myungsoo   mino   hanbin 
Characters Park Jiyeon, Kim Hanbin, Kim Myungsoo, Park SunYoung (Hyomin), Song Mino & others.
With 34 chapters, 24 votes, 14210 views, 185 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

"If I were her, I'd just tell my rich parents to find me a teacher for home. I wouldn't dare show my face at university." A girl laughed. "If I were her, I'd just do nothing. To have so much money and waste it here? Pft, with that money I can live off for years." Another said. "I feel like she's coming just to boast about how rich she is. And how great gene's her parents have." Third one added. "Well, she may have good genes, but wh

endless friendship

By angeleunjung12 Updated
Tags  boram   eunjung   friendship   hyomin   jiyeon   soyeon   tara 
Characters t-ara
With 74 chapters, 19 votes, 126 subscribers, 13840 views, 315 comments
Status Completed

Your browser does not support iframes. their friendship is so strong, forever t-ara friendship will stay strong.

What Should I Do ?

By J_T-ara_M Updated
Tags  eunjung   hyomin   jiyeon   tara   sunbyung   eunyeon   minkyul 
Characters Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, T-ara
With 24 chapters, 20 votes, 527 subscribers, 13340 views, 192 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Your browser does not support iframes.   Jiyeon  "what should i do

My Melody

By Firebreak Updated
Tags  eunjung   hyomin   jiyeon   eunyeon 
With 112 chapters, 30 votes, 238 subscribers, 12730 views, 355 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

My second Eunyeon Fic

You & Me.

By MinYeon0607 Updated
Tags  eunjung   hyomin   jiyeon   sunny   minyeon 
Characters Hyomin | Jiyeon | Sunny | Eunjung | T-ara | Taeyeon | Yoona
With 27 chapters, 23 votes, 358 subscribers, 11980 views, 93 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Main Character Park Jiyeon                Park Hyomin        Ham Eunjung              Sunny


By carlos555 Updated
Tags  eunjung   hyomin   jiyeon   soyeon   tara   spanish   espanol 
Characters Hyomin Eunjung Jiyeon Soyeon
With 28 chapters, 11 votes, 86 subscribers, 11820 views, 83 comments
Status Completed

Hyomin mantenia una mentira que no dudaria demacido en salir a la luz, Mentira que le costara el amor de Eunjung...  ...pero Hyomin sera capas de dejarla ir...         JIYEON    

Family Affair

By mysterieuxbelle Updated
Tags  bigbang   hyomin   kwonjiyong   you   occharacter 
With 38 chapters, 25 votes, 295 subscribers, 11810 views, 263 comments
Status [M], Completed