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Living A Double Life

"I never thought I would be able to live a normal life until he came along. He was the one who saved me and I would do anything for him, even if it means to die."


Byexoticcookie94 updated
CharactersLuhan Sehun Jongin
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When Sehun breaks up with Luhan, he starts dating Jongin and Luhan gets jealous. Luhan will have to show Sehun that he can't be replaced that easily. Will Luhan be able to win Sehun's heart back?


ByIAmTheCarla updated
With4 chapters, 3 votes, 40 subscribers, 370 views, 8 comments

                                               Luhan never believed in vampires.                                                                  That is, until he found himself unwillingly betrothed

You And Me, Ad Infinitum

Bytrashyeoja updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, EXO
With3 chapters, 5 votes, 43 subscribers, 610 views, 4 comments

"I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul." 

The One Who Stole My Heart

BySeoul_01 updated
CharactersSehun Luhan Kai Kyungsoo Kris Xiumin Taeyeon Tiffany Sunny
With6 chapters, 3 votes, 39 subscribers, 740 views, 11 comments

In which Oh Sehun, a somewhat cold and introverted person, begins college, only to have his heart captured by his warm and innocent roommate: Luhan. 

After Dawn

Byfefedove updated
CharactersSehun | Luhan | Baekhyun | Chanyeol | Jongin | Kyungsoo
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 140 views, 2 comments

Sehun runs into his childhood friend that he has tried so hard to forget.

The Great Story

BysweetUKISSfan updated
CharactersEXO and other Kpop stars
With32 chapters, 113 votes, 770 subscribers, 20400 views, 413 comments

Zhang Yixing is a one-hit author. After a very successful writing debut and an almost movie proposal, he hasn't been able to write anything anymore. He has travelled the world in search of what he calls the Great Story. In order to support himself, he is forced to work as a personal assistant for Kris Wu, CEO of Starling Entertainment. Yixing soon learns that the Great Story might be closer than he imagines.    

Off to Prom we go

Bytofubunny updated
CharactersKai and Kyungsoo
With3 chapters, 4 votes, 69 subscribers, 820 views, 10 comments

Kai is the one of the most popular guys in school. Part of both the basketball and baseball team, it's not a surprise any girl would kill to be his. So, of course anyone would say yes if he asked them to prom. Except the boy his friends had picked out. No, that boy was a challenge. And he can't say no to a challenge. Do Kyungsoo is a simple boy. He did what he was told, got good grades and kept his two fr

My Only Reason to Dance

ByOnewonew77 updated
CharactersKai, D.O, Luhan, Sehun
With15 chapters, 6 votes, 139 subscribers, 3390 views, 26 comments

Kyungsoo wasn't much of a dancer.. But his best friend, Luhan really wanted to be. So, of course if Luhan was going to start dance classes, he was going to drag Kyungsoo as well. There weren't many people that were in that class. Just a few people... Including Kyungsoo's crush Jongin. And Luhan's ex-boyfriend Sehun.

A Blogger's Wish

ByKimKaerol updated
CharactersJongin Kyungsoo Baekhyun Sehun Luhan
With2 chapters, 6 subscribers, 110 views

Jongin decides to write a blog in search of his beauty.

Be Loved (IWTMYFB)

ByVampyreunnie updated
Characterssehun, luhan, kai
With33 chapters, 457 votes, 2914 subscribers, 126470 views, 2051 comments

    They never meant to fall in love...     S

Cure My Insecurities

Byalexa0509 updated
CharactersLuhan, Sehun
With1 chapters, 7 votes, 102 subscribers, 590 views, 11 comments

Pairing: HunHan   Prompt: Sehun was the popular kid whether Luhan was just an outsider who everyone refused to even look at. (HighSchool!AU)   Warnings: mention of self-abuse (cutting)   Genre: Fluff, slight!Angst  

Best Kept Secret

Bybinderwritings updated
CharactersEXO, Lay, Kai, etc
With26 chapters, 49 votes, 230 subscribers, 186 comments

There's this group of five teens. They have no parents, no family, just each other and a house. They're outcasts, misfits, and no one's supposed to talk to them. No one's supposed to like them. Zhang Yixing’s not supposed to interact with them, he’s

Affection for the Pure

Bylittleshiningstar updated
With33 chapters, 155 votes, 1662 subscribers, 415 comments
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Fate is determined when a star crosses the night's sky, and the freshly born cubs are named. They are handed a necklace to match their spirit. Only if they find the person whose necklace is identical to theirs can they find happiness. However, at certain times, life isn't that simple. Some people have to fight for their happiness, alpha and omega alike. They have to suffer before finally, their soul can rest: and they can live in peace.

Shadow Days

ByCarrine_ updated
Characterslay suho kai kyungsoo luhan sehun (and the rest of exo)
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 16 subscribers

Lay, luhan and kyungsoo met as a child on psychiatrist session. The three of them are being put under the same division care and soon grow attached to each other. With their very own mental illness, they try to support and build each other's up to face society. That is until they meet the three boys who's gonna change it all.

Mecha Lulu!

Byrafflesia updated
With4 chapters, 9 subscribers, 180 views
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  Luhan is his name.       Luhan the innocent baby faced teen and the most beautiful person your eyes would ever lie on.   Except he isn’t a person.   Nope. Nu-uh. Nada..                     

You're not alone

ByLenulani updated
CharactersLu Han|Oh Sehun|Byun Baekhyun|Park Chanyeol|Kris (Wu Yi Fan)|Tao|Kai (Jongin)| Kyungsoo|Lay|Suho|Xiumin|Chen
With11 chapters, 1 votes, 55 subscribers, 830 views, 17 comments

He thought he's alone. He thought he's the only one with abilities.   That's what they all thought until they met.

At Worlds End

ByEmptyHouse updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, Exo,
With7 chapters, 3 votes, 40 subscribers, 460 views, 3 comments
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Luhan was sick and tired, living in this harsh reality with a frail body fragile like branches in winter and heart cold like the snow. Reaching out grasping at the air, alone in the dark.  Until a hand breaks through the glass wall ... Sehun...

How Much?

Byintoyourworld updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, EXO
With4 chapters, 10 votes, 149 subscribers, 1010 views, 26 comments
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Luhan is an online seller on Instagram who models the clothes he sells and Sehun is his smitten customer.

You’re So Cute, You Could Be a Feature on a Cycle Chic Blog.

ByGamekyuZZCS updated
CharactersLu Han and Sehun
With2 subscribers, 20 views

Tour de Korea begins this spring. Lu Han may never achive his dream.  Sehun had happened.

The Heart I Once Had

ByItdoesnthurtme updated
With8 chapters, 80 votes, 969 subscribers, 11590 views, 264 comments
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Jongin is drawn to mysterious stranger, Oh Sehun but before he gets anywhere, another beautiful stranger by the name of Luhan enters his life. As Jongin struggles with his feelings for the two boys, he finds out there is a lot more going on than he initially thought and choosing between the two might be the least of his problems.

You Aren't Mine

Bylavinya updated
CharactersJongin Kyungsoo Luhan Sehun
With4 chapters, 9 votes, 96 subscribers, 19 comments

“How have you been?”      That was the first thing you asked to me after such a long time. You looked so handsome in your black tuxedo. Your face showed no expression but your eyes looked directly to my soul. You looked more mature now, not like the innocent boy who I fell in love with. There weren’t any mischievous glint in your eyes like used to be, they are now have loneliness –or

Loved You (Before I Knew You)

Byintoyourworld updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, EXO
With5 chapters, 7 votes, 133 subscribers, 950 views, 23 comments
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Luhan has been in love with someone since he was a little boy. The catch is Luhan doesn't exactly know who the guy is, only having an outdated photograph of him. According to his best friend Sehun, it could be anyone. It could be someone he isn't expecting at all. Luhan's world comes crashing down when he finds out just who the person in the photograph is.