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7 Steps to Moving On

Don't be mistaken. Things in this world aren't always what they seem.

Hogwarts is Our Home

By angangelll updated
Characters EXO, some other Harry Potter characters, and EXO families.
With 35 chapters, 6 votes, 53 comments

What if, You aren’t what you think you are?     What if, You are ‘different’?               A story-line inspired by a novel by J.K. Rowling.

Chasing Memory

By Banana654321 updated
Characters Sehun; Xiumin; Luhan
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

“I love you.” He whispered, surrounded by everything that was once Luhan’s. Surrounded by the warmth and love that was once Luhan, he shed tears for the warmth that he felt. Finally, a chapter that took so long to finish is finally closing in on Minseok. All those years of waiting and hurting have now come to an end. 

My Butler

By hunhan4lief updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan and some other charaters
With 1 subscribers, 10 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

A twisted romance of a tycoon heir, and his Butler.    

The New Kid

By Illenjoyluhansmayo updated
Characters Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, additional exo members
With 22 chapters, 1 votes, 66 subscribers, 1130 views, 18 comments
Status Subscribers Only

School just got interesting. For once. Kyungsoo's moving schools, and he meets a new distraction in the form of a very handsome young man. Can Kyungsoo trust him with his past?

The Pizza Incident

By bstandsforbatman updated
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 27 subscribers, 230 views, 5 comments
Status Subscribers Only

It all started when Jongin decided he was hungry. Jongin is hungry, Luhan is cute, Sehun is in love, Chanyeol is hyper, Baekhyun is sassy, Minseok is angry, Yixing is confused, Kris is moody, Tao is annoying, Kyungsoo is scared, Jongdae always wins and Junmyeon... Well, Junmyeon is surviving.


By IBGDRGGNN updated
Characters LUHAN • WU YIFAN • SEHUN • GD • KAI
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 34 subscribers, 480 views, 15 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  TAKDIR   Luhan tidak lagi percaya adanya takdir   Baginya itu hanya bualan   Hanya mimpi kosong yang ditanamkan di hati dan pikiran manusia   Takdir?  

When Supernatural Powers Go Wrong

By BaekYeol_FTW updated
Characters EXO members
With 18 chapters, 59 votes, 904 subscribers, 14520 views, 176 comments
Status Subscribers Only


11:11 pm

By luexohun updated
Characters luhan sehun hunhan exo
With 24 chapters, 16 votes, 148 subscribers, 3660 views, 170 comments

a conversation between a fan and an idol.  for Luhan, he's just another sasaeng fan.  but, for Oh Sehun he means the world.   ***

Dark Horse

By Vipvip123 updated
Characters exo baekhyun chanyeol sehun luhan kris suho kai d.o
With 5 chapters, 41 subscribers, 3710 views, 21 comments

  Believe that time is always forever  and I'll always be

Memento Mori

By jindeul updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan, Jongin
With 1 chapters, 9 votes, 68 subscribers, 350 views, 5 comments

Memento MoriLatin: "Remember that you have to die." Jongin is Death and Luhan is Life personified. Both fall


By exoischocolate updated
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 880 views, 3 comments

Concubine (kong-kyuh-bahyun) noun    1. A woman who lives with a man but has lower status than his wife or wives.    2. A mistress

Just Sweet

By northofthehouse updated
Characters EXO, Lu Han, Oh Sehun, Zhang Yixing, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Wu Yifan, Huang Zitao
With 11 chapters, 9 votes, 107 subscribers, 2840 views, 29 comments
Status Completed

Sehun is addicted to bubble tea and Yixing knows a shop that sells some. Luhan happens to work at Just Sweet, Kyungsoo is his coworker, and Jongin is Sehun's best friend who's just along for the ride. Main!Hunhan, Side!Kaisoo, Taoris

All Because a Cup of Coffee

By MarzelenAlyse updated
Characters Luhan, Sehun
With 22 chapters, 5 votes, 53 subscribers, 2100 views, 18 comments

How long does it take for someone to fall in love? A day, a week, maybe even a few months? For some people, it could be as long as a year... but for Sehun, all it took was a single cup of coffee...   A delicate Lolita, escaping the troubles of his home and his country. A successful high school artist who has shut the world out since the death of his parents.

buttercream ain't got nothing on you

By crimsongravedigger updated
Characters luhan | sehun | kyungsoo | jongin | jongdae | baekhyun
With 3 chapters, 10 votes, 150 subscribers, 1080 views, 14 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Luhan creates beautiful things with his hands. So does Sehun. When they work together, true magic happens. Where there are tears, thorns and icing sugar, there's bound to be love too.

♔ Busted: SAT/ACT Vocabulary Novel 〈 currently updating! 〉

By silent_assassins updated
Characters Luhan, Lay, Kai, and Sehun (EXO) + EXO Cameo Appearances
With 13 chapters, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

stress come on (pixie come in)

By crimsongravedigger updated
Characters luhan | sehun | others
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 50 subscribers, 230 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

In which Sehun is an overly stressed layout editor who desperately needs a babysitter and Luhan is an overly poor university student who desperately needs a job.

Counting to Infinity

By northofthehouse updated
Characters EXO, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Junmyeon (Suho), Zhang Yixing (Lay), Kim Jongin (Kai), Kim Minseok (Xiumin), Do Kyungsoo (D.O.), Oh Sehun, Lu Han, Huang ZiTao (Tao)
With 23 chapters, 10 votes, 63 subscribers, 3150 views, 53 comments
Status Completed

23: Kai's parents split when he was eight, so he gets a tattoo every year as proof to himself that he and Soo can make it. Pairing!Kaisoo, Tattoo!AU, Domestic!AU A collection of EXO pairing drabbles and one shots. Prompt submissions WELCOME and APPRECIATED!

Forbidden Dance

By Gracey88 updated
Characters EXO members and other artists
With 6 chapters, 15 votes, 307 subscribers, 13180 views, 43 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Do Kyungsoo had no problem with staring at his boss, Kim Jongin, from a far. After all, what chance did he have with the CEO? But, when he falls into bed with the man during a company party, he never expected Jongin to pursue him relentlessly. 

Me and My Crown Prince!

By agunesu updated
Characters Kris, Tao, Luhan, Li Na, Sehun, other EXO members
With 5 chapters, 13 votes, 101 subscribers, 2600 views, 33 comments

Once upon a time in the great Kingdom of Chineden, two young men were living two completely different lives... 

To View Paradise, Simply Look

By northofthehouse updated
Characters EXO, Oh Sehun, Lu Han
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 120 views, 3 comments

Luhan likes seeing the world the way Sehun does, but mostly just because he wouldn't be able to see it any other way. Pairing!HunHan


By drizzleselu updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 87 subscribers, 1350 views, 14 comments

Sehun and Luhan have a deal. Luhan will have to act as Sehun's boyfriend, and in return, Luhan will get paid. 

They're Zombies, We're Survivors (Exo fanfic)

By mandalee updated
With 23 chapters, 193 votes, 433 subscribers, 365 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Zombies were always found in books and movies, and now they were always found; on the roads, shopping malls, houses, parking lots... just everywhere. People whose life have never crossed paths found themselves travelli