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Living A Double Life

"I never thought I would be able to live a normal life until he came along. He was the one who saved me and I would do anything for him, even if it means to die."

The Sense of Touch

ByVanityFlair updated
CharactersKim Himchan, OC, Bang Yongguk, Bang Yongnam, Jang Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup, Choi Junhong
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 120 views, 2 comments

Song Jin-hee had a secret; it was big enough that it turned her into a hermit. Kim Himchan had one too, and it might be the only thing to bring Jin-hee out of her shell.

The Speakeasy

ByJulietsPet updated
CharactersBang Yongguk, Kim Himchan, Original Characters
With19 chapters, 13 votes, 87 comments

  Yongguk knew of New York's reputation. It was the city that never slept. It was filled with mystery, booze, music and women. The year was 1926 and the old ways of the world were changing, along with its morals. Being

Girl with the Americano

Byskywinter updated
CharactersChoi Yura (OC) | Kim Himchan | BAP
With5 chapters, 2 votes, 17 subscribers, 360 views, 4 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

  Money is not everything, but love is everything that destroys one person's life; that's her, Choi Yura's philosophy. No matter how old she gets, she had no intention to fall in love with some stranger. She just wanted to live her life with no trouble. Working, earning money and settling down in one pretty apartment in that bustling city, was her life

From Bullied To Love ~ B.A.P

ByAngelicaDemona updated
CharactersBang Yongguk, Jung Daehyun, Kim Himchan, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup, Zelo/Choi Junhong
With5 chapters, 5 subscribers, 170 views, 2 comments

Hello! This is a new story of mine, with the band B.A.P. I have lots of ideas for this one, so I hope you will be anticipating it and that you will leaves some comments, so that I can improve myself and become a better writer. The main character is called Jennifer, she has pink long hair that reaches over her bum and bright red eyes. She has a small figure, has a height

I Miss You

Bypretty_rania1 updated
Charactershimchan you bap
With1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Another Himchan oneshot because I just had to write another one *.* Okay I got inspired by Girl's Day I miss you and T-ara's I don't want you . Two great songs with sad tunes. So this oneshot is kinda between the two songs and I might have used the lyrics of both, but only because I liked the songs and the lyrics. Copyright belongs to the owners of the songs.

You Don't Know A Thing About My Sins

ByDancingWithDragons updated
Charactersbang yongguk, moon jongup, kim himchan, jung daehyun, yoo youngjae, choi junhong | zelo
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 110 views, 1 comments

It was dark and cold and gloomy. On that particular day, Zelo began to notice that Jongup is not Jongup anymore.

Our Diva Daddy

ByLoizHong_96 updated
CharactersB.A.P[Himchan,Zelo,Jongup,Youngjae,Yongguk and Daehyun],2NE1[CL],EXO[DO],AKMU[Soohyun] and Others
With2 chapters, 150 views, 4 comments
StatusMembers Only

Bapa yang baik adalah bapa yang mencurahkan sepenuh kasih sayang kepada anaknya. Sanggup berkorban apa saja demi anak-anak tercinta. Sentiasa menyokong anak-anak dikala mereka dalam kesusahan. Memberi dorongan dan  semangat kepada mereka dikala mereka terasa mundur. Sentiasa tersenyum dan ikhlas melayan mereka dan menjadi suri teladan kepada anak-anak.     WHAT THE PISH!!! Mampu ke KIM.HIM.CHAN jadi bapa yang


Bytoublerones updated
CharactersBang Yongguk, Kim Himchan and the rest of BAP
With2 chapters, 4 votes, 750 views, 8 comments

onsra (v.) // (boro) "to love for the last time" May 2013, B.A.P. gets involved in a car accident.

B.A.P on Messenger

Bywhitewall_facing updated
CharactersB.A.P (Yes sir!)
With12 chapters, 4 votes, 26 comments

It's a 'B.A.P chatroom fic' where they talk nonsense and I get to kill some boredom rather than study.

Christmas Emergency

ByEPIONE updated
CharactersOC & Himchan | BAP + SECRET
With1 chapters, 6 subscribers, 100 views, 4 comments

Just to shut Daehyun up, you decide to kidnap Himchan for the weekend. You have no idea who Himchan is.     See, your name is Bomi and you kind of need a boyfriend for Christmas. Of course, you did the reasonable thing: kidnap a good-looking stranger from a diner. In your defence, you admit it was not a very well thought out plan.  

When I married Luhan.

Byminhyukswife updated
CharactersYou, OC, Luhan, EXO K, EXO M, Cameos
With13 chapters, 15 votes, 9530 views, 105 comments

"You're my wife now, Lee Ha Kyung. Where I go, you follow. Understand?" He told me with a childish grin on his face. "Whatever. " I rolled my eyes in frustration.  "What did you just say?" He stared at me with those eyes, those laser-like


Byhoneybean updated
Tagshimchan bap
CharactersHimchan, OC (Clair)
With1 subscribers, 30 views

Clair fears commitment. Himchan is emotionaly dependent. Clearly someone has a morbrid sense of humor when they made them Transferance parteners. Since none of this seems like it's going to work out, at all.  

A new Journey

Byjj-wholovestowrite updated
With4 chapters, 2 votes, 10 subscribers, 210 views, 2 comments

This might be the most dangerous mission Commander Tats had ever led and moreover with a team that had to work together for the first time. If they would have a glorious return or fail miserably was determined by trust and reliance that had yet to be build. Will they be quick enough to grow with the challenge or will their journey be a dismal failure?

The Minni Drabbles

Byimmskx updated
CharactersBang Yong Guk, Kim Himchan, Jung Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup, Zelo
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 110 views, 1 comments

Just a place for me to drop some ideas off. I think of so many scenarios on a daily basis, but most of them don't fit in any of my on-going stories

Hawks And Chicks

ByAsianKitten updated
CharactersBAP: Yongguk, Youngjae, Himchan, Daehyun, Jongup, Zelo
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments

The hawk wants to eat a chick and the mother hen trieds to protect his baby.

1 Year

ByBAP_ZD updated
With6 chapters, 3 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments

You had been waiting for this trip for ever; the trip to Korea to study abored. Not being able to believe you got permission to go , and not alone with your best friend. How you (Sin Kim ) and your best friend (Samantha cho) can't wait for the trip that awaits you, and the adventure you shall have!

HS Life With Ma Boyz

ByLadyRyumi updated
CharactersZelo, you(Aemi), Himchan, BAP(minorish)
With2 subscribers, 50 views

Going to the same school as my brother was more exciting than I thought it would be...   Characters: You(Kim Aemi) Himchan's younger sister Playful Shy Sweet Born to perform Close to BAP   Zelo, Himchan, and the rest of BAP (minorish characters)

E.T Love (Extraterrestrial Love)

ByKahylaEnid02 updated
CharactersB.A.P members, EXO K's members and OC's
With28 chapters, 2 votes, 19 comments

----------E.T Love  

Late at night

Byjj-wholovestowrite updated
With13 chapters, 8 votes, 52 subscribers, 1710 views, 25 comments

Drabble-collection Just simple short stories I wrote. Each is about 1000 words long and is always inspired by two words. It’s nothing special and the stories are not connected to each other. The only thing the stories have in common is that I get the ideas really late at night. J.J.

You Only Have One Shot: A B.A.P Love Story.

ByLaudRain updated
Charactersbang yongguk, kim himchan, jung daehyun, yoo youngjae, moon jongup, zelo, choi junhong, yongguk, himchan
With7 chapters, 1 votes, 330 views, 2 comments

A girl taken in to the kpop group B.A.P. She is now part of this amazing family but the conflic here is that Himchan, Yongguk and Zelo and crazy for her, will she pick someone, if so, who? She only has one shot.

Coma. (Threequel to One Shot and Betrayal.)

ByTurtle-Mei updated
CharactersB.A.P (Mainly Youngjae and Daehyun)
With27 chapters, 6 votes, 67 subscribers, 3300 views, 161 comments

The third installation to BAP's One Shot! "You put people in front of you so much, you forget about your own achievements."


Byscribbledhearts updated
CharactersJulia(OC- you), Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Zelo, Youngjae, Jongup, Minji
With17 chapters, 200 views, 2 comments

Sometimes, fate presents itself in unexpected ways... Sometimes, you stand in the middle of two roads deciding the

Not as strong as we thought we were

Bycapitoune77 updated
CharactersBang Yongguk; Kim Himchan; Moon Jongup; Min Yoongi
With4 chapters, 5 votes, 56 subscribers, 910 views, 8 comments
StatusMembers Only

Yongguk gets easily jealous and is overprotective, only trusting a few people into his circle of  friend and often scaring people away with his intimidating looks. On the other hand, Himchan is carefree and outgoing, always attracting attention on him thanks to his good looks. And as a new guy comes in the picture, the couple will be put under strain.

I Just Bought My Girlfriend from Puregold [tagalog novel] [on-going: chapter 2]

Byyaminohime updated
CharactersKim Him Chan (B.A.P) + Ah Rim (OC), the rest of B.A.P, Bangtan
With2 chapters, 110 views

Hopeless romantic Kim Him Chan has been on a search for true love while his friends relish on their own moment of love. How will he live his life now? E di bumili ng girlfriend! Dami pang kacharotan!

Marry Me, Again.

Byshakeywakey updated
CharactersHimchan, You, BAP
With15 chapters, 4 votes, 118 subscribers, 1790 views, 41 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

"Stop it. I cannot stand it anymore. I want a divorce." getting mad with your husband. "Fine. We will getting divorce." Himchan agree with .