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Joshua was more than surprised to find his ultimate crush, Park Hayun, knocking on his door in the middle of the night. It was like a dream, except for the fact that he was entirely conscious, his intruder though, not so much.

You're My Style

By pinkparty Published
Characters Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung Miyoung, and BTS members
With 4 subscribers, 50 views, 2 comments

Min Yoongi, also known as Suga, is the rapper of BTS –one of the most popular group in the underground hip-hop world– His deep husky voice cause girls to go crazy over him. Sadly, none of them catches his attention.   Jung Miyoung, used to live in the States but decided to move to Korea after her parents’ death, to live with her uncle. New life, new school, new environment, new neighbour, new friends, what could exactly go wrong?

"From the First We Meet Until Now,That is all lie..?"

By cassie1226 Published
With 1 chapters, 10 views

About Jaeyong stories..

The boy who is listless

By Sillence Published
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 27 subscribers, 190 views

Do Kyungsoo is someone you find sleeping in the backyard of the school before classes start in the morning. And Kim Jongin is the one who picks him up every time.  

Spike Your Heart!

By freedoom Published
Characters Leeteuk Taeyeon
With 60 views, 1 comments

"If someone make mistakes, shouldn't that person apologize?"   "You're really stubborn."   "We should stop minding those noisy people."    "Will things work between us?"    

A bond stronger than love

By SeungriJiyong Published
Characters Youngjae, Daehyun, Yongguk, Jongup, Himchan, Zelo
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 48 subscribers, 430 views, 7 comments
Status Subscribers Only

There had been that one moment, everything changed ever since. Daehyun and Youngjae have been best friends till kindergarten but after years Youngjae started to have feelings for his best friend, feelings that seemed to be wrong. Now he can't stop feeling that way anymore, it's nothing he could decide. There are many problems, problems that forbid him to feel this way. Not only these feelings make his life a challenge, but Daehyun always protects him. Will there be a moment when Daehyun feels

It started on the streets of New York

By irene_lee Published
Characters Bobby x Irene Kim
With 4 chapters, 3 subscribers, 80 views, 2 comments


By exoticsNinspirit Published
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, 330 views, 4 comments

"Omma ,kahwinkan aku...sekarang!!" Disebabkan putus cinta dengan mamat yang meninggalkan aku sebelah tong sampah sekolah,aku mengambil keputusan untuk berkahwin dengan sesiapapun .

The Most Beautiful Moment

By adriennekim28 Published
Characters Jeon Jungkook/Park Yerin(oc)/Bts
With 3 chapters, 4 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments

She lived a perfect life. His whole life was far from perfect. His world revolves around dangers while danger was the thing she avoided at any cost. She have it all-looks, wealth, perfect family, everything. He lost everything and everyone he ever cared for.

My eyes only see you

By matermcqueen Published
Characters Amberxkrystalxkryber
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 117 subscribers, 800 views, 13 comments
Status Subscribers Only

(this story based on rihanna song "this is what you came for") she is a tomboy who look way handsome than a real man itself.she is rich but didnt like to depend on her family wealth.she is trying to find her love.all her life is surrounded by girls who always throw themself at her.had a past that is slowly faded   She is the new girl in the school and the new roomate of the tomboy.she is blind.afraid of new people but her family encourage her to

▬ NCT SCHOOL。NCT U BASED HIGHSCHOOL APPLYFIC。show some love for nct, y'all. apply open ! !!

By kaisprincess Published
Characters the nct cuties & you.
With 6 chapters, 3 votes, 23 subscribers, 430 views, 7 comments


By exoticsNinspirit Published
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 70 views, 2 comments

    Mengisahkan tentang kehidupan seorang gadis yang dipermainkan dan diguna seperti patung,mesin ATM dan pasar. Dia dianggap seperti tisu yang diguna pakai jika diperlukan sahaja. Hidupnya masih boleh bertahan keran

rule the court。[apply open]

By ButtercakeBuffalo Published
With 4 chapters, 1 subscribers, 70 views

Bully X Victim

By doggodkeiat Published
Characters Taehyung, Kang Hyegi, BTS
With 3 chapters, 6 subscribers, 160 views, 2 comments

Kim Taehyung, or V, 17, studies in Shindeo High, in a group valled BTS, the most popular boys in school.  Kang Hyegi, 17, an unpopular girl that studies in Shindeo High with no friends and no social life becomes one of the most popular girls in school.  With the help of two people. Guess them.  And as she slowly starts to get popular, people start to hate her.  Follow her life of ups and downs as she gets through her life. 

Notice Me Senpai

By NoFiqa Published
Characters Jongin Kyungsoo featuring Sehun
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 13 subscribers, 640 views, 4 comments
Status Completed

          Kyungsoo hates gyms class        

Tumbling Into Wonderland

By the_raging_midgit Published
Characters Hoseok Taehyung Yoongi Jimin Jungkook Namjoon Seokjin
With 2 chapters, 15 subscribers, 500 views, 2 comments

When Jung Hoseok and his family moved from their cozy house in Gwangju to Daegu after his father got promoted, he never expected his life to change that much. He also never expected to fall in love. Oh how he was wrong - what he didn't know was just how much his life would change after meeting the aloof but passionate Min Yoongi, and the innocent but 4-D Kim Taehyung   

When I'm dating a badass in secret

By teentoplovergirl1 Published
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 14 subscribers, 250 views, 3 comments

You're probably wonder who I am. Well, I'm Victoria Kwon. 18 years old, Just moved to Seoul about a week ago. Before I came to Korea, I had a boyfriend that actually lives in Korea. He is actually charming, sweeting, caring, loving, and nice. We've been dating for over a year and I moved to Korea to surprise him. What actually shocked me is that when he's in Korea, he's a whole different person. He is the maknae of the number 1 gang in Korea, BTS. You probably already know who I'm talking abo

mansae academy || seventeen ff

By xxfckai88 Published
Characters SEVENTEEN | Mingyu | JunHui | Dahyun
With 4 chapters, 11 subscribers, 250 views, 4 comments

❝ Not your average high-school lovestory. ❞ Lee Dahyun and Wen JunHui are best friends that grew up together back at Busan. They treated each other as close as what real siblings are, until then JunHui and his family started to grow business at Seoul

Hold Up Your Fire

By IamMrsOh Published
Characters Ahn ChaeKhyun, Kim SeokJin (Jin), Seo KangJoon, BTS, & OTHERS...
With 4 chapters, 7 subscribers, 140 views

"Ahn Chaekhyun!" Shouted the boy behind in an angry tone. "Yah! Don't you dare to turn your back to me!" Shouted Jin again. Chaekhyun stopped her way and snorted. She turned to face the boy behind and crossed her arms on her chest. "Who do you think you are?" She said back and she turned to continue her way. "If you dare to continue your way, I am going to shout your secret to the whole world." Said t

You Are The One

By stephanieandstars Published
Characters GOT7, Jackson Wang, Kasper Lim
With 1 chapters
Status Subscribers Only

Kasper Lim was a smart girl who attended JYP High School, a prestigious school, through a scholarship. JYP High School was a private high school and was sponsored by Jackson Wang's parents. Kasper is not from a wealthy family so she is proud that she got into the school through a scholarship. Jackson Wang, on the other hand, attends JYP High School because he comes from a very wealthy family. He hates anything about relationships. His father was the CEO of Wang's Foods, producing almo

KooKie and ChimChim

By anyeong_kpop Published
Characters Jeon Jungkook Park Jimin BTS Jimin Jungkook Jikook
With 97 subscribers, 570 views, 3 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Jeon Jungkook an arrogant, handsome, mafia boss fall in love with a cute, short, stubborn nerd Park Jimin.

Iced Mocha

By osyshiki Published
Characters Eric Nam, Solar
With 3 chapters, 8 votes, 93 subscribers, 39 comments

The way her eyes curve everytime she smiles, he never seems to get enough of it.

Journey Into The Past

By SoBEASTT Published
Characters Koo Dae Ra(Fictional), Seventeen, EXO, BTS, other fictional characters
With 1 chapters, 50 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only

Set in the near future, Koo Dae Ra met an old man that decided to let her take part in his secret project upon discovering her ability and keen interest in time travel.  Embarking on the journey into the past with 13 other boys, will the impossible become possible?  Would it be more than just the discoverance of time travel?Perhaps, discovering feelings of...

Hate to Admit

By TinaBI Published
Characters Kim Hanbin, OC Choi Seung Hye, Ju-ne, iKON members
With 4 chapters, 320 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

When a national basketball player meet the school’s national swimmer athlete at an unexpected situation. What will happen to the both of the national athlete?   Characters introductions: (insert picture) Choi Seung Hye (18 y.o)  YG high school swimming representative for the Olympic. She’s als

You Don't Like Me?!?

By AnyBer_Lover Published
Characters Major: Amber, Sehun Minor: Suho, Baekhyun, the rest of EXO and f(x)
With 3 chapters, 101 subscribers, 17 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

She was a normal girl. He was a boy that everybody adored. Well, at least before he met her.  But he has a plan that's going to change that.  


By Yoongi_x Published
Characters Min Yoongi, Jung Hana (OC), Jung Hoseok, rest of BTS
With 11 chapters, 3 votes, 153 subscribers, 1610 views, 23 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Jung Hana, through everyone else's eyes, was the rebel. No one knows much about her, except for the fact that she doesn't take . No one, and I mean no one messed with her. And she preferred it that way. She conceals herself always from everyone, her secrets carefully hidden beneath her hard exterior.  She didn't really mean to. She didn't mean to become a 'rebel'. She didn't mean to become an