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♡~Wings of the Heart~♡ RP

Live. Love. Two four letter words that keep us going. You can't find love if you don't live. There is no need to scourge the globe, we will help you discover true love. It could be anyone, so join our lovely journey today!

undercover .... jin

By bubblebob published
Characters namjoon(rapmon) jhope , v,suga,jimin,jin,
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 30 views, 1 comments

  Jin is a the typical floweboy with a y attitude he has grown up in one of south koreas worst places shariken street. But what happens when his perfect beautiful twin sister 'jinnie' comes home and  goes missing 2 days before her two week break from the prestigious boarding school BTS Academy. So what happens when jin is forced to go undercover as jinnie to prevent her scholarship from getting provoked. Will he survive or will his instinct take over but one t

Let's Be Intact

By AnonymousSecret published
Characters Sehun | You (Jung Seyoung)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 200 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

When Seyoung grew frustrated at Sehun's constant encouragements, she begins to reminisce past encounters. When Sehun didn't understand Seyong's frustration, he began to take action.  

Reliving Memories

By arielsisland published
Characters Aaron, Minhyun, Baekho, Ren, JR, possibly other smaller characters
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 30 views, 1 comments

Minhyun has been cordially invited to his ten year high school reunion. After several years of putting off going, Minhyun is encouraged by a close friend and former classmate, Aaron Kwak, promising that he'll go too. This year's reunion is unlike any other; the school is hosting a lock in- an all night event in which former students will be sleeping within the hallowed halls they once ruled or dreaded. It'll be a night filled with memories- reliving old ones and creating new ones. Aaron and M

Mission Boys' Impossible

By lekawaiikitty12 published
Characters Yang Joong Hwa, Wendy Gold/William Gold, Cha Kyung Joon (SK President), Ahn Jae Hyuk
With 1 chapters, 30 views

Wendy Gold is the highest ranking young spy in FBI. After three years of training, she finally gets her first mission: Go to South Korea and protect the estranged son of the Korean President, Yang Joong Hwa, from a terrorist group known as The Justifiers. However, there's a catch: he goes to an ALL-BOYS SCHOOL. Wendy's first miss

An arranged Marriage=An unexpected Love

By maryexo12 published
Characters you (maria tommy)/L (kim myungsoo)/ jung jungkook/ infinite/ BTS/and others
With 3 chapters
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

it is another arranged marriage story by me!!! i'm back again!!! and guess what this time it will be a highschool story, starring you and infinite's L a.k.a kim myungsoo!!! read more to undesrtand!!!!! :D  i hope you like this story!!! so the story is planed to go like this::

Loving a Bad Boy Jungkook

By Hyolovehyukkie published
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 9 subscribers, 200 views, 2 comments

What if this Boy transfered To your school but he was a Typical bad boy in the school  But what if the bad boy slowly starts to like you and you dont fall In love with him but seceretly crushing on him But also You had fell In love with a member named Park Jamless Jimin and You confessed to him and accepted your feelings once you two started dating what woiuld Jeon Jungkook do would he try and win your heart or stay as a bad boy? 


By urbanise published
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 13 comments


By hoodbyBTS published
Characters Mark Tuan , Jung Hyeora , GOT7
With 3 chapters, 180 views, 2 comments

17 year old Hyeora is a new transferred student in Byung-Mu High School . In Byung-Mu High School , theres a hottie boy band called ' GOT7 ' . Which of course , consist of 7 members . GOT7 are very well known - but on the other hand , Hyeora dosent know anything about them . Instead of fangirling over them - like the other girls would , she would have arguments instead . Not with the whole members - just Mark . So whats gonna happen to them ....?

Homework Tutoring

By choi_nikar612 published
Characters Park Jaeni (OC), Jenissi (Kim Taeyang)
With 1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 110 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Who knows that a typical tutoring session could turn out to be something else unexpected?  

This, my Friend, is a Library.

By imaybejinxed published
Characters Lexi (oc), Sehun, exo.
With 1 chapters, 15 votes, 43 subscribers, 620 views, 13 comments
Status Completed

You are never, ever supposed to shout in a library. Not even if you had a super ominous dream about your crush, and you're trying to figure out what it means.   Not even then.   Unfortunately, Lexi's never really been a rule follower. Or very intelligent according to most of her friends. So this shouldn't be anythi

I loved you once

By Ftaeny published
With 4 chapters, 30 subscribers, 130 views
Status Subscribers Only

There are 2 bestfriends, One calls Taeyeon and the other calls Tiffany. There were once strangers but Taeyeon’s curiosity brings her to know more about Tiffany.

The unsatisfied Life

By wolveswithexo published
Characters Kris, you
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 21 subscribers, 290 views, 6 comments

You're new to Rollen High but the popular girls are already giving you a hard time and making every student in the school turn on you and hate you. You know exactly why they hate you, you have scars, and scars are ugy and not acceptable. No one bothers to talk to you until one day you find a note in your gym locker that peeks your interest. Who was this note from and why were they talking to you?

we belong together

By DKSLAVE published
Characters kaisoo
With 6 chapters, 13 subscribers, 130 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Do kyungsoo memang tak suka dengan jiran sebelah rumahnya iaitu Kai sebab kai suka buli kyungsoo di sekolah. one day, mummy kyungsoo memberitahu kyungsoo. . . . . . "mummy nak kamu kawin dengan kai"

What love have done to us

By Monimoni1 published
Characters Kim Haeri Oh sehun
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 120 views, 2 comments

what happen when a popular but clumsy and a little stupid girl fall in love with a perfectionist and genius that have IQ of 200? Will everything turn out fine? Or a little more than expected? are they fated?

Give Me A Call

By Park_MinAh published
Tags highschool
Characters SNSD EXO G-Friend
With 1 chapters, 40 views

One phone call changes everything...

She's Different

By canyousmileforme published
Characters Kim Jong In, Yoon Yoora (OC), Lee Dahee (OC),
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 250 views, 3 comments

18 year old Kim Jong In also known as Kai attends a normal high school just like any teenage boy would. But because of his looks, athletic skills, academic skills and the fact that his family is extremely rich, no girl would leave him alone. He's always being surrounded by girls who would do anything to get his phone number. One day a new student transfers to his high school and she's different from the others. Her name is Yoon Yoo Ra. Yoon Yoo Ra is a smiple, ou


By UnworldlySoul published
Characters Bangtan Boys, Jihyun
With 1 subscribers, 30 views, 1 comments

''Good friends are like bras, hard to find, supportive, make you feel comfortable, and they are close to your heart.''  The popular boys of Lee High are closely bonded and they are like a pact. They may be a silly string of friends but they love and trust each other nonetheless. Despite the fact that none of them are blood related, they treat

The Transfers

By Nelsiexoxo_16 published
Characters Shin Haneul (OC), Im Mi Hi (OC), Suga, Jhope, Mark, Youngjae, iKon, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung, Wendy, Daya
With 5 chapters, 14 subscribers, 320 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Shin Haneul and Im Mi Hi were in all purposes of the word content with how their junior year of high school was turning out. I mean what more could they have wanted? They were attending the most prestigious school in South Korea, The New Academy of Seoul, they had caring and smart boyfriends, Mark and Youngjae who were apart of the choir and basketball team. An amazing group of friends, who had created thei

Embracing Lunacy

By KaihleeLo published
Characters Kim Sohyun, Kim Taehyung
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 2 subscribers, 120 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

Kisses Don't Mean I Like You

By killerdaisy published
Characters Baekhyun, OC, exo
With 1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 350 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

So apparently, you make out with a guy once, in the dark, for less than 10 minutes, and all of the sudden he's head over heels for you? Pass. This is a concept Yoora doesn't understand, because it's high school and because she only wanted that true teen experience at least once; and of course, it was with Byun Baekhyun. Great. But actions have consequences, and in this case, Yoora's gotta bounce out of this one.

One Step Forward.

By heedaragon published
Characters leehi hanbin 2ne1 winner taeyeon amber jokwon akmu
With 19 subscribers, 210 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

This is your very typical high school fanfiction with a few twists, I hope you guys like it! - Main Students at YG M&A High School:  Name: Lee Hi Age: 16 (11th grade) School: YG Music&

One Hundred Percent (Not Cliche)

By paperbagdragons published
Characters Madi (oc), Sehun, Baekhyun, Xiumin, Kai, Luhan, and others!
With 2 chapters, 60 views

I hate cliches. I despise romance, and I believe that 'happy endings' are plain old stupid. But what happens when the seemingly ordinary event of merging schools due to budget cuts forces a whole crew of attractive, single young men into my life? Sweet mercy they better not do anything steroetypically 'romantic' because that's the last thing I need, alongside a tutor and a boyfriend! 


By ayarika published
Characters Kim Jongin (KAI), Lee Taemin, Park Chanyeol and other supporting cast
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 28 subscribers, 310 views, 8 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Ambivalence  am·biv·a·lence                                                                                                                               /th

Hey,I miss you...

By alienv_taetae published
Characters You(MinHee) Sehun Exo
With 7 subscribers, 90 views

Sehun and I used to be best friends,and we used to pinky promise to never leave one another.Being only 5,I innocently believed him,and without realizing it,I fell in love with him.I could never get enough of his companionship and I even foolishly planned out our wedding in the future.But one day,he moved house without telling me.I was heartbrokened and cried for days,missing him.Soon,I told myself that all he ever told me is a lie and so I have never believed anyone