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by xianeryver updated on
Tags: 2ne1 dbsk jaedara romcom dbsk2ne1 yoochunbom
Chapters: 19 | Votes: 11 | Subscribers: 76 | Comments: 36 |

I know I have another pending fan fic but I decided to write these two stories simultaneously before I lose the story in my head.   This fic was started when I was still in wing... Read More

Happily Everafter

by starfishmoon updated on
Tags: dbsk romance sandarapark mickyyoochun dbsk2ne1 tvxqdbsk
Chapters: 13 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 31 | Views: 1770 | Comments: 64 |

Story is about DBSk and their love encounter stories and I shall start with Micky first. His love encounter starts in a CD shop and ther... Read More

Love that taste like Strawberry

by starfishmoon updated on
Tags: romance sandarapark dbsk2ne1 sandara jaedae yuchunmicky mickyoochun
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 25 | Views: 970 | Comments: 30 |

The male lead Micky of this story like any guy out there loves pretty girls. He does not know that before he was born, his parents already make an agreement with another family to marry their dau... Read More

secret identity (HIATUS)

by tenacity05 updated on
Tags: dara jaedara jaejoong yunho dbsk2ne1 originalcharacter
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 35 | Comments: 12 |

2ne1 are one of the most famous singers in korea, but what will happen if someone find out that they are not really the girl they knew they were and what if the pers... Read More

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