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Exo Finding Their Mates

Exo a pack of Werewolves These boys were born immortal with remarkable powers. They look like human and act like human, however they are able to turn into wolfs,Each one is destined to have mate, will there be any complications on finding their true mate

Thank you, my love

Bytingclevero updated
With12 chapters, 2 votes, 31 subscribers, 510 views, 5 comments

What happens when someone approaches you after school one day... "Sorry? You are from Universe Corporation? Your CEO would like to see me?" "Eunhye ah, I would like you to move in to my house to live with my grandson and I." "But.. I don't know you?" "I was very close with your grandparents and parents when they were alive. I'm so sorry that they are not here anymore..."

Thorn & Torn

Byguardianstar updated
CharactersLee GiKwang, Jeon Iseul (You/OC)
With17 chapters, 1 votes, 26 subscribers, 820 views, 7 comments

Her heart was torn apart and she doesn't believe in love, at least not anymore. In order to protect her fragile heart, she decide to protects it with thorn. What she didn't realize is the thorn is actually hurting everyone, even the one who loves her. Worst come to worst, the thorn is hurting herself. Will she believe in love again? Will she get rid of her thorn in order to love again?  He was hurt by thorn. But he believe

Overcoming your fears.

ByILOVEYS99 updated
CharactersBEAST, cameos: B.A.P, 4Minute and Secret.
With1 subscribers, 20 views

    6 boys who have fears that they can't overcome. Let's see how they can overcome their fears.    

Coffee House of Love

ByLaughingCoffin updated
CharactersSong Ji Hyo • Lee Kikwang • Kang Hee Gun • Minho
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When the world seemed the darkest for Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kikwang, a boy she knew from her childhood, appeared out of nowhere and helped her to forget Kang Hee Gun, her first love who passed away due to severe brain tumor. Unfortunately, no matter how much Kikwang tried to help Jihyo, she still could not forget Kang Hee Gun and was in so much despair and sorrowfulness.

First Kiss

Byalybein updated
Charactersken peniel sungjae minhyuk chaejin insoo jun q yongguk himchan daehyun youngjae jongup zelo woohyun sunggyu l sungyeol doojoon junhyung yoseob kikwang dongwoon hyunseung ken n leo ravi luhan sehun kris tao xiumin d.o kai chanyeol baekhyun cap ricky
With2 chapters, 2 subscribers, 60 views, 1 comments

              One or two shots of different groups couples. Exo, B1A4, BTS, VIXX, BAP, Got7, Teen Top, MyName, Beast, BtoB, Infinite and Boyfriend     EXO: HunHan    (Luhan/Sehun) Baekyeol    (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)

Before You

By-Ratanak- updated
CharactersKwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)/ Son Dongwoon/ You
With1 chapters, 13 subscribers, 140 views
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Your love life with your beloved boyfriend Jiyong (G-Dragon). But everything have changed when you move to live together. You feel he starting to ignore you. Do you still love him or you move on? Did he really ignore you or you misunderstanding with him? Everything are on your mind that you don't clear with it. But luckily your friend and boss (Dongwoon) always help you when he knew about your satiation. 

Blood and Angel

ByYYS_SILVER updated
CharactersYang Yo Seob from Beast and You as Mizukani
With1 chapters, 40 views

            A tale between two different creature and two different world. Between the pain dying of starva

•coffee shop•

BycafelatteZERO updated
CharactersBAP & BEAST's Yoseob & Junhyung
With18 chapters, 4 votes, 19 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Don't let the title fool you.   welcome to the coffee shop.  

Facing Your Fears (Oneshot Collection)

ByAshleyEvans306715 updated
CharactersYou & Various Artists
With9 chapters, 3 votes, 19 subscribers, 580 views, 12 comments

'Fearless is living inspite of those things that scare you to death.' - Taylor Swift


Byhonace updated
With13 chapters, 7 votes, 38 subscribers, 1580 views, 57 comments

Hyunseung believes he lives an average life, a normal and acceptable one to the society. By following the routines and rules and not sticking up into anyone’s business; his life is rather very normal. Just until three boys decided to make his so called normal life into an adrenaline and rush-filled roller coaster; making him very confused as to what did he do to deserve such treatment from them.  Apparently all of them love him but Hyunseung has only one heart. W

ALS Icebucket Challenge

Byvereex updated
Characterskpop, korean, everyone
With58 chapters, 2 votes, 10 subscribers, 370 views, 7 comments

I will make chapters of each group, so feel free to help me completing it!   ALS ICEBUCKET CHALLENGE: The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head or donating to the 

the sky is blue

BycafelatteZERO updated
CharactersJunhyung and Yoseob
With2 chapters, 3 votes, 7 comments

hey guys.    this is just a really short one-shot for my best friend Lani. her birthday is coming really soon and she ships this couple so hard.  (her bday is feb. 28)   To: Lani   Yo~ i hope you love this short one-shot a lot.  you know i dont really write fluff at all so... consider yourself lucky, girl. don't forget to continue bein awesome... and yea... /awkward -- haneul --          


Byawkwardrice updated
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I had to google the definition of that smug look he had plastered on his face. It was irking me , the way he stared at me from head to toe ,trying to look for one of my many flaws. price·less


Bysilvey updated
CharactersOc (kim Serin)Dong Youngbae, Yang Yoseop,Oc(Jang Yerin)
With1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 30 views, 2 comments

Like they say the most beautiful eyes contain the most tears. Wat happens when the person you trust so much and have faith in suddenly leaves because of you. what happens when your fate disagrees with your choice.       main characters: you, OC (kim Serin) 21 years old Dong youngbae 26 years old Oc Jang Yerin 21 years old Yang Yoseop 23 years old


Byseyofx updated
CharactersBeast: Junhyung Dongwoon Gikwang Doojoon Yoseob Hyunseung. KARA: Hara. OC: Park Joo Yeon, Jenny Yoo
With7 chapters, 2 subscribers, 210 views

Park Joo Yeon, a pretty girl who has milky skin and long dark brown hair left her family and stayed at Gangnam because she was fed up with her family and her twin, Park Ji Yeon. One day, she has an incident that changed her life and made her to meet a person who changed her life again     Note: this is my first time write ff. please give support and love<3

Korean Boys and Cosplay

Byb2utifulyoebo updated
CharactersYoseob, Hyunseung, Doojoon, Adam (OC), Corey (OC) and Yoseob's sister
With1 chapters, 50 views, 2 comments

Yoseob's sister buys him the new Pokemon game. I guess he forgot to check for the catch. Previously in this series: Korean Boys and Being the New Kid

Bright Lights and Bittersweet Butterflies (Yang Yoseob and Original Character)

Bylil-london-girl updated
CharactersYang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung, BEAST. Also EXO, SNSD, G-Dragon, Bigbang. Sasha Jhang, Naomi Matthews (original characters).
With12 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 260 views, 16 comments

When Yang Yoseob takes a chance, and slips his phone number into the pocket of a cute girl he meets one night at Beast’s concert, he doesn’t dare to dream that she’ll call him back, let alone agree to be his girlfriend. But when he finds himself falling for Sasha Jhang (Beast fan, adorable dork and awesome kisser), he realises love is a lot harder than it seems in songs. Yoseob is determined not to lose Sasha. But being a superstar with a secret girlfriend isn’t easy. And when the other Beast

8Heroines~ Cube Entertainment New Girl Group~ STORY STARTING!

ByDoubleSHINee updated
With17 chapters, 9 votes, 58 comments


Till We Meet Again

BydatKPOPlover updated
CharactersYou and Hyunseung of BEAST
With10 views

Till we meet again, and who knows when.   Characters:     Jang HyunSeung Your adorable boyfriend who would do aegyosjust to get your attention. He has been suffering a very awful disease even before dating with you, but he hides it pretty well. He could really be playful at

But I love you ♡ (하지만, 사랑한다)

Byphylosophy updated
CharactersHyuna Hyunseung Junhyung Hara Beast 4Minute
With22 chapters, 11 votes, 74 subscribers, 5590 views, 113 comments

Be ready to enter the world of stardom.  Beyond the decorative faç


ByIsellina updated
CharactersAmber Exo Superjunior Exober Anyber B2st/Beast Sujuber B.A.P Bapber
With37 chapters, 10 votes, 125 subscribers, 5130 views, 95 comments
StatusMembers Only

The male idols surrounding Amber...are they just friends?     

Silence 2

Byyoora34 updated
Charactersbeast, yoora (you), junhyung, yoseob, doojoon, dongwoon, hyungseung, gikwang, peniel.
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 9 subscribers, 110 views, 4 comments

Choi Yoora went away to get her surgery done and she left without telling any of the members, even her beloved boyfriend, Yong Junhyung.  After a few years she left them; finished with both her surgery and training, she plans to return to her homeland. Fully cured and fully trained, is Yoora still the same Choi Yoora the boys knew of. Also, will the boys accept her return after leaving them without even saying a single word? What will Yong Junhyung do after finding out his beloved girl


ByheaDeVil_23 updated
CharactersBeast, Son Dongwoon, Yong Junhyung, Fictional Characters
With12 chapters, 1 comments

They aimed high, to create a better world for human to live in.  But, greed stood in between them and their dreams.  It was too fast.  She pushed the button and things started collapsing and she closed her eyes, whispering, "I want to forget.  I want to forget.  I want to forget."

Hedgehog's One Shot/Imagines Collection!

Byhedgehog12 updated
With12 chapters, 4 votes, 11 subscribers, 840 views, 5 comments

yeap thats's me^         여러분들이 안녕하세요~

Idol's slave (EDITED)

ByKyraHero updated
Charactersyou, beast, MBLAQ, Infinte,
With25 chapters, 3820 views, 71 comments

You, a half japanese and half korean girl were sent to her sister's house for an exciting part time job. At first, you love the idea of being the idols' maid but now you felt being their maid only gave you trouble. Sometimes it would be a lovely momen