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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

The Tutor/Second Chance

The Tutor: At the age of 24 Ha-eun has done it all moved away from the country side to the city of Seoul, gone to college, graduated with flying colors and landed a desk job that paid well. Everything is perfect but when she get's a call about her sister's wedding she heads back home and get's the shock of her life.   Successful business man YoungGuk has come home to relax and get away from the frustrating city of Seoul. When his best friend YoSe

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CharactersBang YongGuk, Ha-Eun(oc), YoSeob
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Nami is being dragged by friend to a B.A.P concert. Having some backstage passes, she and her friend will get a chance to be up close and personal with the band. What will happen when Nami meets the band? Will she turn into a hardcore Baby or just see it as just another meeting with strangers; handsome and talented strangers.

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CharactersB.A.P Nami(OC)
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Life Long Partner

Will You Marry Me? What happens when you meet the one? The one and only. Well of course its marriage. Redone and

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Denying his feelings towards a beautiful, blonde boy he saw at his friend’s wedding, Bang Yong Guk tries to continue his rather casual and lonely life consisting of drinking, street fighting, clubbing and girls. Having no interest in love or growing entirely up, he intends to continue that way, but keeps being haunted by the memory of the blonde boy. The young and loveable Jun Hong lives in his own fantasy world consisting mostly of his parents who he loves, his bigmouthed sister,

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CharactersBang Yong Guk, Jun Hong (Zelo), Himchan, Young Jae, Daehyun, Jong Up
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Ghost of You

     He was supposed to be the strong one. But, why couldn't he move on? Why couldn't he be like everyone else and move on with life? Because it was impossible.

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I Like You More Than As A Friend

He loves the way she hugs him How she smiles How her hands glide across his back when she massages him And he loves it when she sleeps 

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I can't believe I have a brother like him!!!

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Charactersyou, Bang Young Guk
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I Found Love Because of You!

Alecia (You) 21

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Charactersyou, Bang Young Guk, Himchan, Young Jae, Jong Up, Dae Hun, Zelo, other kpop artistes
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ipod Shuffle Challenge

Hi, I am a new writer on here so please forgive me if my writing is not very interesting. Ok!!!!! Now that I got out of the way. I saw a couple of these on this cite so I thought why not try it out for fun! :D Oh and any similarities are completely coincidental. So I am sorry if they are anything like someone else's.

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{One-Shot} How Leedah Bang Yong Guk deals with a Lover's Quarrel

You and Bang Yongguk are having a lover's quarrel! Watch as Yonggukie handles the situation~ 

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CharactersBang Youngguk & You
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[OneShoot-Sequel] A (Little Bit) Late Beginning

You and Bang Yong Guk.

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CharactersYou and Bang Yong Guk
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