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Canis Lupus [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by AandL_DirtyTales updated on
Tags: shinee wolf mpreg banghim lukai hunhan kaisoo
Chapters: 37 | Votes: 131 | Subscribers: 1177 | Comments: 852 |

The brown wolves were infertil... Read More

Regeneration [Complete]

by goopeculiar updated on
Tags: angst fluff yaoi yongguk himchan bap banghim
Chapters: 63 | Votes: 69 | Subscribers: 587 | Views: 40460 | Comments: 1406 |

Even with their seventh anniversary coming up, Yongguk and Himchan are still as disgustingly in love as ever before, but living a life wi... Read More

The Puppeteer [Complete]

by LittleDisAwesome updated on
Tags: yaoi yongguk bapband himchan bap banghim
Chapters: 36 | Votes: 97 | Subscribers: 569 | Views: 30330 | Comments: 744 |

Himchan has been struggling with his disorder for years, fighting with both his doctor and Yongguk the entire way. Yongguk only wants the best for Himchan and is determined to give it to ... Read More

Ever Dream [Complete]

by TenshinoKotaishi updated on
Tags: jieun mpreg bap banghim daejae jonglo youngup
Chapters: 84 | Votes: 55 | Subscribers: 409 | Views: 29030 | Comments: 342 |

The Facility was a place to help families that wanted children. Although many were now able to have children there were those who had complications. When things begin to change will Him Chan be w... Read More

Project Zelo

by Genitaeils updated on
Tags: psychological bap banghim banglo bangsong
Chapters: 70 | Votes: 28 | Subscribers: 673 | Views: 27050 | Comments: 734 |

Title: Project Zelo Fandom: B.A.P ... Read More

Casualty of Love (Oneshot Collection) [Complete]

by toowhiteforkpop updated on
Tags: bap banghim daejae himjae himup jonglo banglo
Chapters: 50 | Votes: 25 | Views: 19370 | Comments: 158 |

These are oneshots based on love songs. A different pairing for each story, some happy, some sad. *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*... Read More

Breaking From Seclusion [Complete]

by tonyphann updated on
Tags: fluff yaoi yongguk himchan bap banghim
Chapters: 36 | Votes: 44 | Subscribers: 268 | Views: 16480 | Comments: 386 |

Hey! So most of my subscribers know I only really write 2pm fics... but the times have changed! I recently saw BAP perform live here in Southern California, and I fell in love with the group. I s... Read More

Give Me A Chance [Complete]

by mightymischief updated on
Tags: yongguk himchan bap banghim
Chapters: 16 | Votes: 59 | Subscribers: 352 | Views: 16230 | Comments: 303 |

Title: Give Me A Chance ... Read More

The Stranger [Complete]

by PaperSong updated on
Tags: himchan jongup daehyun youngjae banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 57 | Votes: 28 | Subscribers: 200 | Views: 15470 | Comments: 398 |

The last six years of Daehyun's life hadn't been the best for him, but it didn't help that he couldn't remember it. The best thing about it though, was his son, Jongup. He tried to get by, acting... Read More

Occupational Hazards [Complete]

by zuttoharuharudani updated on
Tags: bap daehyun youngjae banghim daejae workplaceau
Chapters: 17 | Votes: 87 | Subscribers: 370 | Views: 15430 | Comments: 478 |

Yoo Youngjae is a popular actor known for his sweet, cute boy image in front of the screen, but is a terrorizing diva behind it. Jung Daehyun is a renowned idol manager known for being s... Read More

We Never Know~*

by Kgirlz updated on
Tags: arrangedmarriage mpreg bap banghim
Chapters: 29 | Votes: 31 | Views: 15280 | Comments: 419 |

It's been heavily rain outside. Himchan can't sleep as he afraid of thunder. He became worried as the thunder didn't stop. He opened the door and ran out towards Yongguk's room. He knocking... Read More

IF IT'S LOVE [Complete]

by SweetPenguin08 updated on
Tags: yaoi bap daehyun banghim daejae himjae bangdae
Chapters: 32 | Votes: 29 | Subscribers: 338 | Views: 15100 | Comments: 331 |

Yoo Youngjae witnessed a scene involving his best friend, Jung Daehyun and this senior, Bang Yonggu... Read More

When you left, you left something behind (Multi-Chapter) (Hiatus)

by gacktx updated on
Tags: yaoi mpreg exo baekhyun chanyeol banghim baekyeol
Chapters: 13 | Votes: 27 | Subscribers: 493 | Views: 14300 | Comments: 181 |

Chanyeol tells his best friend that he's leaving to go overseas for a chance to go solo.  As Baekhyun hears, he bursts into anger and tears.... Only one night they had left together... Read More

" But I'm Straight! " [Complete]

by biaswh0re updated on
Tags: bap banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 17 | Votes: 21 | Comments: 202 |

"Hyung, why are you touching Himchan like that?" Yongguk is the straightest guy everyone knows, won't show any kind of skipship with his friends. Total flirt. Ladies man... Read More

His Two Sides [Complete]

by emers43 updated on
Tags: angst yongguk himchan bap banghim himup banglo
Chapters: 40 | Votes: 28 | Subscribers: 211 | Views: 13120 | Comments: 235 |

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm at my wit's end.  Would it be so wrong to give up on the person I love? I love Bang Yongguk with all my heart, but what can I, Kim Himchan, do? I know it's no... Read More

Virility Island (BAP AU)

by leejaehwa7 updated on
Tags: yaoi mpreg bap banghim daejae jonglo futuristic
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 64 | Subscribers: 492 | Views: 12960 | Comments: 249 |

Virility Island is an experimental all-male community and holds what might be considered the highest breed of humankind. The creators have kept the community a secret and those within the community... Read More

Eye To Eye

by leelee7241 updated on
Tags: drama yongguk himchan bap banghim himdae
Chapters: 39 | Votes: 22 | Subscribers: 189 | Views: 12820 | Comments: 270 |

Kim Himchan and Bang Yongguk are two high school lovers who care for each other to death, but are complete opposites to the point where it takes a toll on their relationship. It was all ... Read More

Sempiternal Tomorrow

by papercut updated on
Tags: angst psychological yongguk himchan banghim
Chapters: 30 | Votes: 36 | Subscribers: 280 | Views: 12790 | Comments: 323 |

I was fine once.  ... Read More

B.A.P. Drabbles~

by blueberry_muffin updated on
Tags: drabbles fluff bap banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 63 | Votes: 32 | Subscribers: 214 | Views: 12520 | Comments: 513 |

Cuz, I thought, what the heck! Everyone has one! I want to write my random drabbles here too! XD These will include: mostly Daejae, a little bit of Banghim and a small dash of Jonglo.... Read More

We Found Love in a Grocery Place

by iwillkeepitlow updated on
Tags: myname bangzelo bap banghim daejae himup jonglo
Chapters: 29 | Votes: 21 | Subscribers: 192 | Views: 12500 | Comments: 305 |

Himchan assumed he was just going to get a few groceries, but there was much more in store for him. ... Read More

Tah-Dah! It's Baby B.A.P!

by chunjoe updated on
Tags: fluff baby bap banghim daejae jonglo himguk
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 10 | Subscribers: 280 | Views: 10710 | Comments: 121 |

... Read More

Cold Mornings [Complete]

by bellaatong updated on
Tags: angst yongguk himchan bap banghim daejae jaedae
Chapters: 26 | Votes: 27 | Subscribers: 231 | Views: 10430 | Comments: 249 |

Yongguk and Himchan miss each other; but pride stands in the way, and their bodies shiver from the cold without each other's embrace. ... Read More

We Were Meant To Me [Complete]

by PaperSong updated on
Tags: zelo jongup banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 19 | Votes: 18 | Subscribers: 177 | Views: 10170 | Comments: 263 |

It's been 12 years since Daehyun's and Youngjae's wedding and little Jongup is all grown up. He feels on top of the world, but will it all come crashing down when he falls for that perso... Read More

You Are The One

by CuteMimi updated on
Tags: romance yaoi yongguk himchan bap bangchan banghim
Chapters: 33 | Votes: 9 | Subscribers: 117 | Views: 9250 | Comments: 239 |

Ever since they meet, Yongguk tended to hurt Himchan as much as he could. But Himchan was strong enough to be ... Read More

Experiment #312 [Complete]

by OI__33 updated on
Tags: zelo jongup daehyun youngjae banghim supernaturalkinda
Chapters: 41 | Votes: 16 | Subscribers: 125 | Views: 9140 | Comments: 166 |

The lives that Yongguk and Zelo had lived for so long was only about to becom... Read More

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