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This is not your ordinary academy. Here, kittens are trained and sold to the highest bidder. Even the bidders aren't ordinary people. Their secret? Shapeshifters. Our kittens have been trained to fulfill your desires! Join now and chose, kitten or master?

Starring Role

Bybluesilhoutte updated
CharactersDonghae, Eunhyuk, Super Junior
With8 chapters, 3 votes, 48 subscribers, 940 views, 17 comments

A story of a doctor and a dancer   Inspired by EunHae / Haehyuk FMV - Starring Role, directed by rosenana707

Beautiful Torture [Formerly known as MARRIAGE] [EDITING]

Byjjingjjingjongdae updated
CharactersWu Yi Fan/Kris Wu || Han Chan Kyung (OC) || Wu Yi Kyung (OC) || Kim Jongdae/Chen || Bang Minah
With24 chapters, 36 votes, 883 subscribers, 9870 views, 174 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

"I will leave if it is the best for them. I don't want to disturb their relationship; they love each other genuinely while I am just a disturber..." -Han Chan Kyung"Chan Kyung shouldn't give up on me, I am her husband! But... I can't push away the f

The Awakened Rose

ByTiggerMonster updated
CharactersJangmi (OC), Myungsoo
With1 chapters

Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy. They met, and soon afterwards fell in love. And through all of the twists and turns and challenges that fate placed between them, they overcame their struggles and lived happily ever after. But what if these fairytales actually happened? How would real world heirs deal with the obstacles that destiny has laid out for


ByOhChanHan updated
CharactersPark Chanyeol (EXO) | Byun Baekhyun (EXO) | Dan sebagainya.
With2 chapters, 19 subscribers, 160 views, 2 comments
StatusMembers Only

  Aku hanya manusia berbulu. Aku bukannya haiwan ataupun orang gurun. Percayalah ini aku. Sewajarnya, lelaki yang normal dan hidup bersama keluarga namun cara hidupku sungguh berbeza dengan orang yang normal. Memang untung tidak menyebelahi

Yes, I'm Hero

ByGoCloud updated
CharactersB.A.P, SNSD/Girls Generation, Infinite, Secret, Exo-K, BTS
With22 chapters, 11 votes, 75 subscribers, 3410 views, 101 comments

Two young boys, whom quickly learn the feeling of losing someone important, end up meeting one another through an unfortunate event at an Orphanage. Just as the peaceful days come into their grasp and actually giving them a chance to grow closer, they are soon separated from one another when one of them is adopted.

ℓιкє ƒιяєƒℓιєѕ...

By_pandaz updated
CharactersPark Jimin & You
With30 views

The dark clouds passed away after a heavy rain.  You spread down your arms, looking up in the night sky. How much you missed the old days when you were enjoying the sent of wet earth with all your beloved ones

One Pure Heart

ByArielshin94 updated
CharactersKris,Suho,Other EXO members
With10 chapters, 5 votes, 34 comments

"Sometimes we don't realize that we have hurt one pure heart.."  Warning : Beware of many typo's and many grammar slip~ Description Kim Jun Myun

Roaring Silence

ByBlu3Wind updated
CharactersMyung Soo, Sung Jong, Infinite
With5 votes, 13 subscribers, 110 views, 5 comments

“Sometimes the loudest sounds are silent emotions.”   Kim Myung Soo remained hidden whenever the bullies targeted their favorite victim: Lee Sung Jong. He watched as Sung Jong took every blow. He trembled every time Sung Jong coughed some blood. He felt remorse every time Sung Jong fell in defeat. Even so, Sung Jong never fought back. When the bullies disappeared, Sung Jong took out a notebook and started writing.   Now that Sung Jong was in t

Behind These Blurred Lines

ByHoldingontowishes updated
CharactersRainie (OC), Peniel, Sungjae, rest of BTOB (minor)
With11 chapters, 8 votes, 43 subscribers, 660 views, 15 comments

Rainie was always in the background; being the younger sister of a famous idol could do that to you. Her family never treated her the same way as her older brother, BTOB's Sungjae. A walk around her house would seem to only reveal the existance of one child, and it wasn't her. School was hard too, she was always being used by her "friends" who only befriended her to get to Sungjae. Life had lost its beauty and meaning, until Rainie met her brother's best friend, Peniel. Can he bring out the

At Worlds End

ByEmptyHouse updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, Exo,
With12 chapters, 3 votes, 83 subscribers, 1020 views, 9 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

What if the bright smile from Luhan disappeared? Life made him cold and distant... afraid to reach out... What if Sehun saw the ice prince, and tried to be the sun to melt the snow? What if a flower bloomed in winter?

Be My Baby's Saviour

Byshanmoi updated
CharactersSiwon Kyuhyun Tiffany
With4 chapters, 5 votes, 30 subscribers, 920 views, 24 comments

Kyuhyun loved Tiffany ....   Tiffany's heart was influenced by Siwon.   Siwon was fallen for Kyuhyun....   The story of those three people were chaos....   Love and Hate, Lies and Truth, Happiness and Sorrows, Sacrifice and Selfishness   Those countless things were not enough in their chaotic lives.   There was also a thin string,but strong among them...   That string made th

Voice Connection Graphic Shop [ACCEPTING REQUEST:YATLUVG ONLY]

By--YatLuvG updated
With13 chapters, 23 votes, 66 subscribers, 42 comments

  Welcome to Voice connection Everyone!

Bittersweet of Life

ByNadz_Inspirit13 updated
CharactersYou as Park Hyerin, Kim MyungSoo
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 100 views, 2 comments

A pretty girl named, Park Hyerin, lives with her parets and her sister, named Park Hyejin. She doesn’t have any problem with her parents. Her parents love her so much until her sister was born. Everything turns upside down. Her parents starts to ignore her. She was 2 years old girl when her sister was born. At school, everybody like to ignore and bully her. She only had a bestfriend named Kim SooHyun.

We Weren't Ready

BySweet_Bitterness updated
CharactersKyungsoo | Jongin | Sehun | Luhan | Chanyeol | Baekhyun | Tao | Kris | Other EXO members
With14 chapters, 73 votes, 1480 subscribers, 45500 views, 329 comments

It was an act of passion; one of feelings and emotions beyond that of anything physical. Amorous, as Kyungsoo would've called it, a connection with your partner as you're engulfed in intimacy. This, however, was not what Jongin saw it as. To him, it was nothing but an act of reaction; a spur of the moment as some call it. Pleasure was all he was looking for during their 'studying', something every hormonal Junior in high school

Twelve o'clock playlists (and sleepless nights)

Byarcturus updated
CharactersKim Hanbin, Lee Hayi
With3 chapters, 8 votes, 47 subscribers, 660 views, 24 comments

The world is a scary place, she learns young. Scary and dark.  She surrounds herself with people, places and lights to cut through the black.    

Let Her Go

Bylulumygosh updated
CharactersYou(Minhee)--- Exo ---Sehun ---Luhan
With8 chapters, 7 subscribers, 250 views, 2 comments

This story will be based on the Lyrics of Let Her Go by Passenger. I got addicted listening to this song and this song is not kinda new. But most old .. uhm not really old song are the one with meaningful lyrics.

The Hands of Time

Byleiixing updated
Charactersexo chanyeol baekhyun jongin kyungsoo kris
With1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 30 views

"Why did you even fall in love with me? I may not even remember it!"

Promise of Forever

Byyen020828 updated
CharactersKwon Yuri, Tiffany Hwang, Kim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung, Seo Juhyun
With33 chapters, 18 votes, 234 subscribers, 6320 views, 123 comments
StatusSubscribers Only


I Will Love You, Big or Small

ByFergilicious updated
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 4 subscribers, 80 views, 2 comments

Jimin is famous, and Jungkook isn't. Sort of highschool au. Angst & fluff simultaneously. 

Lost stars

Bykrayons updated
CharactersKim Minseok, Lu Han, Zhang Yixing, Huang Zitao, Wu Yi Fan, Kim Jongdae
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 18 subscribers, 260 views, 2 comments

Kim Minseok believes he lives a pretty ordinary life.  


Byfishyforlife updated
CharactersLu Han, Sehun, Anaea, etc.
With4 chapters, 2 votes, 4 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

        A mortal faces his own death as he unfolded the hidden secrets of the world parallel to his own. In order to save his life, he must defeat the Alkaia in a bloodshed. She's the s

Sparks Fly, and I Wish Cancer Did Too

Bymeganloveskpop updated
CharactersWoo Jiwoo(OC), Jeon Jungkook, Bangtan boys, 15&, others
With4 chapters, 10 subscribers, 180 views, 1 comments

Everyone has a say in what happens in their life. The decisions made can change your life forever, no matter how much you think about your actions. There are happy times, when things go the way you unexpectedly well.  

While I'm Alive

Bychicklit_89 updated
CharactersLuhan, Jooyoun (OC)
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 24 subscribers, 270 views, 1 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

"I'm dying Luhan." - ~ - Cancer is rare. Osteosarcoma is what is killing her slowly but surely. Pain of the tumor is bearable but the look in Luhan's eyes is torture. How long will she have to suffer?

12 sons and 7 MORE?!

Bynamelessnot updated
Charactersexo bts oc ot12
With4 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 140 views, 1 comments

 What will Hyungjen do after being freed from the brothel that she practically grew up in her teens by the prince charming Jungjil?  How will Jungjil 7 sons react to the arrival of their new mother,Hyungjen-eomma? How will she look for her 12 biological sons that she left in several orphanages just with her treasured notebook?

I'll Shine for You

Bylight-cat updated
CharactersByun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol
With1 chapters, 16 subscribers, 560 views, 5 comments

In the end, it doesn't matter that he won't be here tomorrow, because he'll say his goodbyes tonight.