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   LITHE AFFRP  / currently hiring.

By jorgin published
Characters possibly you.
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how about you stop judging the way a roleplay will grow by it's message and just try it out for once, instead? all the words you're fed, before this place even begins it's story, means absolutely nothing. when you join this place, judge it by how it's run. by the amount of hard work the admins may have put forth to make certain things happen. think about that. don't worry about whether or not there's a long list of features up for you to see. or a million names in


By JIN_arethusa published
Characters Everyone in UNIVERSE ! Come fight for LOVE !
With 2 chapters

cause life was meant to be happy

「✿ : DUMB DAISIES。// hiring admins!

By sullification published

   FRESH affrp。 — coming soon; check us out? ♡

By -soo_jung published
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fresh a pla

            a word from me。

By ellipsis published
Characters your mind
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    blankets — new & accepting. it's not how hard you fall, it's how you get back up / hey, chanyeol-ah. happy birthday!

By naries published
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grand opening : twenty-seventh november. BLANKETS AFFRP


By yaeins published
Characters you and your beautiful soul. ♡
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        〈 粲┊ ETERNAL 0.2 : it's chanyeol's bday and the only present i want is you. < 3

By creamella published
Characters best viewed with google chrome,the new aff.
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s i m t a s t i c ••• a f f r o l e p l a y — international (non-asian) celebrity roleplay // grand-opening, 24th november. join kendall and kylie, will ya? ♨(⋆‿⋆)♨

By ken-dall published
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  永恒 : ETERNAL   / sehun will offer himself to you if you join ene;

By oshzts published
Characters you < 3
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  ( identity。 ) rp : new & opened! ♡ we're really cool & active : - )

By identityrp published
Characters best viewed with the new aff version on google chrome
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  ❋ violet : opening in 4 days! / check us out?

By violets published
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       ☇ 夢想 : ONEIRIC。 :  an asianfanfic roleplay. / 28 days until christmas!

By joypks published
Characters layout is best viewed on aff old ver. pls join and make happy joy feel happier! x o.
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  ❋ violet : opening soon / check us out?

By grxdient published


    英国街。 LONDON STREET — Roleplay Advertising Shop : Newly Opened # 2111 : / / FREE OF CHARGE Service。WE ARE NEW AND DIFFERENT, CHECK US OUT! ♡ Scroll down the chapters for more roleplays.

By londonstreet published
Characters you!
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    home ( 홈 ) — lots of idol available, accepting / come and be a part of our ohana or just check us out?

By jyuyon published
Characters you and i. / view via old aff at google chrome.
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 42 comments

Moonlight Until Dawn |Aff Roleplay| |Join us| |All are welcome|

By K_Beyonce_Hyorin published
Characters You, Me, Idols~~
With 1 chapters, 70 views
Status Subscribers Only


 ➹  素朴な。яυsтıc  : newly opened! come check us out, we're accepting. ♡

By mynchl published
Characters you & me, darling. ♡
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RUSTIC - 自分自身に忠実であること -

NEW EXO DORM OPENED ︴LOOKING FOR EXO MEMBER + LADDER SUHO PLS COME + NEED TAO = based and active ! that pink teddy bear from red velvet mv is also welcum

By ohdanee published
Characters you! im looking at you clean up these mess ;A;;; you gheis pls come
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Atelophobia。ー A Line roleplay based. closed due to our first on-going event : D will be back on 30th November!

By homeles published
Characters you and our family and the lame admins, xoxo.
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 20 subscribers, 20 comments

atelophobia - The fear of being not good enough -

     LINE 。  formation of earth line rp — come and join our obama clan!

By sekiryou published
With 2 chapters, 31 comments

  LINE.                                                                                 a line roleplay.