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✳ HAVEN // an aff roleplay ー opening in 2 days┊accepting admins

By gxumhee published
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  `❃ : DELUSION。 / we have a message for you. ♡ it'd be truly wonderful if you have gave us a peek.       

By purecode published
Characters maybe you. ♡
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    ✖ BOUJI ACADEMY. a newly established affrp.    

By hanbun published
Characters me and you?
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   元素;element. an aurp. now open!. / CHECK OUT OUR SISTER RP, 'ELEMENTS'. SAY HI TO WENDY FOR ME. ♥

By xiaola published
Characters best viewed on google chrome.
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      ELEMENTS / shout out to element : tlab au affrp because yo, how often do you get roleplays opening at the same time span with even the same name? #wicked

By wendyesday published
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 卌 ғɪᴠᴇ sᴇᴄᴏɴᴅs ᴡɪᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜ ━ a new affrp。 

By yng-ji published
Characters maybe you? ♥
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   FROOT。  an instagram based rp — come grant our wishes!

By shardsofglass published
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  FROOT insta rp

    crayons — head, shoulders, knees and toes - swag check. / pst, we wish best of luck to students facing finals - fighting!

By soojyug published
Characters • you and i ♥
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established on sixteenth december, twenty-fourteen. c r a y o n s

 ⋆ ᴊᴏᴄᴜɴᴅ / newly opened affrp. 

By irenae published
Characters maybe you, my darling。
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my happy little pill ONE. one

   不是 ⊹ NOPE — coming real soon.

By w-ndis published
Characters you maybe?
With 1 chapters


   # BLANK SPACE / new affrp

By ewhun- published
Characters best viewed on old aff
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» ace high // google plus based → new and spanking new enrollment s! Application is now open!

By aceacademy published
Characters You, awesome roleplayers!
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STYLE affrp — newly established, many spot available! join juseyo c:

By pchrcngs published
Characters you
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hey there love!                            

 ʟᴜᴅɪᴄ / coming soon, my dear lovelies. ♡

By qriara published
Characters you, you, and you! ♡
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❝  you can be the tissue for my tears. ❞

    2015 : the new and improved / check us ( or me ) out, won't cha?

By backslash published
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    ❝ enchantment — an affrp that seeks for nothing but faith, trust and pixie dust. ♡    

By enchanteur published
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By mawufan published
Characters You and I!
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home rules/guidelines

           家 : HOME. — 2 days more / read our description and give us a chance. check out the thread for results.

By home-roleplay published
Characters it will be always you.
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→ sub rosa : NEW 3RDPOV AU ROLEPLAY.

By sr_jinah published
Characters looking for 3 admins.
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       ↬ / ▐ CALLING ALL ROLEPLAYERS。 ━ you're in such loss if you don't read the description. and for those who really cares.

By base-account published
Characters YOU,COME HERE.
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 ➵ opulent / come & join our little nation!   

By yaezis published
Characters you, you, and you! ♡
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Le Zombie apocalypse

By Enderdude1013 published
Characters Ender(me), Asuna(fwend), Leeroy ,Willis, Kim, Lee, Mary
With 1 subscribers, 30 views, 2 comments

Scientists mada a virus (classic apocalypse cliche). 3 months later the wold is at chaos. Survival wits are what make u all special... Few survival... Few dont...

  # COORDINATION : affrp / now open

By youkyng published
Characters best viewed on old aff via google chrome (scroll)
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    % COALESCE : an affrp. currently undergoing an activity check but we're still accepting reservations! join us for our christmas event? ♥   

By sjnghs published
Characters you, me and everyone else. ♥
With 2 chapters, 5 votes, 95 comments