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   FELICITY : affrp — open and needing vitamin you. ♥︎

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OHANA❤ newly opened affrp! [hiring one more admin]

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Charactersyou and our ohana
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  DIVERGENT : the countdown is up! would you be so kind to read our story? ♥

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Charactersthis is a place for everyone.
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  SEREIN ┊ grand opening! reserve now!

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ser ein let's create memories together  and   make it into something extraordinary.

  ( 恒久 : AEONIAN。 — just opened and very active, we are here to love you. ♡

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Charactersyou and our everlasting family.
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   REDAMANCY — coming soon. check us out, okay? okay. ♥︎

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     #:ENDLESS affrp — newly opened / naeun wants apink to give her a lap dance.

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✽ RENDEZVOUS / / aff roleplay. (numerous idols available!!)

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↬ / PILLOW : affroleplay. coming soon + hiring. check us out, maybe?

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Characterscan be viewed on aff's both versions.
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  ✕ : 平静。 // affrp, less than 24 hrs. take a peek?

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Charactersyou, me, and lots of other wonderful people.
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/ ↳ THE INSPECTION : a roleplay reviewing thread — come apply today to get your roleplay reviewed!

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      JUST LIVE 。↳ newly opened! accepting & need two admins.

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Sᴏᴜʟ Rᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ → line roleplay #brand new rp! #become chen's peasant today o/ [ a lot of idols available! ]

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Characterschen's peasants.
With2 chapters, 5 votes, 8 subscribers, 310 views, 10 comments


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     天堂 // HEAVEN。 — new line based rp

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Charactersyou and everyone else
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  CONFLATE. ━ new affrp. hiring one male admin!   

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   FIRST LOVE DIARIES 。 AFFRP    / give us a try !~ admins filled.

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  ❛❛ / SINCERITY : affrp — officially open! active and growing, we want you now ❤️❤️

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Charactersyou, me, & our lasting family
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zugzwang affrp ♚ ㅡ open & accepting faceclaims with relatively slow paced updates, lmao. 2 male admin spots up fof grab, come and join us!

Byceulgi published
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hey and no, i'm not here to leave an essay that you'd probably read just halfway and comment that you agree and we share the same sentiments because who has got time for that? i'm here to just say that i'm a suckish admin because i can't even code a layout perfectly nor am i the flash who could run at the speed of light and give updates at 0.02 seconds because honestly, that screams impos


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Please comment your account url so I may make you a co-author on the new thread, thanks.

neverland ☆ affrp ㅡ officially operating ; are you crazy enough to join this fambam?

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Charactersteamwork, cooperation, faith, trust and maybe a little bit of pixie dust.


❝ATARA✕IA → Brand new and accepting

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( 翼 ) : WINGS. — alternate universe affrp, awaiting accounts!

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MERAKI — COMING SOON TO A THREAD NEAR YOU! ( we are currently hiring dedicated admins )

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