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  (  & FADE。 ) kik based – give us a chance? check out our previews!

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Characterseveryone who chooses to join.
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the box affrp。— get yo crayon and colour up the box 'cause we're weirdos, freaks and lovely peeps. to rapmon, you are requested to come quickly by chanyeol, hoho. hanbin aka b.i, sunhwa needs you riGHT NOW. check our wishlist and grant some pls?

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Charactersweirdos; freaks; lovely peeps。
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    SCINTILLA。 an aff-based roleplay / opening in three days! come and check us out, please?

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Charactersevery one of us. c:
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   (   智 : WISDOM.    )

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  智   智

wonderland ♤ ㅡ coming at you on 1709. not white or red, but green queen is here to rule.

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Characterswho you are.
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   DIVERGENT : version 2.0. three days to go, why not stop by and express your opinion? ♥

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Charactersthis place exists for those who desire to stay.
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join us in the reopening and pass the love around. DIVERGENT : HERE'S

   ‛ VOYAGE. — affrp. coming soon; 21092014! spare us a moment? ♥

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    & SEASONAL 。we're so much more than you think.

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INFO : basically, this is a four - way roleplay.  autumn : affroleplay. winter : facebookrp. spring : twitterrp. summer : oocrp.

  AESTHETICS affrp } 190914. / third preview released + send us more questions for our Q&A? ♥

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Charactersyou and your love ones.
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MOONSTRUCK— ᴄᴏᴍɪɴɢ ɪɴ 4 ᴅᴀʏs ♥ “Don’t be afraid to show your beautiful smile because it is the key to everyone’s heart” — just a little quote that hopefully made you smile (✿◠‿◠)

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   ( ★ )BLISS : NEW   

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Charactersbest viewed on aff version one.
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Charactersyou, you, you, and that sea urchin in the corner
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DIVINATION — just a small quote

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▼ 木漏れ日 // komorebi affroleplay ㅡ jiyeon seeks kokoros and sarangs, lay wishes that his wishes are granted - come over, we'll give you food.

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Charactersyou : you : you : me : us - the not so normal fambam.
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eleutheria » / instagram based roleplay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ㅡ JUST OPENED. LOTS AVAILABLE. PLS JOIN JSY.

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   ‹ YOUNIQUE : new affrp — now open! ▿ ›′

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Charactersbest viewed on google chrome
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♥ because you and me

▲ selcouth affrp ㅡ open for unfamiliar, strange, rare yet marvellous people to join : are you one of them?

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Charactersunfamiliar, rare, strange yet marvellous humans.
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slowly 。+ kik based roleplay; all members check chapter 3 & jungkook needs his jin hyung!

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SLOWLY - あなたは素敵な顔をしている -

   ◊ just like that! : affroleplay / reopened and waiting for y'all! #RIPEunB #RIPRise

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Charactersyou, you and all of you.
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 + eror 404 — kik rp。krys wants more yeojas + rpers | activity check on chp 3!!!

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Charactersyou! < 333
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eror 404 - あなたは素敵な顔をしている -

  eror 404; — an aff roleplay.

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COMING SOON. september 15th 2014.

   WELKIN : officially up and running!

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