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   ↗ AUREATE — affrp ; a/c。: reopening in less than 12 hours! / check us out? ♡

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Charactersyou & me, our derp squad. ♡
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※ Pleasantview — forum-based / City-themed roleplay • only accepting those who wants to be a staff and help the pleasant founder ♥

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The place is currently under construction, if you are willing to help and be part of my staff team- feel free to join by just pming this account (I am not being stupid right now, but since my friend really wanted to join as Soojung, Krystal is off-limits and so as Seokjin). I apologize for using the facebook/twitter/aff

   AMORPHOUS — aff-based roleplay / opening on 110314! check us out?

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Charactersyou. me. us.
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amorphous. amorphous. ------------------------------------------------------------

   ➳ POMPEII ; coming soon + those who applied, look at chapter one pls! happy halloween, everyone. ♥

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  ✖ VIVACIOUS :YURI - AFFRP : brand new, open and hiring! happy halloween!

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❝ Life . / instagram-based rp ❞ - newly opened. join us now! very active and joy will give you free hugs if you join ouo

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Charactersyou + a new family ♥
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    FAMILY — affrp / active & cleared ! ( come join our family ? 07 months and more to come )

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Characters( you ) + me & our long lasting family
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  AUSPICIOUS. — affrp. open and active. undergoing an activity check but still accepting. ♥   

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Charactersyou and us.
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AUSPICIOUS - 給予或成為未來成功的標誌 -

  ❇ GENIAL; — affrp. officially reopened & active / join now! ♡   

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Charactersall you lovely people.
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    asdfghjkl — aff roleplay; hella active and accepting [hubba hubba #asdfghjklhalloween; ACTIVITY CHECK GOING ON. #1ST FEATURE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!]

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Charactersyou and grumpy cat
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   GLEE!    a line roleplay. ( open & active. urgently wishing for youuuu. ♥︎ )

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Charactersyou, you, and you!
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✯ glee! a line roleplay.

   ↳ SENTIMENTAL : affrp. — #fourmonths / join our everlasting family today!

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Charactersyou and me — we strive for an everlasting family.
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    家. 家.    

IMMORTAL: KIK RP ♡ wanna join the family? confessions page is now unlocked + awards night coming soon!

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Charactersyou, you and you!
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  Aᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄs affrp }  CLEARED. / + give us a chance, maybe we're worth it. ♥

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Charactersyou and your loved ones.
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  COMING SOON. // share ideas on what to name this roleplay!

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 created by you,

  * COMPLETE : finally opened! a layout is released every wednesday at 7pm cst. *

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StatusSubscribers Only

FROM THE CREATOR OF : serendipity, demure, expectation, heaven and hell, and


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✈ Dreamin Gallery {new layout}

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CharactersKpop & Jpop
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↱ᴀᴅʀᴇɴᴀʟɪɴᴇ↲ — affrp : coming soon! wait for us, yeah? ♡

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   ᅀ SIMPLICITY。— the original mobilerp / wishes to grant, people to love. why not join us?

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note: this layout is best viewed via google chrome on the old version of asianfa

   # : VOGUE — kikbased + cleaned & needing more roleplayers.

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Characterswe, be cracka-lackin'.
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follow me affrp : yuri/girl x girl – open. come join us, many characters are available! ♡

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Charactersthe female population.
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follow me, an asianfanfics roleplay, featuring all domestic / korean & international female idols. created by admin sojin at 3:46p.m. / gmt+8, on 160714. re-opened on 130914.

‛ 나비. — yuri(girlxgirl) affrp. brand new, open and active! spare us a moment?♥

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     ☕ COFFEE : an aff roleplay / hiring two admins! ♥

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Charactersyou, you, and well, maybe some coffee? ♥
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