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   ↳ SENTIMENTAL : affrp. — #fourmonths / we're just missing a dose of vitamin u!

Byjn-ris updated
Charactersyou and me — we strive for an everlasting family.
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    家. 家.    

    FAMILY — affrp / active ( come join our family . 07 months & more to come )

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Characters( you ) + me & our long lasting family
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      お茶 ☇ tea。

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Characters// batch one closed。
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StatusSubscribers Only

"you don't deserve to see daisies wither."              (scroll the picture down)

IMMORTAL: KIK RP ♡ wanna join the family?

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Charactersyou, you and you!
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  Aᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄs affrp }  CLEARED. / + check us out maybe? 3rd feature released! ♥

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Charactersyou and your loved ones.
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GUANXI ; coming soon, check us out! ♥

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   ▲ GAJOK ⇀ an affrp : coming soon!

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Charactersjust you and i
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   GLEE!    a line roleplay. ( open & active. seduces you into joining!!!! )

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Charactersyou, you, and you!
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✯ glee! a line roleplay.

   ‹ イ ン タ ー ネ ッ ト › affrp — now open。

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Charactersjoin if your anaconda don't
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   ↗ AUREATE — affrp ; open。: check the details on our events here & give our family a try?. ♡

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Charactersyou & me, our derp squad. ♡
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  * COMPLETE : sneak peek and guidelines has been released! *

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StatusSubscribers Only

FROM THE CREATOR OF : serendipity, demure, expectation, heaven and hell, and

  ❇ GENIAL; — reopening soon / countdown is up. spare us some of your time? ♡   

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Charactersall you lovely people.
With2 chapters, 17 votes, 94 comments

happiness is a state of mind, 

    asdfghjkl — aff roleplay; hella active and accepting [active booty hunting. crying hard over bts's concept pics ;;. WE HAVE BOBBY//MINO. HELP US COMPLETE RED VELVET, EXO AND BTS. HIRING ONE ADMIN.]

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Charactersyou and your booty
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BLOSSOM ♚ ㅡ open & active! join and irene will be your girlfriend for a day! HYPER PEOPLE FOR SEULGHEI and NOTSOALMIGHTY JONGEN WILL STRIP FOR YOU! small but have a little faith. grant joy's wishes and she'll share her coughsunnicoughs snacks.

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Charactersanyone you please and anyone who will stay.
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  AUSPICIOUS. — affrp. coming soon!   

Bysophies updated
Charactersyou and us.
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    ↻ ELATED。 — an aff-based roleplay / CLEARED! / whispers. grant our wishes juseyo. c': / needing suho to complete exo k! c:

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   ᅀ SIMPLICITY。— the original mobilerp / wishes to grant, people to love. why not join us?

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note: this layout is best viewed via google chrome on the old version of asianfa

   ポラリス : POLARIS。 an affrp — active and accepting! sebaeklussul welcoming you with open arms. #7monthwithpolarissoon ♡

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Charactersyou. us. we fly. together- killed.
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   UNFORGETTABLE : an affrp / coming soon + we is da family of cute butts

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Charactersyou and your cute
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✖ DISCONNECTED PACKS / under construction

Bycharmeleon updated

✖ Rapturous™ — an Instagram based roleplay. ♥ // ACTIVITY CHECK OVER. LOTS AVAILABLE. PLS JOIN JSY. TL IS ACTIVE & SPAMMING 24/7.

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Characters♥ YOU!
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✈ Dreamin Gallery {new layout}

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CharactersKpop & Jpop
With8 chapters, 15 votes, 74 comments

   ↳ NUMINOUS : coming soon + we know where you live and we be stalking.

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Charactersbooties and anacondas. slapped
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饺子 // NEW AFF ROLEPLAY. 101014 ##

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Charactersyou baes.
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   (   ISCARIOTIC   ): lined-based! + grant our wishes!

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