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When its All Over

Most people would run away from danger, but Yun Mi craves it. She craves the thrill of being carefree and irresponsible. The dream is so real she can almost taste it, but first, she must rid herself of all that will hinder her progress.


Byenahatesyou updated
CharactersSohyun, Ilhoon, Sungjae, Eunji, Solji, Jihyun
With26 chapters, 4 votes, 63 subscribers, 40 comments

With only a week left until the world ends...again, Sohyun, who is indifferent to the situation, is met with a ring that gives her strange abilities.  She handles these abilities with her new acquaintance, Ilhoon.  As the two roam about the city encountering creatures and natural disasters in the year 4012, Cho​sen is the story that tells how the world and humanity can be saved. 

Because I Love You

Byk3ykwangie updated
CharactersLee _____ (You) // Lee Kikwang // BEAST // MBLAQ
With43 chapters, 7 votes, 504 comments



Bymshello updated
With65 chapters, 17 votes, 436 subscribers, 37760 views, 757 comments

Guess who are the trouble makers? Kim HyunA & Jang hyunSeung -I'm sorry for not finishing the lights go on again, but gotta be honest, can't do complicated smart story but I finish will I be with you right? hehe.. please enjoy!-

My Nerd Boyfriend is a Handsome Gangster

Byprincejungdaehyun updated
CharactersYou,Yong Jun Hyung,Yang Yo Seob,B2ST,4Minute,Block B,SHINee and many more
With63 chapters, 25 votes, 1140 subscribers, 31980 views, 707 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Hey guys! KPOPGIRL is here with a new fic.

The Story Of The Trouble Makers

Byaye_b2uty updated
CharactersHyunseung | HyunA | B2ST | 4minute
With42 chapters, 23 votes, 426 subscribers, 24980 views, 529 comments

Hyunseung and HyunA have been paired up to perform as a duo for a new Cube Project. They were never really close at first, they were just friends from the same company.. How on earth could they possibly produce a mini album together? What kind of situations would they go through, in order to meet their companies standards? And most of all.... could there be a possibility of them... falling in love?    Hi guys! As you should know now,  Hyunseung and Hyuna's 'Troubl


ByCandyParadiseRP updated
Charactersyou. me. them.
With5 chapters, 41 votes, 175 subscribers, 21370 views, 702 comments

Becoming A Vampire's Slave

ByCakePOP_Crush updated
CharactersKim Ji Hae, Kai, rest of EXO-K
With26 chapters, 29 votes, 370 subscribers, 18730 views, 175 comments

A vampire seeking for the right blood type and slave. The one he finds is perfect, but he doesn’t know it might be the one that can also end his life.  

There's No Tomorrow

Byhayeora_ updated
CharactersKim Hyuna, Jang Hyunseung, B2ST, 4 Minute and etc.
With61 chapters, 38 votes, 658 comments

    Kim Hyuna is a student in Seoul Highschool, known for being a hard-core party girl, a girl who sleeps with others and a member of the group 4 Minute which is the counterpart of the famous group B2ST. B2ST is known for their good image who doesn't party, drink and everything. In t

I want to marry you… (WGM)

ByLattice updated
Characters4minute, Infinite, Jiyoon, Sungkyu (Sunggyu), Hyuna, Gayoon, Sohyun, Jihyun, Woohyun, Dongwoo, Sungyeol, Hoya, L, Sungjong
With45 chapters, 2 votes, 133 subscribers, 13700 views, 183 comments

Hello everybody, I must say that I became a little too obsessed with the Jiyoon(4minute)-Sungkyu(Infinite) couple, so, I wanted to know what would happen if I got them married in We Got Married. I have no idea if anyone before me had done a fanfic like this with this couple, but I don’t really care, if there is one rounding around the internet, I’m sure it would be really different than mine (I hope). For now I don’t have anything to say except this fanfic is pure fiction, I don’t own any o

Mystery From The Start

ByJustHyunafan updated
CharactersHyuna, Junhyung, 4minute, BEAST, Sunggyu, Kai from EXO, Hara from Kara
With62 chapters, 17 votes, 123 subscribers, 13250 views, 272 comments

  From the start our marriage wasn't right. Our marriage is not love but responsible and reputation. "I’m a person who has 3 identities." "After this marriage I will have 4 identities. How am I going to cope?" "Sometime

The Unwilling Wife

ByNeko1996 updated
CharactersSohyun, L.Joe, Peniel, Ilhoon, Jiyeon, 4minute, Teen Top
With32 chapters, 16 votes, 171 subscribers, 12670 views, 149 comments

Kwon Sohyun, an independent and strong girl is suddenly thrown into an arranged marriage, in other words Sohyun is being sold by her own father to a rich business man named Lee Byunghyun or L.Joe as everyone else calls him. Sohyun is bound to this marriage through a contract her father and L.Joe agreed upon. What will be the outcome of this marriage? Hey! I'm back with another Sohyun and L.Joe fic. I just love this paring so much. So anyway, I w


Bycutiepie_18 updated
With100 chapters, 14 votes, 54 subscribers, 11890 views, 611 comments

It's a story about 2yoon <3 Want to know more? ;) Let's start reading! :D

What A Girl Wants

Byfranzii updated
Characters4MINUTE, B2ST & T-ARA
With47 chapters, 4 votes, 83 subscribers, 11680 views, 278 comments

A rollercoaster love story ride about Jeon Jiyoon and Kim Hyuna.  

Guilty Pleasure

Byquennannie updated
With29 chapters, 11 votes, 158 comments

New story? Hmm... this idea came suddenly to me so i decided to write a description. Tell me what you think.     Annyeong! My name is Kim Hyuna. I'm 18 years old and I'm a student at Seoul Academy of Arts. This is

The Tutor

Byyulnvn updated
With25 chapters, 14 votes, 114 subscribers, 10450 views, 230 comments

Main character Kim Hyuna - Mystery girl

I'm a Gangster...But Not a Normal One

ByCrescendo-- updated
CharactersLee Minji, Lee Howon, Lee Byunghun/L.joe, Kim Myungsoo, Infinite, Teen Top, 4 Minute
With51 chapters, 6 votes, 93 comments

She is a gangster...... she is the best female fighter in Seoul.  But she has something behind that smirk when she fights. Something secret that is dangerous. But what was it?

Living with Joker

Byquennannie updated
With28 chapters, 12 votes, 131 subscribers, 9690 views, 262 comments

What happens when the guy that has been making your life impossible since childhood is back in town and not only that...he's going to live with you. To make things worse he is hotter that ever and you discover that the feelings that you thought that were a child's infatuation are back and stronger than before. Discover how to survive being teased by your first love in "Living with Joker"

I think I love you

ByLattice updated
Characters4minute, Beast, Jiyoon, Junhyung, Hyuna, Sohyun, Gayoon, Jihyun, Doojoon, Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon, Hyunseung
With47 chapters, 3 votes, 80 subscribers, 9510 views, 110 comments

  Hello everyone! My favorite member of 4minute is Jiyoon and I’ll love to see her interact more with BEAST members, specially Junhyung because I think both are very compatible, both are the charisma in their groups, both rap and they just look good together, well, Jiyoon looks great with everyone, but, you know, Junhyung fit really good with her. Anyways, enjoy this fanfic. I don’t own any of the characters, this is pure fiction. I apologize if I have any bad spe

We're Still Married

Bycbunny updated
CharactersJunHyung, JiYoon
With18 chapters, 4 votes, 95 subscribers, 9500 views, 141 comments

BEFORE YOU READ take note that: 1. This is FICTION please read with an open mind. 2. I do not own the celebrity used in the story 3. The only thing I take credit for is the story line 4. This does not reflect my opinion or view of the person/persons used. 5. Please forgive me for my future grammar and spelling mistake or missing words.

Believe me, I REALLY LOVE YOU.....

Bylin_ling9697 updated
CharactersSohyun, L.Joe, Teen Top, 4Minute
With40 chapters, 9 votes, 130 subscribers, 9050 views, 224 comments

Sohyun is just an ordinary girl. She is a hardworking person, kinda tomboy a little, and does not crazy for boys.But her life is about to change when she met an idol of her new school, L.Joe. L.Joe is not really sweet or a cold person. He treats all the girls with the same thoughts, they're just fans. Will his thought going to be change by Sohyun? Will Sohyun mind is going to be full by L.Joe? Well, read it and find out........ Ok, this is my fi

Becoming a Vampire's Bride

ByCakePOP_Crush updated
CharactersYou (Kim Ji Hae)+Kai, rest of EXO-K & 4Minute
With18 chapters, 23 votes, 8970 views, 119 comments

Sequel to: Becoming a Vampire's Slave Everything with you and Kai have been well. He loves you and you love him, but there is a flaw. The counselors of elders: SM, YG, and JYP want you two to break apart because you were a vampire hunter.

My aegyo girl

ByLattice updated
Characters4minute, Infinite, Jiyoon, Sungkyu, Sohyun, Hyuna, Gayoon, Jihyun, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Dongwoo
With17 chapters, 3 votes, 54 subscribers, 8900 views, 46 comments

This fanfic is inspired by the Episode 8 of MBC's Flower Bouquet variety show in which Sungkyu of Infinite declares his love for Jiyoon of 4minute by singing her a ballad called Baby Baby of a group named 4men, and later on the fic it would be inspired by the events occurred on the Episode 11 of the same variety show.