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Just As You Are

The (mis)adventures of the socially-crippled Sehun and his floating companion, Luhan.

As the Wind Blows Us Apart

ByChalley updated
Characterstaecyeon, tiffany, featuring yoona, khun, chansung, jessica, taeyeon, sooyoung, sunny and yuri
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 14 subscribers, 200 views, 3 comments

They fall in love. They fall apart. They fall in regrets.

The Perks of Being A Star Girlfriend

Bycatokcat27 updated
With2 chapters, 10 views

Ok Taecyeon, a famous South Korean Singer and Actor. He is the member of 2PM, the beastly idol. He is such a perfectionist and intelligent person. And also he is a perfect charming man, he has a well build body, and a good manner that every girl in this earth will melt. He met a careless, cute and innocent girl in his university and he begin to find her attractive.

My Best Friend and I

ByKaylre updated
CharactersVictoria Song, Nichkhun Horvejkul
With9 chapters, 5 votes, 23 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

  Victoria Song is in-love with her bestfriend, Nichkhun but the problem is that Nichkhun is dating Tiffany Hwang, the school's queenka. Because Nichkhun is dating Tiffany, he spends less and less time with Victoria. Find out what happens....  

Destiny of the Lost Princess.

ByXxKwanSooRaXx updated
CharactersTvxq, snsd, Shinee, Exo, Vixx, 2pm, Bigbang , other kpopgroups
With33 chapters, 4 votes, 30 comments

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."    


Bykhunnies updated
With3 chapters, 7 subscribers, 110 views, 3 comments

"People says we can fall in love to someone if they cares us so much right? I think you already did. Why are you with him all the time now? Am I your boyfriend or him? If you are cheating on me, don't hide it. Just go date in front of me, just fcking kiss him, hug him in front of me. I have someone who is so much better than you, ." 

The Night

Bymichelleac updated
With5 chapters, 4 subscribers, 110 views, 2 comments

Do you remember your first kiss?

For The Love And Klemania

ByOkCat072 updated
CharactersTaecyeon Yoona Victoria
With2 chapters, 4 votes, 1 comments

In a world were mind-boggling things really do happen, Taecyeon found himself girdled by such mysteries unknown to his vast knowledge. Walking to the other side of the door seem to be the simplest thing to do but facing what lies beyond is another story. Taecyeon found himself trying to fix a broken past. Piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle, he started seeing the bigger picture. From having clues to his first love's whereabouts after years of disappear

The Gift

Bythe_arrogant_cat updated
Characters2PM Taecyeon, Cerese (OC)
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 14 subscribers, 140 views, 6 comments

Cerese's recurring dream about a woman coming out of a tree and being taken by a man with black feathered wings might be closer to reality than she might think when she moves to a cabin deep in the woods after her parents' untimely death.

How Far Until Footprints Vanish

Bygummimoon updated
CharactersChansung, Wooyoung, Min-Jun, Junho, cameos and more later
With23 chapters, 33 votes, 176 comments

Hwang Chansung is on a quest to find the lost Realm of Foxes. However, to reach it he needs the help of a Fox. So, before he can even begin to search for the mysterious realm, he needs to find one. During his travels he stumbles into the small city called Fortune where he finds some enigmatic individuals. Rumours also say a Fox lives there. Will he be able to find it? And if he does, will he be able to convince them to assist him in finding the Realm of Foxes? What is his motivation for going

Mi Gran Sueño Hecho Realidad.

ByRachali updated
With5 chapters, 1 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments

Rachali estudio Chef y se graduó con los mejores honores, trabajo en uno de los mejores hoteles de puerto rico viajo a diferentes partes pero cerca de su país un día recibió una llamada para que fuera a participar en un programa de televisión que salía al aire en unas semana esto seria en new york ella acepto, lo que no se imaginaba era que ese dia cambiaría su vida para siempre, su mayor sueño se convertiría en realidad.

It's Raining

By0501yes updated
Characterswooyoung nichkhun chansung taecyeon junho jun.k 2PM
With20 views

Ini Wooyoung, yang tidak akan menyerah untuk memecahkan teka-teki tiga tahunnya.

Pas de Cheval

Bynamjujubes updated
CharactersRap Monster, (V) Taehyung, Suga, Jin, Jongkook, J-Hope, Jimin, Sandara Park, Jimin (15&), Yerin, Taecyeon, I dunno, read and find out
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 140 views, 2 comments

Namjoon Kim, fresh from university, finally acheives his dream interview at BTS Industries, one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment world-wide. One thing Namjoon Kim did not expect was a CEO with a stare like a blank slate, two day security guards with the same name, the 15th floor of death, and Yoongi Min. Yoongi Min deserves a category all his own (AKA, Tamara mashes together every K-Idol she can think of in a story centered around Bangtan just because

Smiley Eyes

Byelliemarie updated
CharactersYou, Lee Junho, Hwang Chansung, Ok Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Jang Wooyoung, Kim Minjun
With2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 100 views

How could you ever expect that you would become so close to your idols? But what if one day, completely by accident, you bump into them and seemingly hit it off? Nobody knew what would happen; you just hoped it would be fun.

You Are My Everything

ByWooUshii07 updated
CharactersLee Ji eun, Jang Wooyoung, Song Joong Ki, Kim Taeyeon, Hwang Tiffany, Kim So Eun, Kwon Yuri, 2pm members
With28 chapters, 3 votes, 5800 views, 26 comments

Main Characters  

Nothing But a Game

ByCeleste_Sirius updated
With35 chapters, 10 votes, 111 subscribers, 7420 views, 105 comments

This is a story about two best friends Who drifted apart

Angel Mission

ByPolkadotty updated
CharactersAll of 2pm
With2 chapters, 7 subscribers, 90 views, 2 comments

A/N : I dont own anything but the plot. I wanted to make another series...please support me? Oh well. People dont talk to me anyway. { T ~ T } Enjoy! **** "2pm~ Its so late." The man floated above a old lady who was rushing home after late grocery shopping. The winged male stared lazily at the orange on the floor. 'She must have dropped it.' He drifted to the ground and picked up the fruit. He looked back and forth, and tapped her shoulder. The lady looked back and the

A Wife's Love

ByTaeLliMinSulLove updated
With24 chapters, 12 votes, 70 subscribers, 4380 views, 85 comments

Sulli was the perfect daughter, the perfect friend, the perfect wife and the perfect mother. She only had one problem, her job was taking over her life. She began to neglect her husband, Minho. Yoona was Sulli's best friend, no one could replace her. But Yoona, suffers from the emptiness of a true love. What happens when the lives of these three people intertwine?   Characters

Perfect Match (TaecKhun oneshots)

Bycandellasa updated
CharactersTaecyeon, Nichkhun & other cameos
With12 chapters, 4 votes, 123 subscribers, 1920 views, 56 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

        "Title says it"      

Lovely Balcony

Bywhimsigyu updated
CharactersKim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, Lee Junho, Kim Myungsoo, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Howon
With29 chapters, 94 votes, 648 subscribers, 23840 views, 627 comments

Kim Sunggyu doesn't claim to be different (but being raised with six girls, he's bound to be different).  He's a normal teenager getting through his last year of high school without experiencing the wonders of love. That spring, the Kim Family gets new neighbors that seem to be the epitome of school girl's crushes.  During that summer, Sunggyu experiences all the drama and all the ups and downs that love brings.   A/N:

Historia de aniversario

ByTsuki90 updated
Tags2pm spanish
With1 chapters, 40 views, 1 comments

Recolectando mis historias, encontré esta que escribí en su aniversario.

Always & 4ever

ByTsuki90 updated
CharactersNichkhun, Hottest
With1 chapters, 50 views, 1 comments

Viejo oneshot escrito en la epoca de todo el caos Hottest por la relación de Khun... 


ByTsuki90 updated
Tags2pm spanish
With1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 20 views, 2 comments

Es un tipo raro de fic-canción... inspirado en la canción del titulo de su último single y un momento angst.

LOVE NEVER SLEEPS (My Heart's Candy)

ByChalley updated
Characterstaecyeon, tiffany, nichkhun, wooyoung, iu, chanseong, sunye, suzy, 2PM
With62 chapters, 3 votes, 9310 views, 107 comments

A cute story between friends and colleagues. Funny, romantic, and a little drama...  Characters: Ok Taec Yeon

mwo?! she's our what?!

Bykyoumi updated
CharactersNichkhun Taecyeon Mark Jackson Jun.k
With13 chapters, 2 votes, 330 views, 4 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

I won't say anything. But I think you should try to guess what is the connection of our heroine to our beastly idols. Our main characters are 2pm. But other idols might be mentioned through their conversations or might interact with them. [06.24.14] Thinking of adding a few more artist here. Don't worry. It'll make it more fun and longer than the original goal i have in mind.   [09.13.14] Slower updates, just so that this will keep on going.

Operation Salvage

Bytintedglass updated
CharactersWooyoung, Taeyeon, Taecyeon, Yoona, Junho, Minjun, Leeteuk and others
With8 chapters, 4 votes, 69 subscribers, 1180 views, 36 comments
StatusSubscribers Only