Series (722 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Autumn's Daisy

Mei lived a dull life, everyday was just the same as the next. From her shameful job, her clueless and selfish classmates, the rising and setting of the sun. Everything was set, everything was the same. But that all changed when she met BTS.

Fire and Ice (3)

Gdragon is the king of hell. Seungri is his queen from the human world.


Mandala (3)

Time (2)

Rodeo Series (4)

The 10 Ships Of Christmas 2017 (6)

A collection of Christmas oneshots, one for each possible pairing in Big Bang.

Raccoon's love anthology and other tales (3)

Just overly positive fluff featuring our girls from Twice and friends

Kiwon High School AU (2)

Jjong (2)

It Will Be Okay (2)

us againts the universe (2)

It was a quiet love, a tacit love. It came without prelude or preamble. They never said the word love–they didn’t have to.

Redefining Clichés (4)

The clichés with a twist

Contract Killer (1)

Everyone has a dark past they want to hide or escape from but sometimes, no matter how fast you run, the demons will still catch up. And sometimes, you just have to face these demons once and for all.

Moonlight and Thousand Stars (2)

Mystery, hate, pain, and love come together in the story of the lives of omegas Oh Sehun and Kim Minseok, and alphas Kim Jongin and Lu Han.

Toy (2)

WTF (3)

Games Series (5)

A series of Anonymous murder games

Shorts (2)

EXOisms (1)

A family of women with a bond so strong not even distance could keep them from each other. So different, but they all sought one thing; love.

TaecYoon Oneshots (4)