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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Shards of Us [Baekhyun x OC]

She gave up everything for him, shattering her own pride. Kim Hana, born into a battle she didn't know if she wanted to fight anymore when she forced herself into Byun Baekhyun’s life. A silver spoon meant more than just wealth, but corruption and greed.

Dreamwalker (2)

Fire & Ice (3)

Jeontugi (2)

Ellister's Legacy (3)

The life of Sehun (2)

Enjoy the story of how Sehun went from a boy to a man.

behind every season (3)

Every season has a story to tell.

WaR! (4)

Enough To (3)

SoShiBond (9)

Bulletproof (1)

you remind me of my favorite song (3)

Ordinarily Imperfect (2)

Checkmate (2)

When a marriage is the only way to save Yoona's family. However, it doesn't mean she'll do it willingly.

Lahling Chronicles (1)

A group of four women all very successful in their own fields, Sydney, the notorious ice queen and Public Relations magnate, Tara girly fashionista and sought-after author of books-turned-movie shows, Giselle the sweet and innocent Actuary Consultant, and Angela (Angie) the comic relief and Handler-In-Demand aka fixer extraordinaire. They called themselves the Lahlings, and this is a story of their ups and downs and their rollercoaster love life with the men of their lives. Features: Namjoon (B

WINNER album (2)

Kumpulan cerita berdasarkan lagu-lagu di album WINNER

Descendants of The Sun (3)

Trilogy based on Korean drama, Descendants of The Sun. The missing part on eps 16 (While You Were Gone), after eps 16 (Snippets), and the continuation (Book 2).

warmth au (3)

연인들 (The Lovers) (1)

Taekook series (2)

Pertemuan mereka berakhir dengan tangisan. Kebahagiaan yang diharapakan tidak seindah yang diimpikan. Bolehkan seorang Jung kook menjalankan kehidupannya tanpa Tae hyung disisi.

Legend of the Meadones (3)