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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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The Middle Finger

A bus, an angry guy, a ring, and a small lie that gets bigger and bigger. Blamed that best friend of his for being an .

Straight As A Stick (1)

Straight fics written by me although my gay mind always wanders off to ... Somewhat a challenge

Vkook (2)

Taehyung and Jungkook come together in these two stories.


Damned (1)

The Damned Series


EXO Planet. How was it discovered? And how did it come to the point of war?

Wenrene Fanfic Writing Contest (6)


Give Me Love (2)

Jimin (2)

The Guardians (1)

Talu was once a peaceful land full of joyful people. But that all changed after The Rift occurred. Two siblings were born of light. They had existed ever since time itself had begun to tick by. The older was cherished and loved by her people, and became an epitome of happiness and was proclaimed the spiritual and physical ruler of the land. Her name was Iceador. (Ice-ah-door) The younger was seemingly ignored and shadowed while his sister got the green light. Over time, he grew relentless

of happiness and little wonders (2)

– a collection of chensoo stories/drabbles.

Irene Stories (1)

All the Irene pairings where she is getting ed. Note: girlxgirl only and Red Velvet pairings only.

one-shots [ top!baek ] (1)

this is a small package of one-shots with baekhyun as one of the main characters (the dominant one). the one-shots are different from one another, there is no story-line between them. enjoy!

Darkness (2)

The Greatest Trilogy (2)

A young woman named Soomi lives in a town that is plagued by mysterious beasts that reside in the woods. The only way to keep the town completely safe from these beasts is to sacrifice one young girl each year randomly through a ceremony. This year Soomi is the lucky winner and will die.

Twilight Saga (5)

B.A.P Storyventures (7)

A collection of fan-requested B.A.P-Scenarios, Drabbles, OneShots,... - sorted by members and OT6-content. Brought to you by the B.A.P International Fanpage! You want a story written by us? Request yours here on AFF or over on Facebook!

30 Day Prompt Challenge! (4)

For Nanowrimo 2017.

The Little Box (2)

Operation APPA (2)

All season of the show!