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Pretty love roses [ Jikook]

Jikook ( Jimin & Jungkook) one shot collection with various genres, from high school!au, hybrid!au, wolf!au... to the fluffy, romantic ones. Some will be slight angst (with fights and break-ups) but in the end all of them will have a Jikook happy ending

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All Curves, No Edges

By donghaeyah Featured
Tags  eunhae 
With 5 chapters, 166 votes, 1529 subscribers, 15490 views, 440 comments, 15878 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Donghae is your typical bullied kid. Fat, unwanted, a friendless wallflower. Hyukjae is your typical popular kid. Loved, admired, envied and respected. And this is their typical high school love story.       All Curves, No Edges

The Queen of Hearts

By -star- Featured
Tags  gangs   romance   you   exom   luhan 
With 5 chapters, 154 votes, 182 comments, 9533 words

“They say she aims at the heart when she kills.”

Of Proposal and Relationship

By -yuurika Featured
Tags  romance   mpreg   baekyeol 
With 1 chapters, 267 votes, 241 comments, 3755 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Park Chanyeol said he was not looking for a relationship. He had thousands of things to handle and relationship was not going to make his life easier. However, Byun Baekhyun came into his life with a proposal. Byun Baekhyun said, with both of their IQs, looks and wealth, the combination of both of them would create the most perfect thing in the world.   But Chanyeol could not see other things that came along with that.


By kkeumgi Featured
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   baekyeol   kaisoo   chanbaek   officeau 
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo and others
With 35 chapters, 261 votes, 2375 subscribers, 58980 views, 706 comments, 196526 words
Status Completed

Baekhyun desperately needs a job. So when a mysterious manager of a huge company offers him one he does not hesitate. Even if the job comes with a strange deal.          Characters


By Nefrofer13 Featured
Tags  taeny   taeyeon   tiffany   ot9snsd 
With 23 chapters, 185 votes, 2311 subscribers, 54160 views, 1360 comments, 74069 words
Status Subscribers Only

 I love you, even when you're only a hope.  This one is the sequel of Home. I hope you all will enjoy the journey.     

My Lady, My Butler

By iiEatBubbles Featured
Tags  jessica   snsd   taeny   taeyeon   tiffany   yulsic   yuri 
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Yuri
With 6 chapters, 162 votes, 2285 subscribers, 92690 views, 1139 comments, 32084 words
Status Completed

Tiffany Hwang is the daughter of a very rich family. She has never had a butler that has survived working for her for over 3 months. One day she meets a new butler and finds him quite impressive. This butler was named Kim Taeyeon and little did Tiffany know that this 'he' was actually a 'she'. Taeyeon has no memories of when she was 14 and younger and her parents are making her live her life out as a man. Saying that it was best for her to not be known as a woman and that they are only trying

Sunday Morning Kisses: Growing Up

By xingdom Featured
Tags  fluff   tao   lay   kris   kray   krispylays   fanxing 
With 19 chapters, 159 votes, 1116 subscribers, 34420 views, 581 comments, 63783 words

Raising a child is hard. Raising Zitao is even harder. (Domestic!Fanxing)   (Kid!Xiuhan) (Minor!Baekyeol)  


By Chogiwaed Featured
Tags  baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun (Oh Sehun)
With 5 chapters, 247 votes, 741 subscribers, 19220 views, 398 comments, 1251 words
Status Completed

Falling for someone is easy when they exactly know what they have to say to win your heart. "Say it and I am yours."


By krismatics Featured
Tags  angst   romance   scifi   vampire   you   medical   sehun 
Characters Sehun x OC
With 28 chapters, 340 votes, 867 comments, 35194 words
Status Completed

In a world where birthmarks represent the place that killed you in your past life, Yoonhee is an intern with a scar down her spine who died on the operating table hundreds of years ago while Sehun is a vampire surgeon who remembered it all.   

Protection B*tchface

By bluestone Featured
Tags  romance   exo   kris 
Characters OC, Kris, EXO, Jaejoong
With 45 chapters, 193 votes, 1715 subscribers, 56230 views, 741 comments, 37545 words
Status Completed

Before everything happened, Kim Najung, lead a perfect life. Her life was peaceful, she had a somewhat spunky and an uncontrollable personality, but her world was normal.   Everything was fine until she witnessed her mother being murdered right before her eyes.


By Walalo_EFL Featured
Tags  angst   donghae   eunhae   eunhyuk   romance   hyukhae 
Characters Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae, Kim Heechul, Cho Kyuhyun, Hankyung and a dash of Lee Sungmin.
With 22 chapters, 172 votes, 1941 subscribers, 37670 views, 588 comments, 61142 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only


By Chocksi Featured
Tags  fluff   romance   twoshot   exo   kaisoo   library 
Characters Kai, Kyungsoo
With 3 chapters, 202 votes, 820 subscribers, 28300 views, 155 comments, 9121 words
Status Completed

It's nervous wishing and hoping when I'm flipping through the pages with you, cornered by the electricity we make. 

That Stupid List

By NuNeen Featured
Tags  romance   you   seventeen   meanie   seokmin   vernon 
Characters OC, Vernon, Seokmin, Wonwoo, Mingyu
With 79 chapters, 218 votes, 1723 subscribers, 65010 views, 2225 comments, 177329 words
Status Completed

She was an introvert that stored her life away in a diary. Upon entering college, she wished to stay under the radar. She didn't plan to make friends, but she did. She didn't plan for her diary to be read by and obnoxious playboy, but it was. There were a lot of other things that happened with him that she never planned. A/N: An AU college fic with a Vernon x OC main couple and a Meanie (Mingyu x Wonwoo) si

The Forgotten Star

By Itdoesnthurtme Featured
Tags  fluff   romance   sekai   kaihun 
With 16 chapters, 200 votes, 876 comments, 35228 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

There are plenty of places where one can go for a break in Seoul. However Sehun chooses to only patronize one particular manga cafe. There is something about the handsome owner there that he can’t quite put his finger on. In a twist of events, Sehun realizes that Jongin is a famous idol from years ago whom he was a huge fan of. Will Sehun now get his chance with the forgotten star?

Black: The Flightless Bird Sequel

By DonkeyASS Featured
Tags  kryber   taeny   yulsic 
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Kwon Yuri, Liu Amber, Lee Sunny, Hwang Tiffany, Jung Jessica, Jung Krystal, Choi Sooyoung
With 40 chapters, 153 votes, 2238 subscribers, 56160 views, 1892 comments, 274816 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Are you guys exited? I know I am! The long wait is finally hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! >:D

Ice Prince & Ice Princess Palace

By Freyjadour Featured
Tags  yulsic   royalfamily 
Characters Kwon Yuri, Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Im Yoona, Seo Joohyun, Choi Sooyoung, Sunny Lee, Kim Hyoyeon, Nicole Jung
With 75 chapters, 152 votes, 1039 subscribers, 83930 views, 1763 comments, 315702 words

I decide to make this as story collection! About 3 - 5 chapter long story? It's all about YulSic couple as main dish, with TaeNy YoonHyun SooSun HyoNic as side dish! And before you guys pondering, there will be no Gender Bender on my collection!! So, some of my dear reader rest assure and enjoy the dish!    

My Boss’s Son Is My Housemate?!

By chaengoo Featured
Tags  fluff   genderbender   romance   snsd   taeny   taeyeon   tiffany 
Characters Tiffany Hwang Kim Taeyeon Kwon Yuri Jessica Jung Choi Sooyoung Lee Sunny feat. other snsd members and various kpop idol/actors/actresses with special participation of Im Yoona
With 28 chapters, 145 votes, 1971 subscribers, 51330 views, 946 comments, 139305 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  Kim Taeyeon, one of the most popular performers on Broadway, hopes to get the title role for the most successful musical of all time, The Phantom of the Opera which is also the longest running show in Broadway history. He invited his girlfriend to attend the audition but the latter didn’t show up. Taeyeon succeeded to get the title role but got frustrated that his girlfriend didn’t even keep her promise of being there to support him. Soon thereafter he learns that his girlfriend has

05:06 AM

By ThePerfNerd Featured
Tags  angst   sehun   baekhyun   sebaek 
Characters Baekhyun | Sehun
With 2 chapters, 168 votes, 559 subscribers, 11050 views, 168 comments, 21433 words
Status Completed

  "I never stopped." It is like a melody, a slowing of wind that caressed his hair, a brush of lips against skin, a twinkle of the stars up above in the night sky. He closes his eyes for there were no other sounds that had been as soothing as the voice that whispered into his


By unnie-bee Featured
Tags  chansoo   exo   chanyeol   kyungsoo   fantasyau   fairytaleau 
Characters chanyeol, kyungsoo, sehun, baekhyun, minseok, lu han, tao, joonmyun, jongin, jongdae, yixing, kris
With 8 chapters, 222 votes, 686 subscribers, 15550 views, 185 comments, 41179 words
Status Completed

Prince Chanyeol goes on an Epic Quest to rescue a princess and find his Destiny. Except his Destiny is not a princess, and doesn’t particularly want to be rescued.

How To Get The Prince Charming

By willhaebemine Featured
Tags  eunhae 
Characters donghae, eunhyuk, hyukjae, eunhae, sungmin, kyuhyun, kangin, leeteuk
With 5 chapters, 153 votes, 1096 subscribers, 20770 views, 675 comments, 5169 words

In this modern era, there are still King, Queen, Prince and Princess exist. Lee Donghae, a prince of The Eastern Korean Kingdom, is the most spoiled and childish prince in the Korean history. Nobody can't resist his wishes, his command, his aegyo. Well, none, until he met a Prince from across his kingdom.