KPOP Just Dance Wii Game

So I was playing the Just Dance Wii game with my sister...  



 ...and I realized how pathetic some of the dances were.

[My standards have been raised because of the Hallyu Wave]





Then, I thought...

Why can't they make a KPOP Just Dance Wii game?
That way, it'll be easier to learn the dances.
Then, I'll own all the dance parties!  KPOP IS TAKING OVER!!!
What do you think???


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lovelost9 #1
xD they are selling them for cheap on Ebay for $50 bucks
I know what I want for Christmas!!
i_love_me #3
really really good idea ! I give you 100000000% rigth ^.^
Kpopluvnum1 #4
I AGREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE SHOULD BE ONE! I know, In the Japaneses ver. of just dance there is TVXQ - Keep your head down, 2 songs from Kara and then 1 song from BoA.....
infiexotop #5
I have also been thinking that way! :D
Schokette #6
i want just dance k-pop too, i mean THIS would be a good seller, or am i wrong?
loveSHINee5 #7
i always wanted to have a wii but only if kpop just dance was on it then i would DEFIANTLY get the wii and all it's accessories! and by the way i defiantly approve of this! <3
NinjasAndKpop #8
I would buy a Wii and get that game and play it more than I'd be online. XDDD
DragonG #9
i approve of this XD my friend and i have been talking about this forever XD