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EXO 2048 Derp Edition

I created this derp edition since I was really bored XD 

I'm sorry to all those Baekhyun lovers out there cos he wasn't it the game since there wasn't enough place :(

Click on this to play :D - 2048: EXO Derp Edition

Feel free to comment if you want other versions :) I'll happily create them for you :)

Some shameless advertising here too :)

Please check out my newest story, Scarred! (Featuring Hunhan couple from EXO <3)


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babyguppy #1
Why it doesn't work for me? T_T i try to play it as tetris and it's worked but not the 2048:(
lulu2127 #2
Haha! It was good! Feeling weird.. Laughing hard while playing. ^^
VioletClouds #3
Can you make a Bangtan derp one tho? Pleaaasssse tyty sooooo much^^ heheheheh
CorinneluvSnsd4ever9 #4
Could you make an snsd version? Hehehe. Thanks!!!
cookieshypiggy #5
How to get the image url? Mine won't work. I wanna make one too ^^