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Se7en scandal

Ok, so many of you probably already know what happened. If not , here are the


I was a fan of Se7en, and STILL AM. 

But I had to write about this. The thing he has done is wrong on so many levels.

First of all, he has a girlfriend (which is a freaking goddess tbh), and to even think about going there is kind of unbelievable. I mean they are together for 10 years, and I find them to be a perfect couple (or so it seemed in the public eye), so I guess that's why I can't believe he would cheat?

Second, why are some fans still so delusional to say: Oh, he's a man, he's a celeb, he has needs etc... I know he's a celeb, so shouldn't he be aware, that media will follow them probably forever. (and I do find that fact sad, since it's not easy to deal with crazy papps all the time). He's a man and has needs, I understand this part very well. But LET'S NOT FORGET that he is on DUTY! I mean I would approve this if artist who don't have a girlfriend, and are NOT serving military used these kind of services, because the company doesn't allow them to date etc. But he is in the military atm. 

I don't know how many of you are familiar with this fact, but the war between South and North Korea was never finished. It's basically still going on, and the actual fight can start anytime. Thus, it's very important for every man to go to the military. 

Now 3rd thing, celebs already have so many benefits, and doing stuff like this make other non-celebrity soldiers look like fools. I mean even if they are injured while training, they'll have to finish it, but if it was a celeb, he could be excused. But regarding this issue, I think that the government should be blamed, because they are the ones who came up with the law. From my point of view they should treat every soldier the same, no matter what they do for living. 

4th, I don't think it's smart of YG to stay quiet in this type of situation. But someone mentioned that YG said he will never interfere in the scandals his artists make, and that he'll let them deal with it, and take consequences if needed. So if this is true, than fine. Do whatever you want YG, but I don't think this will reflect well on your company tbh.

5th and the most angering thing is that netizens are bringing up the old scandals, like Daesungs. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!? If Dae saw these comments he might just go back to the stage of depression that he struggled with during that time. And it's just mean, I would like to slap those people.

6th the reporters were really rude too, but I guess that's their job. They did take it too far, because media always exaggerates. But Se7en shouldn't have assaulted that man, regarding how mad he was.

So all in all, I will still support Se7en as AN ARTIST (but judging by the comments netizen made his career is done in Korea :/ ), but I'm very disappointed. And another reminder, this does not go only for Choi Dong-wook but for everyone else who went there. 


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keyperium #1
...looks like my fanfic with Se7en as a grimy, cheater has come to life...crazee. I wrote this storyline over a year ago!
Nikkilandra #2
all this crap is old to me. I have been a huge Rock n ROll fan since forever. What ever he did, I have heard worse. Not saying it is wrong, not saying it is right. It is most certainly wrong. Especially since he's in the military.
BJslove #3
I feel exactly the same way as you do.
sid912k #4
I'm not a huge fan of Se7en but I do like his music. I fully understand that what he, and Sangchu included, had did was wrong. I do feel disappointed and I get why a lot of his fans are as well. I think the biggest issue is not so if he went to massage parlor for "services". It's more as he went there while on duty, which is a BIG deal. I'm non-korean,I live in America, and I fully understand the seriousness of the military in South Korea. IT IS NO JOKE. My honest opinion I think that the miliary should get rid of the whole "Celebrity Solider" thing. Its clear that celebrity soldeirs are getting special privilegs, which is completely unfair to non-celebrity soldiers. Why give them these privileges when you know its wrong. Its like a mother knowing a child can't have a cookie before dinner, but she leaves the cookies out for the child anyway. I think that every person should be treated equal, regardless of their "status" Celebrities are HUMAN too, and they shouldn't be treated any different while in the army. When they go into the army celebrities need to strip their celebrity title and go in as normal people. When he enlisted he went under Choi Dong-wook not Se7en. He should be treated like Choi Dong-wook the human being, not Se7en the celebrity.
There's nothing else more I can say. I hope he can try to comeback from this, if not. I wish him the best.
As for his relationship, I would hate to see it end this way, but thats a consequence he's gonna have to take for his actions.
NaNa198892 #5
I actually didn't put mind to it until you pointed out these reasons which make sense and I completely agree with everything you said. I was honestly surprised at this article that it even came out I was a bit in denial at first until I kept reading...I really hope that if he did do it he reflects on himself for what he did and hopefully it doesn't affect his relationship with his 10 year long girlfriend
and if he didn't do anything then good job
im still going to be a supporter for Se7en all the way no matter what!
and for those fans that are now being all mad then they aren't true fans to begin with. you become a fan of a celebrity no matter what they do, yes sometimes its bad but still they don't see that these celebrities are still HUMANS they are not gods or fairies or anything that is untouchable they still feel and hurt when the fans turn their back on them. this is the time where we need to support them on times like this cause they go through a lot because of being famous. I really hope everything gets sorted out and everything will be okay
Se7en you still got fans who will support you no matter what
Se7en sunbaenim hwaiting ^^!
E_magine #6
I honestly couldn't help but wonder whether he really did cheat or if he actually did need a massage. I guess I like to see the best in others if I can. YG should say something because Se7en whether they like it or not is one of their performers, leaving them to fend for themselves almost seems a bit fair. Almost hypocritical since he signed Tablo to his company after Woolim abandoned him, surely he wouldn't do the same thing right?