EXO @ Weekly Idol

by Wind_Flower  
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Photo: EXO @ Weekly Idol  cr. to the owner bebz<3

[c] to the owner.


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sujuteukie () says:
Why hasn't it came out already..?

Fandom22 () says:
AHHHHHH!!!! Did it come out already?!

NickHippo () says:
Tao, I can see your armpit hair.. LOL!!!
EXO are really killing me T_T

whentomorrowcomes () says:

LoverOfSHINee () says:
OMG! I've been waiting for the day to come, My favorite kpop group snd favorite tv show TOGETHER!<3 UGH. can't waittt ;A; Random Dance Play and Profile Rewrite will be funny and just perfect with all 12 of them! XD <3

Andy_dbsk5 () says:
Smurfs...red smurfs. Still... I can't wait~!!!

mrsfishy () says:

ilkpop1112 () says:
I hope they make this episode longer.... Like maybe 2 hours .__.

yuu_sama () says:
I wanna watch this! WATCH! WATCH!!! >_<

catinabamboohat () says:
im so excited~ weekly idol is the best!

ChocoKiss () says:
The fact that they always have their order like this .______.

pizzaluhan () says:
Lay..what are you doing man,

I wonder if there's gonna be a Hunhan moment ..

novynel () says:
them in RED..............
soooo hot

Kris-C25 () says:

minghao () says:
soooo excited ; ;
the random dance player with the twelve of them will be so chaotic~

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