Random moment but...When EXO & VIXX are together, I find it so cute LOL xP

This picture is cute ^^

What's Ravi and N doing lol!!!

Are they imitating EXO - Wolf dance LOL xp

Xiumin look like he was imitating the VIXX - HYDE dance haha lol xD

Look at Leo and Lay. They are so cute together xD

Leo's smile when talking to Lay is sooo cute LOL.

I think I said cute too many times. I'm sorry >__________<

What do you guys think of these two pictures???



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RamenFTW #2
Whatever its called I ship it <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Cathysmeowing #3
Omg my two bias together and smiling like goof.balls. Damn i am one happy lady
Cathysmeowing #4
Omg my two bias together and smiling like goof.balls. Damn i am one happy lady
ZumilovesLeo #5
Leo is Lay's hyung right? Kris and Leo are the ones who're the same age? It's nice to see EXO & VIXX getting along.^^
MontseELF #6
LEO X LAY!!!!! *o*.......What would be the name of that couple ????
InspiritELF29 #7
Leo and lay!!! Leo is smilling? They must be close to each other. Vixxxxxo!!! ♥♥ Ah saranghaeyo
syana_cheryll #8
mward46 #9
I love that they're friends! Makes me so happy! Two of my favorite groups!
Sky___ #10
Haha, that's so fun XD
Chanyeol doing Hyde too ;)
And is it Kai or Tao who does a 'V' with Ravi? XD So cute :3
Sehun is super cool with his rainbow hair!! XD
lovelesspanda #11
ikr hahahaha imagine my feels when i saw kyungsoo and ken omg im crying when i first saw the photo in twitter lol x)))

Lay and Hongbin should stick together lol they look alike at times x)) or is it just me x)))
Fanxingege #12
Asdfghjkl leo and lay>< they both are cute;33 i always smiling like an idiot whenever i see this pic aww why lmao
Ilovekpopforever #13
Omg Leo and lay killing me
SungYongGun #14
waaa! they are so cute!! >w< it's like the random moment when they are dancing each other dances lol