The secret behind Kris's nickname "Ben Ben"

by jayart95  
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According to my Chinese friend in ICT, 'Ben Ben'' means stupid stupid  in Mandarin.tumblr_m94mmhbs0x1rdp023o1_500.jpg



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Shineeobsession () says:
HAHAHA the add for mineis Gucci. LAUGHING SO HARD.

Shiny13eliever () says:
ironic how the add here is Atlantis Gay Cruises...
can you not?
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junh0nggie () says:
True. XD It sounds more like B-en B-en.
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Crystal-Heart () says:
So if a guy went to China and said "Hi I'm Ben!", people there will think he's saying "Hi I'm stupid"? XD XD XD LOLOLOLO HHAHAHA
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newgirl () says:
why stupid? so weird ~
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