CONFIRMED: Sehun's Girlfriend

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I know this is old but...


Ohnoes. Sehun is already taken, by Lulla. LOL.

cr. I got some of this from weibo.


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Sushimonster0921 () says:
She looks like luhan maybe its HunHan!!!!Lol

quiettears () says:
I was like... "... I don't wanna see her picture... ... TT_TT Being the good person I am... I shall support them." Then I look at the first picture. "Oh...she's pretty..." then I kept looking... then something hit me. "Wait... Hold on... Why does she looks so fam- ... OH. MY. GOSH. LUHAN!! You look gorgeous, darling, but... we already knew you were dating Sehun even before you decided to be a girl. :DD"
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K-PoP_GirL-SNSD () says:
wahaha..xD...lulla? make me gone crazy at first..but when i see those picture it was LuHan..xD

sone_for3v3r () says:
Omg I thought the first pic was a girl but my eyes went on the other pics and I looked at the first pic and I saw Luhan XD

pykaSY1310 () says:

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dbsk54eve () says:
*clicks on blogpost and looks at pictures*
me: hmm thats a pret- wait a minute. HOLY ____ ITS LUHAN!!
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