[BREAKING NEWS] Park Shin Hye - Lee Minho cast for SBS drama 'Heirs'

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye - Lee Minho cast for SBS drama 'Heirs'


A-list actors Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho confirmed to be cast in new drama together!

According to Park Shin Hye's entertainment agency SALT, the two are scheduled to star in SBS upcoming 20-episode romance drama 'Heirs' as the leads.


The two actors will be working with writer Kim Eun Sook is considered a genius drama scriptwriter who gave birth to famous drama scripts such as Gentlemen's Dignity and Secret Garden, and Kang Shin Hyo PD, who has worked on dramas Midas and Tazza.

Heirs is scheduled to broadcast in the second half of 2013.







They worked together in an ETUDE CF before and Lee Min ho is also very close to Shin Hye..


ME SO HAPPY to see them working again.. Tentative date for the drama is OCTOBER 2013!!! :) :) :)


Anyway, with regards to the KBS drama "SWORD and FLOWER" on which was offer  to Shin hye as well with Song Joong Ki and Kim So Hyun.

Apparently, Song Joong Ki turned it down first. He said he wants a movie rather than a drama before military enlisting :) The next to turned it down is Shin Hye..With regards to Kim So Hyun, i think he's already casted in a new drama.

Anyway, let's just respect their decisions and EMBRACE the CHANGES.


Also, Lee Min Ho's fans are so kind as well. They said it's the first time, Min Ho will be teaming up with a girl younger than him. Can't wait to see what's the story all about :) Please let us support this new team up :) We already loved them teaming up in a couple of CFs before..what more if its already in a 20 chapters drama :)




Additional note: The rumored casting of Yonghwa in this show was just plain rumors and fanwishes.
As of now, there's no news/articles/talks about him in Korea joining this drama..



THANKS for reading my blog!!


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daebak! 477 views.
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Im so happy! Omfg Shinhye again omfg AND with Lee Minho! AHHHHHHH
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