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So I saw some of Exotics asked about this 48 hours thing.

Okay.I heard that it is a fanfic.After doing some researches,I know that it was written in Mandarin.And it was translated into English.Most of people that have read the story said that it was totally awesome and amazing.So I think I'll start reading it too :) Maybe I'll give some feedbacks after I read it :) And you guys have to watch the trailer!!!!
I just wanna help :)
The poster,you guys can try to find it at Google.There are so many and I don't know which one is the official.
It's 25 Chapters if you include the Prologue, Analysis, etc.
The main characters are EXO, they are locked in a house were the following rules are not to be broken:
-one guy can come out alive after the 48 hours
-the last two survivers have to be from the same group
-if any of this rues are broken you will die
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AngelMegMaslow () says:
OMG I really want to read it!!! Where can I find it?

Bap_Babys_ () says:
I cant find it!!!

anneliesegyi () says:
Omgomgomg my blood turned cold just reading the rules....

godlukai () says:
where can i read it??? :( i

Grizzly_Bear () says:
Is it complete? Or still on going cause I can't find the ending!
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brightelena () says:
I stopped reading this after the 8th chapter. It was just too real in my head I just couldn't-

ohohyana () says:
Accept my fr Authornim. Jebal! :'(((

TripleCrowns_ () says:
now i come to think of it, this fan fic to my eye is movie material, i'll totally pay good money to see this if it was made into a movie.

TripleCrowns_ () says:
this is the best fanfiction i've ever read, this fan fic gave me a mental breakdown and a sleepless night, so worth it.

GuardianExostans () says:
IT SCARY .____.

haissa () says:
oh so it's in live journal not asianfanfic page? thanks anyway^^

zainab_sehun () says:
I cant wait to read it

exoticmine () says:
what link is the story????

MischievousGirl88 () says:
May i ask your permission to Copy this on Wattpad >>?? thanks
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PinkApples () says:
Oh my..exo horror fanfic??
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