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Seohyun's FAnboys


Seohyun’s Fanboys
Here’s a list of the idols who admire our lovely Seobaby. Please be noted that this list only include those artists who are confirmed to like our Seobaby.

Jinwoon (2AM) - the most loyal fanboy of Seohyun.
Seulong (2AM) - he said he liked Seohyun after “Tell Me Your Wish” was released. 
Junsu (2PM) - he said Seohyun makes his heart flutter.
Minho (SHINee) - chose Seohyun as ideal type on Star King.
Dongwoon (Beast) - said he was jealous of YongSeo couple and it was supposed to be his love story.
Yoseob (Beast) - he said he liked Seohyun because of her cuteness.
Kevin (U-KISS) - he said he liked Seohyun on Pops in Seoul.
Mir (MBLAQ) - chose Seohyun as his ideal type among ‘91 liners.
Key (SHINee) - chose Seohyun as his ideal type among ‘91 liners.
Thunder (MBLAQ) - he said he would like to have a chat with Seohyun.
Leeteuk (Super Junior) - he said he liked Seohyun even before her debut and even called her as “Angel Princess Maknae.”
Jay Park - chose Seohyun and Yuri as his ideal types in SNSD.
N (VIXX) - said Seohyun is his dream girl.
Taehun (ZE:A) - said he likes Seohyun on TV Daily.
Yonghwa (CNBLUE) - former on-screen partner of Seohyun on WGM. He has said that he likes Seohyun.
Seungri (Big Bang) - he said he wants to receive a chocolate from Seohyun while calling him an oppa.
Sungjong (INFINITE) - chose Seohyun as the best maknae among girl groups.
Chanjo (Teen Top) - chose Seohyun as the best maknae among girl groups.
Baro (B1A4) - chose Seohyun as the best maknae among girl groups.
Hyungsik (ZE:A) - chose Seohyun as the member he wants to be if he is a girl.
Min Kyung Hoon – he really like seohyun and he is very jealous to yonghwa who acted seohyun virtual husband.
Other notable people who admire Seohyun.

Ki Sung Yeung - a soccer player for Celtic FC. Choose Seohyun as his dream girl.
Han Gi Gu - baseball player. A fan of Seohyun.
Sung Si Kyung - he praised and said Seohyun is really beautiful on his radio show.
Kyung Hwan - a gag artist who said he likes Seohyun in Star Golden Bell.
Imada Koji - a Japanese comedian who admits Seohyun is his favorite Shojo Jidai member. 
KARA’s manager - Goo Hara revealed that their manager really likes Seohyun.
SNSD’s manager - Tiffany revealed that Seohyun has the most popularity among their managers.
EXO’s manager - he wrote “Seohyun=Goddess” in a TV show.
Meanwhile, here are some of those idols I suspect of liking Seohyun but never confirmed.

EXO-M Luhan
EXO-M Kris
EXO-K Suho
CNBLUE’s Minhyuk
CNBLUE’s Jonghyun
CNBLUE’s Jungshin
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun
Super Junior’s Ryeowook
Super Junior’s Yesung
TVXQ’s Changmin

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goguma08 #1
Suspected: All his former bro-in-laws! LMAO.
dear-baekhyun #2
OH and TRAX's Jungmo mentioned that his ideal type is an innocent girl, and he said Seohyun was a goddess! (TO YONGHWA OHHHHH!! XD)
KPOPfan619 #3
also EXO-M Chen
-reflection #4
You should add Zelo!!!! He also chose her as best maknae Among girl grps!!!
meluvyuya #5
wahaha daebak! uri seohyun is lovable ^^ who's the lucky guy she will choose??
ChaoticDreamer #6
I choose Kyuhyun! ^^
ghei-ish #7
Suho & Kris & Changmin LOL xDDD hahaha, these three looks cool with her
this_is_love #8
so many fanboys!!! so many too choose from... so many to choose from...
if she had to choose one, i think it'd be really hard, considering all their good looks. :)
wonderkris #9
LovelySmile #10
aw..Seobaby have so many fanboy...
seohyunyunho #11
And i think kai likes seohyun ~~♥
Irresistible- #12
Our Seobaby is so popular <3