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Jessy Mendiola — lucky celeb who will meet with JongKey for KBS World Date with SHINee

So here she is...




A 'Filipina' celebrity...

oh God, she's SO LUCKY!!!

she mentioned in her twitter that KBS called her!! >_<


here's the other tweet...

@JessyMendiola: Going to Korea for SHAWOLS. :-) This is for you sweet fans of SHINEE. ♥





now I'm jealous -_-"


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jessy-lee-taemin #1
Wow I only just heard of her and I can't believe a celebrity has the same name as me xD
PauKichi #2
Jessy is so lucky!!! Omoo..
I'm so proud of her as a filipino too... Awww!! Jessy fighting!
LocketyLover_Bunny #3
OMG!!! she is gorgeous! >.< i bet anything she'll be taemin's new celeb crush lol
Shiny_A_plus #4
She is really pretty
imadv0123 #5
glad to know that she's only a special guest...
Gikwang_Enna_L #6
oh, my God Choding?? kaswerte ni Jongkey.. Kay Gandang babae kaya nyan ni Jessy ahahahahha... magaaudition ba sya o makakadate nya tlga??.. marun0ng bang mag-English si Jongkey?? Englishan yan!!!! ahahahaha
specialANGEL1629 #7
..she joined? I didn't know she is a shawol.