EXO-K ideal girl's height and weight

exo k ideal girl's height and weight 

kai : 167-169 , 45kg

suho : 158-160 , 45kg

sehun : 167-169 , 43kg

d.o : 158-160 , 40kg


baekhyun : 159-161 , 38kg

chanyeol : 169-171 , 50kg


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Synnen #1
Wait, they all want a girl who is 13-15 cm shorter and 20 kg lighter than themselves...? Is this something they really said?
FinnishGiraffe #2
As someone who is 177cm, I think I might be just a tad too tall and heavy for EXO...
Glurpy #3
Okay to fit my biases standard just have to loose a few centimetres......

I'd say chanyeol's is the only more realistic one, the rest of them are quite ridiculous (looking at Baekhyun's especially)
What's happened to guys wanting something to hug?
[deactivated] #4
Mwo? What is this...? They won't love me if I'm overweight and not tall enough? Come on... <3 hopefully that's not the case...
Nabylah91 #5
Lol Erm, i'am 160cm and 47kg ,is that okay??
And what funny is my older sister is actually 156cm and 45kg o_O,
so...exo..? It's hard to be your ideal type i guess, tsk2*_*
kkiaahh #6
Uhm what. Are these guys afraid of having to carry the girl out of romantic sense, that they chose the lowest number they can think of?
dokidoki_sarang #7
Who is actually that weight and height? Exo-oppas, wouldn't the girl be somewhat un-healthy and anorexic? And I assume that u would also like her to be around ur age, right??? Not 10-15 year olds that are sometimes that weight? I'm not Korean so I don't know if that weight is normal in that culture, but not in here!?
Yuki25 #8
What sehun
Are you gotta kidding me
I'm 162cm and 58kg.......

What kind of standard is it
Is it korean standard beauty
Because it's too scary
I just can't imagine it
Imo, the height and weight just don't fit one another, no offense

Now I gotta join basketball team to increase my height and do some diet to fit sehun's sobs
Wow, their ideal types are flipping anorexic -_-"
PuffyBirdy #10
Only fit into Baekhyun's ideal type ^^
chocolatd #11
lol i'm 151cm and 39kg
baekhyun for you gotta go taller and lose a kilo
kimtaemihaha #12
Lol 38kg????hul wow
and baekhyun doesn't like skinny girls he likes chubby skinny girls so he can hug them forever