Rest in peace Audrey

Today, 9/12/12 was the day that a dear friend, Audrey Pott passed away because of commiting sucide. She wasn't very close with me but she was my English partner who I helped out a lot. Her laughter will ring through the hallways of Saratoga High School and her smile will forever remain in our sophmores hearts...

Her beautiful eye smile will be remembered and her ways to brighten up any atmosphere will never be forgotten. All the sophmores of SHS will miss you Audrey. You'll always stay in our hearts~ 


( She's the one on the right)

 I'll miss you loads Audrey<3 

I'm sorry for posting this guys but I felt like I had to. 


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[deactivated] #1
Rest in peace Audrie unnie<3
xxTaeminniex3 #2
Rest in Peace Audrey, I'm jealous of how pretty she is~
versxce #3
Omg! Rest in Peace many people commiting suicide..IT NEEDS TO STOP! DIEING DOESN'T SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS! I can't stand hearing about people dieing,I wanna cry T.T
thenameiloved08 #4
aww~ condolence....
DLite4Life #5
She is so pretty. Awww. Rest in Peace plz.
KPOPfan619 #6
y did she commited sucide?
Shiny_A_plus #7
wow, so sad. she (is) beautiful.
[deactivated] #8
rest in peace.
otpgirl-juliette #9
may she rest in peace
ThePrince #10
That's tragic.
Rest in peace, Audrey.
iLoveToSmile12 #11
- She is beautiful. May she rest in peace.

I lost my cousin last year to suicide, and it's still shocking.
bananamilk0831 #12
Rest in peace audrey
I have a clise friend named audrey and when i read, i got really sad....
ghxstly #13
I hope your friend rests in peace :)
Even if I don't know her, nor she knows me, but she's still a person so yeah <3
BlytheForever12 #14
Ah man... Rest in peace Audrey I hope you are happier where you are. No one will ever forget you honey. <3
citylights #15
rest in peace. Though I don't know her, I still feel for her.