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EXO's pick up lines


EXO Pick-Up Lines
  • TAO: "The moment I looked at you, time stopped for me..."
  • SEHUN: "Girl, you must be heaven sent because you blow me away...:
  • XIUMIN: "I will let you go once Hell freezes over..."
  • CHEN: "Gull, your gaze electrifies my heart as if struck by lightening..."
  • KAI: "I will appear right, left, back, in-front of you whenever you need me..."
  • D.O: "Girl, the moment you looked my way, my world shook..."
  • CHANYEOL: "Girl, you set my heart ablaze and body on fire..."
  • LAY: "You are more mystical than a Unicorn..."
  • SUHO: "I need you like I need water to survive."
  • BAEKHYUN: "Girl, you light up my world..."
  • LUHAN: "You control me with your beauty..."
  • KRIS: "With you in my life, I can fly above the skies..."


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Little_Raindrop #1
kai's pick up line is so cute!!! I love it so much!!!! :")
iloveloveSNSD #2
GlassHeartedAngel #3
Lay..a unicorn? ok... butmy fave is Xiumin yep if a guy said that to me i'd probably laugh and run away but it's funny
animefan #4
aww sehun i love urs
random1117 #5
LAY OMG!! More mystical than a unicorn XD

The rest are so sweet But Bacon's remind me of 1D ._.
Ppyong-Ppyong #7
EXOtic123 #8
Iololol its all cool. I started laughing from the beginning and started to laugh harder at lay's pick up line XD
dcyifan #9
LOL :))
otpgirl-juliette #10
OMG hahahahahaha ^^