Bang Yongnam

I know this is late and all, but . . . 

have you seen Bang Yong Guk's twin brother?!


everybody. . . MEET BANG YONGNAM!! ≧◡≦




the similiarity is amazing ^__^ if yong guk is taken. . . there's always yongnam XD LOL jk jk but just imagine how difficult it would be to tell those two apart (aside from the hair) 


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iceysnow #1
this guy has dimples and yongguk doesnt haha
AppleJaJing #2
Technically... Yong Guk looks like him. He's older... lol
saranghaeyoseob #3
oohjoy #4
He is a Yongguk :)) I mean, look, he looks so much like Yongguk, well they are identical twins. But hey, I have friends that our twins and they still have this differences even though they are identical. So, the main point is, HE IS HANDSOME :D
92Storyteller #5
He's a rocker, he sings in a band xD I found videos of him performing on tumblr lol