Absolute Chanyeol.

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Here I am looking through the Baekyeol tag on Tumblr because hey, all I want are pictures of Baekhyun and Chanyeol together. I ship them together like I ship Jongkey. As friends. I like them as friends. They're hilarious to watch and etc....


I was never really into the whole rave everyone's on. I have nothing against Homouality I'm just not into reading about my bias and my bias together when they're both male. That's all. 


As I was saying, I was on Tumblr at the Baekyeol tag...and all I saw was "I cried so hard when I read Absolute Chanyeol" "Best Baekyeol fic ever is Absolute Chanyeol" etc. etc. etc. someone who doesn't read fics, I was curious as to how great this story was that so many people kept going on and on about it. 


So I let Curiosity get the best of me and I read "Absolute Chanyeol."


Worst mistake of my life. WAIT! DON'T GET ME WRONG! I LOVED IT.

It was the worst mistake because now I have to go to school with puffy eyes because I cried so hard. I then read the sort of follow up but not really that was a Taoris one "Be Human" and you know, Tao pissed me off in "Absolute Chanyeol" and reading "Be Human" didn't help his case at all, and guess what? I ING CRIED AGAIN. 


I suppose I can see why people were so excited and intrigued by this story. It isn't as if others haven't written stories based off of Absolute Boyfriend. But then I realized. Rather than just copying events from Absolute Boyfriend, leadernim had just used the concept of the perfect robot boyfriend who wanted to be a real boy. I fell in love with the writing and wow. 


I probably won't ever read another after "Absolute Chanyeol" and "Be Human", but I just couldn't not say something about these two fics. Too good. Go read them even if you don't ship Baekyeol and Taoris. I don't ship Taoris but I read it and cried anyways. 


That is all. 


I'm going to sleep and cry now. 


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