New story!

Hello there, so I'm writing this to inform you that the story, me and my lovely friend have been working on lately is finally posted on our Joint account TheMagicRealm with the name Lilith: The phoenix it's actually a reboot version of 'Against All the odds' a story that I was once posted in my account and we decided to delete it, enhance it and make of better version out of it. 
So if you're interested in fantasy stuff (like me since I'm a big trash of that genre) please check it out and tell us your opinion about it we will really apperciate it. the updates will be weekily and its featuring UKISS Kiseop, EXO (sadly not all the members) mostly focused on Chanyeol and the OC. 

So I hope you will check it out and thanks in advance, XOXO! 


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Oh dayum exo fanfic will check out