Im so mad

So we have this new helper at home...and when she came I already told her not to touch my big towel that was neatly folded in my bed. That towel is very important to me. Like I will die if I lost it. It was given to me by my late grandma when I was 8years old and since that day that towel never leave my side. Like I'm hugging it in my sleep or use it as a blanket. It was really old and I'm very careful with it. I don't wash it often ...the last time I washes it was six years ago. Cause I love the smell of smells like my grandma. And today the new helper washes it using the washing machine and use fabcon to make it smell good . I'm crying now cause the smell is gone and the sides was ripped. I know it's childish to get mad for a towel but this towel really mean so much to me and I don't like others to touch it


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FiRe HeR
Grandma will always be in your heart